Properly varicose veins, the legs in women


Pain in the legs, unpleasant sensations, calf muscles, weight – all these symptoms pretty bad it's a disease. The most common disease in the legs of a beautiful mature has sex at the age of Representatives. Swollen veins and blood vessels visible but lately girls and middle-aged men. For this reason, it is important the ownership details, how varicose veins in the legs, women.

Why manifest Vienna — causes

Frequent problems with veins in the legs, there is a hereditary character. In this case, to carry out preventive activities necessary to begin early. But more provokes the emergence of this disease, coexisting diseases, hormonal changes, unhealthy habits.

Wrong diet, excessive admiration for the harmful fat, high-calorie foods can increase the level of harmful cholesterol that can cause. Fast and love carbohydrates, provokes, horse racing and blood sugar.

Among other reasons arrival women recorded:

  • climacteric is associated with gross chromosomal rearrangements and hormonal changes teenage, pregnancy;
  • work, just sitting or standing of the foot of the long lasting load;
  • no exercise, a passive lifestyle, excess weight.

Sluggish blood circulation in a constant state provokes in any position for a long time. To avoid this issue, do you exercise on a regular basis, to change the position of the body.

Important! Nice, but uncomfortable underwear, close-fitting, high-heeled shoes, which can lead to the formation of varicose veins.

How to recognize a disease — symptoms

Diseases many women have missed the first step, customers discomfort from improper footwear, fatigue, in hot weather. Run but the destination is not important, the disease and timely treatment begins.

Arrival symptoms women:

varicose veins in women
  • usually starts swelling, feet, legs, swelling studies for each leg separately;
  • calf unbearable burning sensation occurs in the evening, Nov like an explosion from the inside;
  • a small band of visible on their feet, darker skin on His, the difference is more difficult;
  • pigmentation, vascular, stellar influences to the bottom of the foot;
  • starts uncomfortable during sleep, seizures;
  • Vienna into a certain pressure, severe pain.

At the same time a disease accompanied by a long healing bruises and abrasions. Bought calf leather, a denser structure, glitters, hair loss there may be a particular stretch.

Physical stress and long-term working unpleasant sensations manifestation focuses on its feet. The doctor treatment a manifestation must be the arrival of two more signs.

Important! Arrival only an aesthetic problem, but also a very dangerous disease. A bad cross that lead to the formation of blood clots in veins. And this is always a risk of sudden death.

Just veins in the legs can be a problem?

Can strike only the lower extremity varicose. The problem can occur anywhere where blood vessels are weakened.

Pelvic and ovarian arrival

Arrival women often pelvic sometimes such diseases in pregnant women, during puberty, and menopause. Passes the disease in asymptomatic adolescents, only to a higher amount of vaginal discharge. The disease can affect the ovaries, the labia, the cervix.

Pain in the lower abdomen reinforced with long upright in finding disease in adulthood. Given groin or lower back pain.

pelvic arrival

Reasons may be a disease, and some hormonal medications and birth control pills. Downtime, Frequent sexual intercourse, multiple birth, sexual dysfunction increases the risk of developing diseases.

On arrival, the ovaries and the pelvis is usually significant along with premenstrual syndrome.

Other symptoms:

  • vagina, painful and sensitive;
  • Frequent, profuse discharge;
  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • a pair of discomfort;
  • problems with urination.

Varicose veins on the uterus

Many of the symptoms similar to varicose veins in the uterus and female illness. Malpractice is therefore often assigned. This is a different disease and pelvic varicose veins also leak, although both diseases are same.

The arrival of the uterus, the pain more intense and long-lasting, often disability. Illness, pain during sexual intercourse. Increases the menstrual cycle 50 days election are becoming scarce.

Important! On arrival, the uterus does not occur immediately, young people, women are likely to have impact on the age.

This destination why abortion is often prolonged birth and long-term gynecological inflammation.

Arrival, pregnant

arrival, pregnant

Attention should be given in pregnancy varicose. In a region which is in the position of a woman at high risk. Arrival occurs during this period is most often a spoon, and varicose labia women. Vessels, the disease affects every third woman.

The reason, varicose veins, poor blood output, especially the last pregnancy. This increase is associated with the pressure within the peritoneum, the abdominal vessels leads to enlargement of obsession Thu.

The hormonal changes of pregnancy, background of the woman. Increased content of certain hormones blood internship, the vessel wall is stretched.

Venous the child after it's okay. But if not, genetic predisposition, and other negative factors, then the disease can progress.

Important! Better to buy underwear and wearing bandages and compression to avoid the development arrival is the last time.

The results disease

Many ignore the disease can lead to serious complications and comorbidities. Varicose veins in the legs more dangerous for women? Interesting to know arrival is different in men, women's diseases, arrival.

  1. Starts affected areas venous insufficiency. And at the end all may be mortified, and the computer dead tissue.
  2. Usually grows varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis, trophic ulcer starts training.

Drug treatment

Use the medicinal drugs helps improve the condition of blood vessels and valves, helps to get rid of relaxes, normalizes blood circulation and lymph. All medications assigned to the doctor-phlebologist.


Includes a comprehensive treatment tools for external use, ointments and tablets at a distance of arrival, to help to overcome suffering.

The arrival of the treatment for all drugs are divided into the following groups:

  • phlebotomist – called resolve edema, cramps;
  • analgesics nonsteroidal origin;
  • drugs containing aspirin;
  • to resolve, the Fund thrombosis – blood liquefied, you can use good preventive tools, and pregnant women.

Also can be assigned-containing drugs, vitamin E.

Some drugs produced in the form of gel and capsules. A wide range of activities such drugs, to a large extent facilitates the treatment.

Important! Eliminated with a medication destination nodes is not possible. For this, the necessary intervention of an operational character.

Alternative treatment folk remedies

Natural treatment for venous disorders that you can use at home for gifts. Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose fast so they don't impact how a drug. But the treatment is completely harmless and can be used in homemade recipes.

Apple cider vinegar

Yield recognized even varicose treatment apple cider vinegar medicine. This tool is the composition of different content, high in iron, potassium, fiber and amino acids. A special value connected with apple cider vinegar, hydrochloric acid – this substance they contain rare plants and foods.

You can take apple cider vinegar inside. For this, the mixture of apple cider vinegar 30 ml honey 5 ml. To accept the tool before breakfast and before bedtime.

External use:

  • the lubrication of vinegar twice a day to the affected area;
  • compress – wrap a thin cloth add vinegar from top to thoroughly moisten veins natural move. Lift the foot, will remain in this position for at least 20 minutes;
  • 550 ml of vinegar and put your feet in the Tub of the genus 5 minutes. After graduating the following procedure, the leg raise and dry them naturally. Possible water only feet of water acetic.

Least effective is the herbal therapy.

homemade techniques


You may need:

  1. 25 g mugwort powder, grind herbs.
  2. Breed minus the dairy state as low-fat sour cream.
  3. Of boiling water 3 apples (Antonovka better), leave for 3 hours.
  4. To prepare mashed.
  5. Soak the bandage with a blend of Wormwood, half an hour to make lotion.
  6. After you finish 50 g applesauce to eat.

Repeat the procedure twice a day. The duration of treatment is 5 days. The course again after a five-day respite.


20 grams of pure nettle, pour 170 ml boiling water. Water drainage for over 55 minutes, divided 3 equal servings a day you need to drink.

Against the arrival ointment homepage

Crushed garlic, white shell (outer shell of the blue unnecessarily sharp). 1 piece homemade garlic butter add 2 slurry.

The remedy should be applied on varicose pockets. Wind parchment paper and then places bandages on the affected. The vehicle is supposed to wash away in the morning, right warm to wear tights.

Any methods and tools, is useless without varicose treatment, preventive measures. Swimming, gymnastics, comfortable clothing and shoes, no frills an easy walk to find throughout harmful, healthy veins.