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This story was shared with us Amelie city of Mechelen (Belgium). How to cream me with the help of the woman Varicobooster the surgery saved yourself veins.

I want a cream how to tell a story Varicobooster that saved me a surgery.

My pain and how I was getting

Started very slightly at the thought of their own health. A little bump after a day of leg pain troubled me in any way. To me, this is the norm, because the leg is constantly why a patient in the evening? A doctor to me when I first arrived there, already expressed in a very strong way legs veins. It was a very scary situation from the outside (blue-red-large protruding veins), but a physical discomfort, brought me and standing of an aesthetic problem.

The first question the doctor asked me: where were you before? I was busy earlier but that's all just no health care. The second question about a genetic predisposition in the development of arrival. The doctor here is not wrong: indeed, a mother, a teacher who has worked a lifetime for her, he was working all kinds of folk remedies, expanding treatment in a vein. And infusion of herbs used and conifer cones, and even apple cider vinegar is a procedure and that it was over.

Even his grandfather, the issue of inheritance at least play any role, but in the end I was wrong. Hearing about predisposition, I was so scared, you'll have to me sleeping surgeon under the knife, almost lost speechless. The next question for a doctor, my professional activities – that aren't connected long stay in a standing position? Already more than 10 years and has worked for a hairdresser, and of course, all the time she's been working on her feet. The doctor said: "hopefully, go to work, the heels?" I'm covered in sweat: the heels of shoes that she wears all the time, it seemed to me, this is feminine and beautiful, Yes, and she's not very used to the foot its natural position, never a flat platform she couldn't walk. Remember, from home and wearing Slippers, I needed to go to bed at least an hour without foot pain step.

Безответственностью surprised my doctor then asked about the destination to start when the first symptoms of what? Remember, especially, couldn't be steel, rubber feet, output, and vascular edema of the mesh. I had a faint idea that fell into usually, the symptoms of these problems veins. I have clearly visible blue veins and I thought pain and the symptoms of the problem, and he was always there, then pregnancy. And as it turns out, this is a very long time. My body desperately she tried, but blinded me.

Like cream Varicobooster he saved me surgery

Sitting in the doctor's office, a little bit of yourself in such a careful regard of her корила himself, I cried. The doctor tried to calm me down and get rid of it is the poll working yet in the stage of varicose because it is possible to without the aid of a surgical scalpel. Then the doctor to propose to me on vacation for a few weeks of continuous use to buy a special underwear compress and cream Varicobooster. The expert said, This is a very good balsam, I was already sick of it and surgery for treatment expansion of vessels. Live, as many creams, ointments and gels, have horrible allergies but the doctor reassured me these medicines that cause reactions because almost nobody is completely natural composition.

Calmed down a little, set yourself a successful outcome and the recommendations meticulously. I didn't notice how quickly my legs tired and sick less oedema disappears a Steel, and most importantly – a wonderful view of Vienna to be stopped. My feet are completely healthy at the end of the course application, so please let your doctor back to be professional, but still decided to change it's not a job, I already have that I want the health risk.

The cream of user experience Varicobooster

My feet now I'm feeling better, and things to wear it outdoor without any problem, and even then not a long walk, I feel about a child with pain and fatigue, edema even I remember. Maybe my story and I'm glad it helps someone indescribable, and someone escapes on arrival, you will be able to using surgery and treatment cream Varicobooster.