arrival on the causes, genitals, lips, and treatment methods

expand the most sensitive circuit of the lip:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Excessive weight;
  • Why would anyone take a passive lifestyle (sports and other activities);
  • People's long-term and still-time;
  • Remaining hormone replacement therapy;
  • Excessive regular in the gym (especially weight lifting) perpendicular;
  • The presence of chronic inflammation of the sexual system;
  • Very often visit the bath or sauna;
  • Problems, gastrointestinal operating system;
  • Someone, a close relative fell ill, varices.

In this category of patients should be a sufficient amount of attention only vessels. The current weakness in the valves or the walls of your arteries failure vessels, and then exposed as well varices.

Varices pregnant quam prevent almost impossible, in other cases you can try to stimulate the emergence of this pathology. Try to get rid of the extra weight by proper diet and moderate exercise. Sits on ones a lot, it is recommended, walk away and busy. If you have any diseases treat them. Limit yourself to fret yourself better fans in the room.

Ourselves enough

Before reading, I want to ask 1 question. Still the remedy for a cruise quam varices, one that will help you?

I rush to disappoint you, A CREAM, a quam help you get rid of varices.

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The reasons why pregnant labia varices quam

When a woman is pregnant, her body is undergoing a lot of changes. The foetus in the mother's body endures because of the body to ensure homeostasis is extremely important. What could be causing this chronic pathology, and some new ones have exasperatus visible to any person. A number of these diseases applies to quam varices. lips genital varices varicose quam may be manifestation of function disorders, vascular, just spoon and spread.

Quam varices in pregnant women develops reproductive organs:
  • Growth of the uterus. Due to the growing uterus under, this extends. Because of this process of pressure vessels with significant increases in the small pelvis. Quam's broken processes and blood circulation varices.
  • Growth in the circulating blood. During pregnancy, increasing the amount of blood and still is now because it's for the baby. Mom's dating a strong burden and the pain the vascular system of first Vienna. If артериальными compared with blood vessels, venous density, and very few indicators of elasticity, so strong that they are prone to damage.
  • Increased progesterone concentrations. This is a great starting trimester 1 begins синтезироваться is much more active with female hormones. The amount of this hormone that can cause degenerative-dystrophic dysfunction and change in the structure of collagen fibers. Before pregnancy if the Mother joined the hormonal imbalance, this may also be a cause quam labia varices.
  • Increase your body mass index. Because for a woman of normal physiological weight is on the rise, and the load on the lower body. Already understandably, most painful venous vessels. The ones that make the most vulnerable among those located closest to the surface of the skin. The thing is, the deeper veins of the normal state occurs due to support Nov. A large part of the surface belongs to a group of pelvic veins

quam lips genital varices varicose hereditary predisposition to this emerging. If someone, parents (especially the female line) this disease, most likely, it will be. quam labia varices may be present, as during pregnancy and after.

Clinical picture

A normal labia varices varices varicose quam quam observed that very significant and similar in the legs. The one quam varices sexual symptoms such as:

  • Swelling of the subcutaneous veins;
  • Irritation and itching of the skin;
  • Labia increase and warping;
  • Dry skin, groin, change in color, with pale pink, cyanotic;
  • The middle star and the nodule in a different dimension;
  • Pulling, groin pain, and general discomfort;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

When detected, such symptoms to immediately contact their gynecologist a woman. Labia varices quam confirm the diagnosis so the patient with guidance from higher general blood analysis (in particular, drew attention level, platelet count), коагулограмму (important indicator, the International normalized relationship) analysis, fibrinogen and D-dimer.

Then the lab work is done, the status of ultrasound and other research vessels. Confirmation of diagnosis, the woman directing treatment phlebologist.


Not only involved in the pathologic process and the vascular system, the uterus, ovaries and other pelvic organs. These types of transactions can be dangerous, the course of the pregnancy and the fetus. quam labia varices often causes spontaneous abortion and infertility.

The reason for this physiologic barrier is generated, the normal embryo implantation. An improperly formed placenta. Most children in the body can cause different pathology quam sincere varices and external ugliness.