Symptoms and preventive measures of varicose pelvic

Arrival or pelvic syndrome, chronic pelvic pain, many doctors ever exotic disease diagnosis with fuzzy limits.

This leads some doctors for a long time "no difference" put their other patients of this disease, and the diagnosis, almost every second person on pain is persistent, unexplained pain of lower abdomen.

Meanwhile, the timely detection of pelvic varicose veins depends to a large extent, the quality, the more the patient his life the ability to enjoy an intimate, close contact and relations with the Party an option to continue their own breed.

A case-chronic pelvic pain the doctors in already a long time ago. But only relatively recently has become known, the most likely cause pelvic varicose. This disease, described for the first time in 1975 and learned so far is not good enough.

pelvic varices

Most likely, this pathology, and develop the next algorithm:

  1. A complex formation that contains a large vein venous plexus of the small pelvis the body and make them smaller branching veins. This venous system, pelvic, men and women are different, their structure, therefore, the specification of sexual disease is much more common and this of the fair sex.
  2. Complete or partial obstruction of the artery venous flow changes because of crush the walls of the arteries the flow of blood interrupted the tone of the deep pelvic veins.
  3. As a result, the veins no longer functions exactly: progressive failure of venous valves is broken and the normal blood output.
  4. It begins in the pelvic veins, congestion of blood vessels and provokes destination arrival back забросом related to this development.
Symptoms to arrival (arrival) arrival of an internal pelvic significantly more frequently in women of reproductive age than men. In this case, the most commonly affected овариальные Vienna – 85% of cases.

The leading symptom is pain in the world, a journal in more than 90% of patients. The prevalence of this disease is still not fully explained here, among the people: according to different studies, from 6 to 80%. This is a big difference "in the expression," the only reason insufficient qualifications of doctors-diagnosis, at the time of diagnosis.

Causes and risk factors

The reasons for any change in the body that can trigger pelvic varicose veins, the pathological mechanism of this disease initial:

The anatomical and physiological reason for arrival This could be why
Mechanical pressure the pelvic veins
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • the tumor in the pelvis
  • constipation due to increased pressure in the abdomen
  • pregnancy and birth
  • gynecological diseases (bend, uterine, ovarian cysts)
Changing vascular tone
  • mixed connective tissue disease, especially her dysplasia
  • congestion the veins in the pelvis with a missing sex life
  • an innate predisposition and hereditary weakness of venous walls
Obstruction of the pelvic veins
  • long-term oral contraceptive use
  • passion thrombosis
symptoms of varicose veins in the pelvis

Factors in high-risk pelvic destination include the following:

  • strenuous physical work;
  • enough regular or an unsatisfactory sex life;
  • abuse intimate sexual intercourse life uninterrupted;
  • multiple pregnancy and birth;
  • common gynaecological diseases;
  • birth and hormonal drugs;
  • hormonal crashes in the body;
  • гиподинамия.

Arrival and scene classification

The parole division received pelvic on the currents in a medical environment by the arrival of arrival of arrival, perineum and external genitalia (e.g., genitals, lips) syndrome, pelvic venous plethoras. This classification does not have a great practical value because, in most cases, patients encountered in these two forms at the same time, how provoking the emergence of each other.

Also, the classification for the disease is the root cause of his emergence meet. In this context, the arrival of the pelvic are divided into:

  • the original – why do a satisfactory job, venous valves;
  • secondary – developing as a complication present, inflammatory, oncological diseases in gynecology or internal organs.

There is a classification attempt violence on the basis of the pathology of this disease. In this context, the features of pelvic varicose veins in 3 stages:

Scene The characteristic properties affected vascular
Diameter (mm) localization
First less than 5 any pelvic venous plexus
Second 6 to 10 ovarian or uterine
Third 10 the sequel total defeat of pelvic veins

More dangerous and effects

Such vascular pathology is a deadly disease that cannot be regarded as. Discovered in time, and that itself gives good medical fix. It's not that easy to detect it but the whole problem. This low awareness and inadequate disease and plays a role изученность most doctors diagnosis.

varicose veins in the pelvis more dangerous

These patients are suffering from this disease for many years without even realizing that this out. In their body and in the meantime is a series of irreversible changes:

  • arrival as it progresses, the disease process and included in the ensuite bathroom in the arrival area visible reproductive organs (e.g., arrival of the penis), perineum, and lower extremity.
  • Visible and permanent dysfunction, internal sex organs, can lead to infertility or failure to use, or pregnancy in women.
  • A violation psychoemotional pain syndrome developed on the background of various according to the type of function.
  • Due to chronic pain, in ascending order of proximity, the guy never refuse sex.
  • At the same time is considered the most rare and the most serious complications pelvic varicose venous thrombosis and pulmonary thromboembolism. They meet approximately 5% each time, but it is always fatal.


This characteristic symptoms that require treatment to the doctor for treatment of pelvic varicose veins and arteries include:

  • Chronic pain. The pain is most often localized to the lower abdomen, sometimes "give" in the crotch and the waist. Reinforced during the second half of the menstrual cycle in women, sexual intercourse, or after standing for long periods on your feet.
  • Discharge, genital system. This is a typical "female" symptom. This is the usual choice but have the appearance of a foreign scent. The patient alert, a large number of them unusual.
  • Symptoms of dental disease – increased venous vascular asterisks or picture, buttocks, perineum – is seen in about half of the patients. A destination that can be seen in men with slight penis.
  • Voiding disorders in women with menstrual irregularities seen in both sexes and in patients with a disease indication, in the form of sparse running.

When to see a doctor and what?

Any symptoms you may be treated by the physician for the reason above. Adjourn it can't be thatbecause the real reasons for asking the appointment of an effective treatment for discomfort and may take a little longer.

A Profiler this disease флеболог a doctor for women, but maybe on my first visit, a gynecologist, a satisfied lack of accompanying diseases.
diagnosing varicose veins in the pelvis


According to American researchers, in the early 2000s only 2% in patients with pelvic varicose putting the correct diagnosis initially. Sometimes deleting diagnostic errors Female Sexual organ was getting the result, though, this can be avoided if we used the most sensitive diagnostic methods of pelvic varicose veins:

  • Ultrasound and Color Doppler studies of blood vessels provides is suspicious of arrival;
  • Phlebography – invasive and provides a study with high accuracy the presence and determine the degree of the disease;
  • Laparoscopy – pelvic gynecological diseases from indispensable in the differential diagnosis of similar symptoms to arrival (endometriosis, fibroids, кольпит).
  • Radio's biography – learning the situation and objective diagnostic method using blood vessels a contrast agent is considered.
  • Computed or magnetic resonance imaging provides detailed information to distinguish the flow of disease and other diseases with similar symptoms (joint disease, Crohn's disease, etc.).

Treatment methods

In the treatment, is placed in a basin of arrival, the following tasks:

  • the tone of normal vessels;
  • tissues to improve nutrition;
  • to prevent congestion and potential complications.

Treatment of varicose veins in the pelvis, you can go on several fronts at the same time, in this case , only 3 stages of the disease, surgery may be required.

Therapeutic aspects Special events
Non-drug therapy
  • regular physical therapy
  • diet
  • contrasting water treatment
  • compression underwear and socks during transport arrival
  • hirudotherapy
Drug treatment
  • pain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory tools
  • the appointment of to retain the toxic drug (phlebotomist, angioprotektori)
  • drug use to improve blood circulation (Pentoxifylline)
  • hormone therapy hormonal background when you need to fix
  • symptomatic treatment, concomitant pathologies
Surgical intervention
  • sclerotherapy – the best method fewer complications
  • phlebectomy – junction ligation and venous plexuses
  • radiofrequency or laser coagulation – method of modern psidium my mini
Treatment of folk ways use herbal remedia based on dandelion, horse chestnut and chagas
pelvis varicose veins prevention methods

Estimates and prevention measures

Heal completely without surgical intervention pelvic arrival it's almost impossible. Using the conservative type to eliminate even greatly alleviate the worst symptoms and complications of the disease to reduce your risk substantially. The operation also does not give one hundred percent guarantee is not a disease.

To prevent recurrence for the disease required for the Always loyal, a true lifestyle:

  • do not smoke;
  • to consume hormone drugs in an uncontrolled manner;
  • more movement and less Standing Still;
  • obey anticlerical plenty of fresh vegetables for a diet food;
  • complex medical gymnastics and breathing exercises to accomplish every day to maintain health vessels;
  • the dose arrival buy about surgery then you will need to wear compression stockings prescribed by your doctor and preventive drugs venotonic.

Тазовый arrival – this hidden beach, women's health, a strange illness, Ghost, hard to find, but the pain is quite real to him.

The main symptom of the disease, chronic pelvic pain, it may be uncomfortable, and the patient supply failure for a long time and many of the joys of life. It's not such a nuisance to endure to see a doctor, cannot!

When you are prompted to clearly understand the particular symptoms of this abnormal and immediate specialist assistance.