Compression underwear is an heir

Compression underwear is a destination, as a good buy for women what to wear and proper person. Why and how to choose. Knitwear options, too, for a great selection today, including tights, stockings and socks, for men and women. Recommended for prevention and diagnosis if the wearing of special arrival knitwear – don't trash.

Compression underwear is a destination: which one is better


Onset of the disease, people are often passed and enough importance values. Many of the stick the wrong specs, pathology is seen only in the elderly. But not according to medical statistics. The age range of the patients primary located 25 to 45 years. Meet, among them both women and men.

The reasons lead to the development of the disease, the age of independence:

  1. Long-term and daily load foot.
  2. The excess weight obesity – excessive load to the lower extremity.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Hereditary predisposition.

When you are prompted, constant pain and cramps in the legs, edema, burning sensation weight and the projection of the veins venous in conjunction with the risk factors you need to think about identify the star a thread about the situation.

The first or second stage of the disease the patient conscious. Prevention of disease and maintaining your health will be much better for you to save, not cure, it's a scene that is already running.

Arrival to the scene

Different authors have different a different number of interpreting through the stages of the disease. Us the next version.

  • in the first stage. Much of the findings and symptoms are expressed. Closely related to the developing pathology it is possible to understand what happened, his status. Perhaps at this stage avoid reaching a positive conclusion. A good massage helps to light jogging, applying topical creams. Patients with complaints of aching pain and violence in the legs, swelling in the evening, after listening one morning to disappear. These symptoms usually blamed on fatigue.
  • in the first stage. With further development of the disease, the venous appearance of the joined picture. Spider veins and the main veins through the transparent skin. Complaints of cramping and burning patients to stay in the area.
  • in the second stage. Advanced venous in the drawing, the number of elements increases. Stars and sites is increasingly evident and usually attracts immediate attention. The load at the end of the day on its feet after visible, noticeable swelling. Leg pain exhausting air and moved with great effort.
  • in the third stage. If untreated, later in the development process align trophic skin disorders of the foot. Visible dryness, stretch marks, pigmentation. Venous nodes grows. Rise for minor injuries, then education of the wounds. It is recommended to use special medical compression underwear destination. Then in his absence or inadequate treatment, weather, severe and life-threatening complications.

The difference in the second and third stage symptoms, the immediate appeal of the target with the help of expert doctor for correct and effective treatment. The serious complications that can develop at any stage, threat, not just your feet, at the same time in the body.

Many women complain of feet of fog. Similar celebrated people excessive weight in people. It is often sometimes quite painful edema. Additionally, the damage, and cardiovascular system. Because advanced heart, blood pressure rises further.

Too much fluid consumption is always associated with swelling. Edema causes is quite enough. Guess not everything in time.

Swelling is often emphasized, so the ankles. A similar symptom may indicate possible heart failure. It will be the pace of youth the swelling , if broken, vascular tone.

The shoes – which is one of the most important reasons swelling occurs. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes thin heels. A shoe is also dangerous and a completely flat floor. There should be a small heel. Feet, a comfortable shoe that you can feel the tension, especially walking.


You need to adjust the amount of liquid a day is consumed. In the evenings, limit yourself to water and tea, which is used to value. Herbs for herbal teas to bring along the excess liquid. Elderberry fruits have an excellent effect. Apply a compress varicose sites on elderberry leaves.

Import charges plant. Dry field horsetail and birch buds. Collecting poured boiling water, heated in a water bath is soaked. During meals for 21 days after admission.

Astragalus plants can cope with the help with swelling. Thanks to him, the cardiovascular system returns to normal. Astragalus is taken two weeks. Note pro massage and foot baths. Pre-soluble in water with sea salt, it helps the foot rest.

Gymnastic exercises add value execution procedures. Gotta put a sock to be left to the right leg. Then the foot-Mel to stand two feet, leaves a bit. Feet need to flex and straighten your back. This simple exercise serve as prevent disease edema preventing.

Stagnation is a great way to get rid of edema and blood – wearing a compression garment: tights, stockings and socks.

This special underwear arrival and we need to fight. Tights or socks compress the foot will be depending on the choice of such socks, there will be pressure on the leg, and different. Knitted consult a doctor before applying cure that will help you to take an appropriate option depending on the level of the development of the disease.

Bedding will consist of the use with which the blood pressure in the process of going up ... what you can do in a stagnant place. There are several classes of compression underwear.

In the early stages of disease development, applied for and worn first-class play, perfect for you to prevent the sample.

If you started treatment, and he came, at a more advanced level, useful knitwear, second-rate using only discharge a doctor. The medicine caution knitted fabric, wear. These tights or socks. It all depends is damaged is a disease.

How is wearing a compression garment

Such a lingerie is worth buying only in pharmacies or in specialty shops. You shouldn't buy or knitwear Street, around the corner on the market. You do not need to take their relatives acquaintances or tights are worn, they lose their properties. Material plays the biggest role in this election. Fabric should be elastic.

Knitwear weave their counts in several ways. Accepted without cake seam binding, Best, more flexibility. Such viscous circular obtain better results. Here's the seam binding (straight) comb and why you may not be discomfort.

If you think a sweater like this one in the other town, don't worry. Doesn't make much difference, and you won't see any problems at the right level.

Not that you need to think about, if the received underwear, a challenge to deal with. Enjoyed the first, more accurately, to find out her dress. Walk, for a time, after ten minutes, lie down and lift your legs up a little higher.

Thoroughly grasp the ends with your hands slowly until the end of the tights and dress themselves before foot. For women, this shouldn't be a problem, you are able to dress this Perfect Tights.

The products that are sold only in the private pharmacies or halls honey. A sweater like this one are divided into how many classes, for each class will be different and squeezes it. Only an expert will help you to determine which compression level that is convenient for you and select a product.

Does not the end of the summer, especially wearing during this hot period an additional load on the veins.

Such a peaceful pressure and high socks hot sock or loosen a little at a time. Better get rid of that rhythm, it'll never happen again. In any case, such a underwear will stop further development.

How much I read, info pro tights, stockings or socks. The difference is just size and price length. She's completely off the tights leg. Only the upper leg and leg warmers knee socks up. For example, such as Vienna, below the knee, then come in handy sock.

When to buy


Pregnant, in this case, the formation of veins and extensions to protect the foot from pre to buy tights. Completely to protect the entire leg tights, belly up. Varices there or not, is an excellent way to prevent in any case. Not cause any harm if it is applied to, then make yourself available for further development. When I got pregnant the special compression leggings tights similar to conventional. Like all muscles, will be fixed on your wife. In this case, and if you violate any inconvenience does not occur.

Excessive sweat won't stop, it will breathe with a special fabric tights. It is possible to wear them during the winter months and Summer Time. Like you don't enjoy pregnant how panty had complaints. In the summer the snow, not wet, sweating, everything heats up during the winter months and vice versa. The job gives a special fabric damage.

Of course there is only one reason the discomfort that will arise. Increased abdominal, note for buying new underwear. The tights themselves, and reach, depending on the size of the body.


Wear socks now very fashionable and attractive, so many women and men. Yes, it's a male I prefer to wear the same socks more than tights better. Such a sock is a good fit only when the affected veins below the knee.

Some pregnant women they can't do anything, such a sourpuss, more accurately, her child to them because of security fears. They a closer look of these socks. Men give preference to their own Toyota's and I feel weird sock.

There are several types:

  1. Standard, socks off, socks themselves reach almost hip.
  2. Sock garters.
  3. Cleanse with.
  4. Standard, open socks.

Before you choose the socks just right for you, try to get all properly, and consult a doctor. phlebologist. Depending on the underwear and the doctor will help you determine and correct the level of disease pressure.

Knee and losing

Knee and doctors fight against disease prevention. If you admire Vienna sub-region, in the foot, the knee is ideal. If you hinder tights, disturbing, and acting on them (especially the male gender), the knee and get rid of this problem.

Be careful, everything is so beautiful and it seems simple at first glance. Necessarily consult with your doctor and consider. Starts up veins to develop in the affected knee can help.

On a question How to get the knee treatment depends on the doctor's recommendations. Affected look, they're sub-region, in the foot, the knee, the distance of the destination is suitable for you.

Antivarikoznye sweater and I need to tackle will help a lot. The application supplements available that will improve prevention and treatment than creams and gels.

You need to use compression underwear certainly arrival, you decide, which one is better and how suitable it is. Properly wearing and comments friends and doctors will help you decide. For men and women to buy any specific store or a pharmacy, can be booked over the internet in the same way.