Varicose treatment

Arrival (arrival) – blood stagnation complicated by vascular disorders is a chronic disease characterized him in the venous system output and extension.

At the first arrival does not cause any discomfort and cosmetic flaw only one reason: the emergence of popular transparent bluish veins through the skin-gives a brown tone.

Varicose veins

Symptoms of varicose

You need to contact phlebologist, if you have discovered yourself at least one of the following symptoms arrival:

  • tortuous veins through the transparent skin of the legs;
  • feeling heaviness in the legs, fatigue;
  • uneven skin pigmentation in the area shins and ankles brownish;
  • periodic leg pain;
  • edema in the lower limbs and feet are usually visible, sitting or standing for a long time with a kick lowered;
  • Dec Nov from occurring as well as seizures, lower extremity;
  • in the later stages of the disease ulcerative skin imperfections on foot or joint.

I have noticed that the first symptoms vascular diseases, do not hesitate and immediately consult a qualified specialist workshop-phlebologist. On arrival in new diagnostic equipment to get rid of, many experienced doctors for the early detection of the disease, and prevent complications.

Arrival of the main reasons

This is the most common cause of varicose veins:

  • a predisposition to developing varicose veins and venous wall weakness is an innate heritage;
  • gender – women suffer from varicose veins, foot twice as often as men. A theory has nothing to do with wearing high heels;
  • long-term standing. Often people who suffer from varicose veins, in connection with a business profession "on their feet": vendors, teachers, barbers and others;
  • age – 45 years after arrival, they are more likely;
  • physical inactivity, needing work, or a sedentary lifestyle standing for long periods;
  • unnecessarily intense physical activity;
  • obesity and being overweight.

Arrival to the scene

1. phase – phase compensation. The findings expressed venous insufficiency. Anxiety, discomfort and foot fatigue.

2. phase – phase subkompensation. The pain that appears, Vienna begins, but as the swelling beneath the skin nodes.

3. phase – phase insufficiency. Blood disorder characterized by an expression output for developing trophic disorders in the lower extremities, skin, trophic ulcer, to heal the wounds of Education, probably not long.

Of arrival to the clinic for necessary treatment to cure the disease if you see signs of it already, in the first stage – a lot easier and faster to get rid of disease and prevent the development of complications.

The arrival of complications

Lipodermatosclerosis \ white skin atrophy

This fibrous rebirth Lipodermatosclerosis of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This fabric, loses its elasticity, and mobility. An extreme form lipodermatosclerosis White atrophy of the skin.

Eczema food \ dermatitis

Eczema occurs with inflammation and redness represent the arrival of advanced plots, on legs skin. With the advancement arrival, deteriorating nutrition, skin, why then trophic ulcer emergence.


Acute venous thrombosis

These complications of varicose disease on the basis – training a blood clot (thrombus) blood flow in deep leg veins can be reduced with the heart or lungs. Emergency situation that requires emergency medical help!


Thrombophlebitis – inflammation of vessel wall, formation of blood clots, closing the vessel lumen. In most cases, thrombophlebitis result of "employee" in the form of Arrive.

Food ulcer

This long-term defect zazivausij leather, on a background of brisk venous stagnation and requires comprehensive treatment.

The arrival of bleeding

Venous ulcers venous bleeding occurs most often, however, it may be destination. First aid bleeding, arrival: the bandage directly involved should be able to impose repressive bleeding, raise the leg on the horizontal level, then stay.

Prevention of arrival

Never must confront arrival:

  • if possible avoid sitting or standing for long periods; sit for a long time and habits with one leg in a position;
  • let out excess weight;
  • Regular Exercise, Physical Culture (fitness, swimming, etc.);
  • you can pick up comfortable shoes try not to wear heeled shoes every day.

Varicose treatment

Today, varicose removal is more common in the legs without traumatic interventions, how this happened 10-15 years ago still. At least the recovery after the treatment takes time!