Which massage of the lower extremities and varicose How do

Arrival at a stage is quite difficult to diagnose. The disease is usually asymptomatic. Defending the main symptom of the disease, swelling in the legs. The capillary mesh starts to look forward, that the traffic changes that occur after cover.

Foot massage

It is important to recognize the disease early the healing begin. On this land there are many questions whether it is possible while a foot massage on arrival.

What are varicose veins?

Arrival – stretching, and elongation of the lower extremity arrival.

In this case, the venous wall thins, nodules begin to form.

These types of sites visible, the resulting pathology is the failure of valves and their genetic defect. Increased venous pressure occurs during illness.

Most of the time, the disease is coming because of a sedentary lifestyle. The least significant causes advocate:

  • excessive exercise;
  • the effect of the hormone;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • being overweight;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Important! A visit to your doctor to get any symptoms when you are prompted suggestions.

Foot massage on arrival and how you can help while How could it hurt?

Health massage varicose veins, lower extremity sees an essential component as part of a full treatment. That helps:

  • turnover improving blood;
  • back the nutrition of tissues;
  • Nov to strengthen the tonus;
  • you can perform the functions of valves.

To achieve a positive impact and harm to their health, massage, body needs, not only is an expert.

Though, while doing the foot massage this treatment is really effective for this disease there are contraindications arrival:

  • shell with a heart inflammation, acute;
  • congestive heart disease;
  • coronary insufficiency, angina pectoris, flash, arrhythmia;
  • phlebitis and thrombophlebitis;
  • blood vessel with an aneurysm;
  • the second and third cycles to failure of blood degree;
  • in the final stages of hypertension.

The procedure can't execute in this case, a person's body temperature is 37.5 degrees. You cannot if you have such a treatment of infectious disease.

To apply, massage is recommended for the Prevention of disease, damage to veins, capable of active movement. You can use it to hurt to not just the current massages. That will cause failure to follow technology exacerbating disease.


Anti-cellulite massage

The procedures of this massage need to be treated very carefully. To do when doing a foot massage on arrival? A must read For perform that technique. Various procedures you are able to use but not all.


Is it possible to make cellulite massage while arrival? This type of reference to the advice of doctors, treatments against the disease, body building movements, pressure denied.

Maybe in the case of applying this technique is to be noticed as a tingling sensation to eliminate . This will help to prevent blood flow increased.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage can be done, just a very talented guy. This procedure will help you with non-permanent air pressure. To accomplish this, special medical equipment. Private boat warranty the sound capillaries, developed by the official for lymphatic flow, improves blood circulation because the official extremities.

Massage stop

Feet, determined which strained veins and edema, the massage very carefully. To make rubbing after a bath smooth movements previously accepted. Forbidden print. Of massage stop this disease – this light stroking. This information can normalize blood circulation, reduce pain and fatigue in the legs. Such a swelling foot massage forbidden about it though.

Homemade massage

Independent consolidation – this is very effective and the most reliable method. During a foot massage on arrival in the house it is possible to spend every time.

All steps should be done very carefully. All actions are directed on top of the foot finger foot. Easy squeeze and they should not be cautious. These areas are forbidden to apply the technique through the veins clearly show. In the same way, affecting the limbs in a very dynamic way.

Homemade massage

All the steps you will need to execute at most for a few minutes on each leg. Give it a rest and not necessarily a replacement technique.

The procedure to secure maximum benefit and has brought some requirements that you must adhere to massage:

  • to perform all the actions, only the first stage of the disease;
  • ascended all the steps to do feet;
  • the steps you need to get started on a healthy limb, very slowly, move the affected leg, to perform all actions very smooth.

Such a priority the necessary preparations for the body and circulatory system. The affected leg causes complications such as an energetic effect.


All the above results, the massage is quite effective of destination, but just in case, adaptation techniques. Expert help to fulfill all the steps for correct advice without any harm to your health.