Surgery the veins of the legs the complete list of methods

In similar situations offer a different way to the doctor, how to remove superficial veins of the affected area. Additionally, the faster, better, with the development of serious complications because snooze is full.

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Varicose veins in the legs whether it is dangerous surgery, there are methods which, fight disease, and varicose veins how the procedure of the same or different instructions – all the current information in this article.


Effects varicose veins under the skin usually in the lower extremity. The same laws of physics such as motion, blood, any liquid, that effort Down Under the gravitational force of the planet.

Cardiovascular system blood to work but the property is distributed continuously, and the Fed all the vital organs.

Stagnant superficial veins, feet and other limbs that allows him to special valves.

This failure causes the shedding of the blood subcutaneous veins thin wall, which is slowly thinning and stretched to lose the sound.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back earlier too advanced for the appearance of superficial veins valves saving features.

Their arrival and the result may be failure in some cases as the root cause of the organism.

Risk factors:

  • pregnancy, or rather, the mother's body increases blood volume in the future about him that increased pressure the veins of the foot in the side of the uterus, with the fruits of;
  • standing for long periods – this operates for ones current regular, long-term finding, static upright (surgeons, teachers, barbers, etc.);
  • "sedentary" is almost the same as the name and permanent standing. Nov and veins decreases, the blood stagnant in the legs, the valves no longer function properly;
  • overload, leg veins, just like the previous two reflected possible factors;
  • obesity – excess weight, greatly increase the workload on the heart, blood vessels, and veins. In addition, a large layer of subcutaneous fat arrival are often difficult to diagnose;
  • age-related changes over time and the venous wall and valves for the chance, stretched and lose tone;
  • Accompanying constipation, adenoma, prostate, chronic cough, and causes, haemorrhoids, and varicocele;
  • the effects of the injuries, the reviews confirm what is common, and IT operations, lower extremity;
  • deep vein thrombosis – surface, many patients accidentally, so deep – subcutaneous veins runs the blood and increases the pressure of the air;
  • hereditary pathology, for example, arterial-venous fistula or fistula;
  • aesthetic treatments – vacuum Tue, aggressive massage;
  • excessive exercise.


Time ointments, pills special pressure lingerie and powerless, the only way out is no exception the venous system in the foot affected her destination sites.

A kind of surgical intervention depends on the degree of selection of shape and changes in disease status, and concomitant pathologies of the skin.

Phlebotomy (top 5 technicians)

This is a classic method of lifting the skin over the veins incision extended phase means. Applied phlebotomy, 20. from the beginning of the century, and until now the technical meeting is brought to near-perfect.

The entire procedure takes 1 to 2 hours does not require a long time for the duration of hospital stay of the patient (maximum) on the same day).

In most cases, a doctor, that he had the mixed procedure, i.e., that use multiple different techniques:

  1. Stripping – extraction and stabilization of a special instrument for him after ligation Vienna. Implied partial deletion partial-Stripping and full – full. The removal process such veins, the leg is special because it is considered all the manipulations carried out with ' a small puncture in the skin, thus you don't need to produce stitches.
  2. Micro-phlebotomy – what is different from traditional ones without holes and made a cut fabrics.
  3. Endoscopic procedure – advanced entry is deleted after the plot, minimizes the endoscope into the vein, possible post-operative complications.

Hardening of the arteries

The advanced phase is entered that Lumen a special item – one only glues the inner wall of Vienna, which subsequently scar tissue. Sclerotherapy treatment is used for and only the destination, but varicocele.

Laser photocoagulation

The veins of the legs surgery is performed with laser scoring of the soft tissue. Shouldn vascular pulling – his only "sealed" the guide laser beam entered through a small hole special.

Numerous positive comments on the appearance of adverse effects the minimum probability of testimony laser operations Vienna leg recurrent varicose veins, isn't it, it depends, and his stage reasons.

In addition, the patient may be a few hours after the procedure, you do not need to go home to stitch.

Doctors stress they are exposed to when with the laser beam it is possible to keep the body infection.

The laser is used to treat small blood vessels from a medical perspective, for example, such as telangiectasia small blood vessels 1 mm in diameter.

Frequently necessary stages of the treatment. This method is less effective in the treatment in the later stages of a major destination.


The doctor assigns mandatory, water, or Vienna on the feet of such operations in the following cases:

  • it is a case of negligence of varicose veins, in addition to the aesthetic issues, the people that is disturbed to a large extent of pain;
  • difficult movement in the blood vessels, the patient feels and the severity of leg pain permanently, extreme fatigue;
  • Vienna pathologically expanded;
  • nutrients present in the character of the lesion skin (e.g., sores that do not heal);
  • Sharp Handicap thrombophlebitis;
  • severe swelling in the legs;
  • output a place with blood violated even in the absence of extended surface veins.

If you are in the risk group arrival or a predisposition of the patient, surely, can be prevented:

  1. wearing a compression garment;
  2. medicinal drugs;
  3. the use of a sufficient amount of daily vitamin C positive movement, rheological properties of blood and vessel wall.


Unfortunately, even the arrival of various modern treatment methods, the extended phase veins the procedure as described in the instructions to have a number of contraindications:

  • hypertension;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • a severe form of infectious diseases;
  • the presence of the skin, eczema, erysipelas infections or dermatitis;
  • during pregnancy 5. and 9 months.



The doctor send the patient prior to assigning the switch must be operated, then the control according to the result of the decision:

  • Doppler ULTRASOUND of veins and blood vessels;
  • duplex scanning – a more detailed test to exclude the presence of blood clots in the deep veins is also shown;
  • magnetic resonance procedures – if you can give some information about this test, blood clots in the deep veins;
  • blood analysis – laboratory tests helpful in the diagnosis varicose veins, but necessary operation.

Before you make directly, the procedure required the patient to:

  1. shower;
  2. with foot surgery hair remover if necessary (spoon);
  3. it's a little early to come.

In this case, the behavior of the classical process, the ima general anesthesia put the patient an enema.

If you are warned about the anesthesiologist is extremely important for a person's allergies, any medication.

You need surgery varicose veins! Vascular surgeon with the surgical treatment method helps. There is a danger in the case of gambling activity? Definitely! A deadly complication of varicose disease – thromboembolism vessels, vital organs of the body, ischemic stroke, thrombosis. The risk of complications increases with age.

All invasive methods of treatment help get rid of varicose subcutaneous veins and feeling the pain that accompanied them extended. But you must understand what the lack of aesthetics in order to eliminate the effect of after a day depends on many factors, among them plays a special role, heredity, and lifestyle.

To tone muscles and blood vessels that are necessary to protect the stagnant blood in the legs and not try to keep the weight normal, wear comfortable shoes and quit bad habits.