Varicose veins, lower extremity: symptoms, causes, treatment

According to statistics, out of every five people on the planet suffering disease data. But this represents, and how to cope with it? Baltic occupational doctors clinics, find a surefire way to arrival for the healing of the body by applying treatment for specific medical devices and diagnostic equipment.

varicose treatment

Varicose veins: characteristics, disease characteristics, symptoms,

All the bitter people in the ancient times this disease. Records the testimony on this subject, Hippocrates, Ibn-I Sina and Paracelsus. Time doctors tried to fight the flaw, but the methods and actions fail ourselves.

Varicose veins are veins under the skin in this permanent pathologic extension. That manifests itself is not a disease, only the lower extremities, at the same time, belly, arms, and scrotum. Arrival refers to the number of progressive pathologies: if timely measures for the prevention of the development of a flaw, the problem is exacerbated it will be more difficult to eliminate the sensation of pain and pain. The disease process that is characterized by extreme it's not possible they find a vein, blood flow to the head. Having a foot, extreme fatigue, and the severity of the edema feet and ankles visible, and they'll shoot regularly seizures.

Symptoms of illness

In a precursor to the development of disease, which include emotion? There is a mass of symptoms, when you are prompted, in which a physician immediately:

  • heavy feeling in the legs “a pillow” on the stops;
  • swelling feet and ankles (the parts of the leg gastrocnemius to increase the Volume 2 times);
  • regular contractions;
  • prominent veins;
  • burning sensation “gears”;
  • traffic changes in the skin of the feet and legs;
  • arrival seal skin areas;
  • the appearance of dark pigmentation, dark cover;
  • it's impossible to feel a nagging pain in the supine position only;
  • bruising;
  • emergence, trophic ulcers.

An inconvenience, a residence with a person, to grow over time pain. Why no ones sick and they finally got him to the hospital.

Discover victim of the disease is quite simple. During the development process varicose veins, vascular structure loses its elasticity, flexibility, and elegance. Ultimately the venous vessels in the upper layers of the Skin Cover in an inclined position themselves, advanced and able curved. Art is the sign of them can be seen with the naked eye. From the outside such vessels, steel, wide, purchased in dark blue or purple color. Curved vessels, especially behind the knee, to obtain a uniform similar to a bunch of.

The lack of this cover in the vein perforator varicose veins, can be of two types:

  1. Primary.
  2. The secondary. Developing pregnancy, previously discovered cirrhosis of the liver.

Every time a job the valves of the vascular system, damaged, deep venous the blood begins to flow in the veins superficial, veins thin and weak. So they expanded, stretched, and luck. A normalization of the vascular system required for full recovery of all diseased veins.

Arrival of reasons

What will require the results of this? Global changes of the body that may be causing the following factors:

  1. Obesity. Substituted fatty tissue and contraction because of violation of blood circulation organs functionality within them.
  2. Pregnancy. For a while, carrying a child requires, frequent use, to bring you the tools for normal hormonal estrogen and progesterone. Their action when in the moment of arrival. The property expansion, varicose veins, they slowly dissolve after the birth that she was pregnant. Varicose veins are also visible the position of women is high when whole blood in the body. The uterus applies pressure between the veins with fruit go on foot. For this job a violation of the vascular system that contribute to the expansion and veins.
  3. Long is in a position of wealth. Because varicose veins that appear most frequently and for a life that is still standing. The disease is often, especially among the people of such a profession, as a teacher, a surgeon.
  4. Genetic inheritance. The most common cause of congenital anomalies disorders of blood vessels veins work.
  5. Existence before a foot injury (fractures). Deformation obtained by bone fracture, usually venous blood vessels that have an impact on business. Once corrupted operating current thrust for development enough to make arrival.
  6. Age-related changes. The vascular wall becomes weak in the elderly, some epithelial cells and stops 100 % function to perform heir apparent broke and the valves business as a result.

Modern roads, varicose veins

vascular therapy

You can't leave without paying attention to obvious symptoms, start treatment immediately by applying modern methods of troubleshooting them. Vascular system of relief and rescue work has a modern and professional clinics arrival.

Currently working in the clinics, the following treatment methods of arrival:

  • conservative;
  • surgery.

Each of them includes a number of recovery programs.

Conservative treatment

The treatment depends on the stage of development of a disease. Patients succumb effect, disease, but its practical development in the early stages, you will be able to pass back a non-invasive way. This type of program of treatment includes the following methods:

  1. Drug-induced. Of course IMA a comprehensive diagnostic examination and the appointment of drugs your doctor about a specific period. The decision in the end, the drugs, the patient re-inspection passes. According to the results of a diagnostic specialist decides to, or continuous treatment, or about her termination.
  2. Sclerotherapy varicose veins. When you use such treatment requires specific drugs. A syringe to inject a particular drug this painful varicose veins. Drugs characterized by action, these glues are affected through the vessel. Such “cheating”, it starts to go the body's blood, and healthy blood vessels. The appropriate method, it's not a recovery, all it requires development of varicose veins during a given stage, the status of provisions and sites.
  3. Compression Therapy. A method for recovery is to use special compression underwear, only a physician is selected. The motor is an effective way to non-surgical recovery of the Baltic Doctors and clinics, who will be the heir to the help of a professional, its use of 100% recovery to achieve.

Surgical removal of arrival

The arrival of this treatment will survive, are very much in demand because of treatment non-invasive in a way always and forever, farewell is a disease. Because of the development of a skin disease, without resorting to get rid of only the operation executes.

The main indications for surgical use, surgical treatment the arrival of:

  1. A disorder of rapid development. Trophic ulcer in the phase of manifestation.
  2. The output of the violation blood.
  3. Thrombophlebitis.
  4. Extension of the subcutaneous veins.
  5. Foot edema and high fatigue.

There is also a painless procedure using modern techniques

  • Vein obliteration with radiofrequency. RFO and radio waves evrf provides through the blood vessels and to restore the structure of. The disposable catheters used in the clinic for operation, automatic generators, radio waves.
  • SVS – thermal occlusion a couple of strokes. By introducing a current through a catheter in the vein treatment somehow imply the arrival pinholes income rich vapor stream. Provides vascular and curved and deformed motion of hot steam to penetrate the most difficult areas of Vienna. In this way, after the course of treatment in Vienna collapses.
  • Varadi Operation. The most difficult method. Requires removal of the diseased veins. In a way 100% effective. Days after the patient self-you will be able to go home. The only requirement: use compression tights from the moment of operation.
  • Veins evlt or laser photocoagulation. The laser used for the procedure. Aching and localized directly on the beam provides a ship defect. Required topical analgesic application. Safe leaves, wounds, cuts or burns.
  • The venaseal system, which means the patient fully closing the veins of the legs, sticking valves, vascular biological glue.

Too often, the type of surgical treatment combined with conservative. After surgery, it is very often required to correct the result of medication use.

Prevention of arrival

Varicose veins have disappeared, and only settled to the result of treatment that requires regular medication stabilization, body condition, and disease prevention but by following simple rules of doing a lifestyle.

Easier to avoid claims another disease that Dr's treatment. Simple rules, behavior, and life to prevent the development of arrival:

  • Length Assembly mode: land lot in a different organism. At least the decline orthostatic loads.
  • Orthopedic chair with a sedentary job existence is on the table.
  • Disclaimer pressing and tight clothes and shoes.
  • Regular exercise, bike trails, and swimming.
  • Charge at night and in the morning of the execution.
  • Sort weight (dietitian cater to the sudden weight increase).
  • Douches.
  • Admission per day is 1.5 liters of liquid.

Waiting to be a long journey, and an obvious development of the disease symptoms, attention, and of existing drugs all the way. This excellent soothing gels and ointments such as events assistants.

Applying simple measures of prevention, pathology, only a slow development of disease. Such actions prevent the progression and get rid of resentment throughout. The difference is some signs of degraded status of the organism have to consult with a phlebologist. Modern diagnostic centers, to uncover precisely let, determine a diagnosis, and effectively treat.