Varicose veins how

Arrival – vascular dysfunction is a common disease characterized by an increase of the lumen of the reverse flow apparatus cover and appearance of blood. If the pathological process is localized in different places, therefore, some kind of disease:

  • dilated veins, esophagus;
  • the veins in the rectum (hemorrhoids);
  • of pelvic veins;
  • veins of the spermatic cord (varicocele);
  • the veins of the lower extremity.

The most widely recognized of the heir foot. By some estimates, in pain them more than 30% of women make up a large part of the population. It's not only ugly varicose veins in the legs, protruding veins, is also the most discomfort and inconvenience. The severity of the pathological process accompanied by pain, swelling, often leads to dangerous complications: this thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, ulcer food. Many want to know the arrival to get rid of forever, because this greatly lowers the quality of life. But, unfortunately, the only thing this phenomenon is irreversible, what can be achieved, this did not stop or slow down the progression of the disease.


The reasons the destination is still unknown. It is understood that disease-related thinning, fatigue, and loss of elasticity, vascular wall, as well as valve incompetence. As a result, Vienna advanced become irregular, stretched, long, gnarled. To have an opinion, this is playing an important role in genetic predisposition to the disease, when it occurs, so that vessels are inherently weak and defective valves.

There are a number of factors contribute to the development of destination, though not his reasons:

  • Inheritance (according to the experts, the risk of disease people are affected by their parents, and 70%).
  • Accessories female half. The reason for this is hormonal changes, puberty, pregnancy and menopause, hormonal contraceptives, and acceptance as well as high-heeled shoes wearing.
  • Long stay standing or sitting position related to their professional activities (barbers, vendors, surgeons, waiters, drivers, accountants, programmers, and others).
  • Old age, which weakening blood vessel walls and cover wear apparatus – a natural phenomenon.
  • Operational intervention.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Increased intra-abdominal pressure due to excess weight, pregnancy, lifting weight lifting (movers, athletes, weightlifters), Frequent contractions chronic constipation and cough.

Treatment methods

Arrival – this is a chronic process begins slowly over time and only progresses. Not as much so as to completely defeat the disease, but reduce symptoms and slow the progression if you could implement a comprehensive treatment contains:

  • lifestyle modification;
  • diet;
  • healing body;
  • Compression Therapy;
  • medical drugs (internal and local recruiting target);
  • surgical intervention;
  • thermal procedures;
  • public methods.

The arrival of will have to struggle a lifetime. Should not engage in self. The need phlebologist or vascular surgeon will determine which stage will be investigated put the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment of the lesion the severity of the disease. The main task – to reduce or remove the clinical findings, progress, halt, prevent recurrence and development of complications.

Perform all the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the patient, the doctor's recommendations. When it is important to seek help at an early stage, when no pain, but it appeared in the evening swelling, heaviness and fatigue, foot, small spider veins, and skin.

Life fix

Impossible to fight effectively with lifestyle changes on arrival. You must follow the rules, and failure to do so often due to a lack of willpower or the flag is certainly an irresponsible attitude, for one's own health.

  • Maintenance of normal body weight.
  • Separation bad habits: drinking and smoking.
  • Paired it an ideal spot sunbathing and saunas disclaimer, acceptance, hot water baths (including foot).
  • Waiver, high heels (the higher the better, 4-5 cm).
  • Elastic wearing a custom Jersey.
  • Software motor activity. This may be walking, swimming, physical therapy, some sports. Most importantly, eliminate sit-ups, weight lifting, running long distance, jumping, martial arts.
  • With proper nutrition. It should be in your diet more fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grains, seafood. It is recommended to reduce the amount of meat. You need to give up, smoked, roasted, salted, oiled. Give preference to Yesil tea drinks, clean water, juice drinks, fresh fruit juices and coffee natural limit.
  • Every opportunity during the day, the feet to upgrade an upward angle is approximately 20 degrees.
  • To buy a special cushion foot, them is located above the level of your heart during sleep.
  • Try as often as possible rinse feet in cold water.
Compression Therapy Dressing compression socks

Within a wide assortment of special elastic knitwear sale today. This socks, stockings, tights in different colors and almost the same intensity, it's normal. Apply an elastic bandage is a good alternative ugly from the outside and they bothered.

The arrival of therapeutic custom knitwear, but improves circulation, reduces cargo vessels, give blood, stagnant, reduces the diameter of blood vessels, strengthens venous blood and lymph. The man feels the ease the feet, it is less tiring in the evening, no edema.

It will be difficult habits without first manually put on compression socks. To simplify a task can be yourself for buying a special device.

The therapeutic features of four classes of fabric, depending on the applied pressure. Can be worn on your own only 1 Product. class compression is considered, and preventive for healthy people intended as it's replacement. Depending on the severity of the other diagnosis and be determined by a physician on arrival. You need to know may be the products of compression is contraindicated in some diseases. Tights or socks definitely takes a doctor who is shallow, otherwise it is not the desired effect.

Drug treatment

Arrival in foreign currency and uses for treatment tablet, gels, creams and ointments with a variety of spectrum. This increased vascular tone, improve microcirculation, promoting changes to prevent the exit of blood of the skin. The drug is designed to eliminate fatigue, heaviness, discomfort, swelling, itching, cramps and leg pain. Assigned, definitely separate them.

The arrival of treatment – this venotonic. Them are made according to horse chestnut, rutin, vine leaves and almost always well tolerated patients. Produced in the form of tablets, capsules, gel.

Arrival an ointment

Leg veins must rub in cream or gel with a motion every day more extended.

To reduce blood viscosity, and anticoagulants used to reduce the possibility of thrombophlebitis. This ointment with heparin as additives based cooling menthol, camphor, eucalyptus. Also, blood thinners, interfere with the development of thrombophlebitis they.

Changes in the skin, may cause itching prescription antihistamines. Infections prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills.

Surgical intervention

The arrival processes to get rid of the affected part of the blood vessel to stop the reset to remove the superficial vein deep. The process is called phlebectomy. This classically less valid today than the emergence of new, less traumatic ways to combat of arrival. This treatment, usually shown on a large scale, vessels, and in advanced cases of the disease.

A more gentle method for removing parts and cut the veins which mikroflebektomi plot, puncture.

Thermal methods

Varicose veins radiofrequency ablation is considered the least traumatic and most secure way, though, and some contraindications. A method, thermal exposure, microwaves, resulting in the venous Lumen is closed. Key benefits:

  • outpatient treatment;
  • never Anesthesia and incision;
  • restoring takes a long time;
  • safe and well tolerated;
  • to do summer;
  • bruising after the treatment, no swelling and the pain a little.
Introduction catheter blood vessels

Radiofrequency ablation – varicose treatment less traumatic.

Laser treatment method of arrival different disease. During operation, the effect of the laser to the vascular wall. The cause of the connective walls of Vienna and radiation full closure of the lumen. Organized outpatient under local anesthesia without incisions. Vienna LED is injected through a catheter Lumen that is inserted in the radiation and service. Without the procedure, injuries, complications can be very rarely.


This non-surgical method is one of the most common. Applied to small vessels as a part of an extensive treatment with surgical intervention. Essence, that is, a thin needle is injected into a vein with a special sclerosing action. As a result, the vascular walls from sticking to each other blood flow shutdown and termination. The affected vein becomes fibrous fold. The main advantages of the method:

  • outpatient treatment;
  • minor trauma;
  • easy performance;
  • approximately 20 minutes for the duration of the operation;
  • good cosmetic effect.

You run it the disease that can develop as a complication of deep vein thrombosis.

Public methods

Pour walnut tincture, grated unripe walnuts and pour olive oil. Put in the sun for 40 days. Lubricating the property you want to apply both affected places. To continue treatment for about four months.

Cabbage leaf

Fight off the cabbage leaf, add a layer of olive oil on one side, this way the patient to leave the bandage and a site a day. To continue treatment for a month.

Horse chestnut

This is the most effective folk remedies. Need for treatment plants that grind fruit tincture prepared arrival, to fill half a glass bowl (three liters) and vodka pour. Lost and a month in a dark place, stir occasionally. It will be ready when it's ready, rub the patient is a special night. Internal and external use tincture you can buy spirit in a pharmacy chestnut destination.


Physical therapy is an integral part of a comprehensive treatment on arrival.


When you are asked questions arrival I engage in physical exercise may occur, and sports and exercises are useful. Most doctors agree that such a disease is very important, because useful for dynamics and locomotor activity in veins harmful static. But not least, consult with a doctor and sports in which you can engage in that will load and what is a viable option. Apart from this, it can be shown to the patient, undertaking a medical gymnastics special direct facility. Simple but effective exercises you can make at home regular exercise to help reduce symptoms of varicose disease.

  1. Lie on your back, Put a pillow under your feet took you to the angle is 20 degrees. Close your eyes, completely relax, take a deep breath.
  2. Rotate it vertically and alternately lift your legs in supine position in and out stops.
  3. Lie on your back and kick moves make the bike.
  4. Lying on your back and lift your legs through to make them (scissors).
  5. Your feet, hands down, legs together. Sock to climb slowly, and then slowly to fall.
  6. Walking somewhere, to keep stockings sex.
  7. Sitting in a chair flex the joints of the foot, ankle, himself, then, in a similar manner the fingers bend.
  8. Pouring of the foot, the elastic water-jet (alternately cold and hot).


Of varicose veins the process is irreversible, but you should treat it, more modern techniques should be applied in the complex, quite a lot. Without treatment, a risk the development of complications such as chronic venous insufficiency, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, trophic ulcers, and even dangerous condition and can cause death such as pulmonary embolism.