Varicose veins: modern methods of treatment. Myths and facts

Arrival common the disease is a lot of speculation have this problem. Fast painless and arrival time to mention us to get rid of and forever. This article: the arrival of modern treatment methods, promotional words and facts, disease susceptibility testing.

Faced with destination, it should be understood, the greatest danger to its complications. Advanced superficial veins causing them lost their original features and poses a threat to life.

No longer nervous and disappears is not a normal situation in the future using the veins, pills, ointments, herbs, and more conspiracies and other non-traditional treatments.

When troubleshooting it is possible that the arrival full treatment varicose veins and venous. Some methods provide alternative medicine as disease prevention, pain relief, arrive to slow down progress.

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Today modern medicine and vascular surgery the only treatment for units treated quickly and effectively with private bathroom. But first things first.

varicose treatment

Internal Medicine when taken with forever you can get rid of arrival

It is a fact. Modern pharmaceutical market, many drugs. They have all similar substances (flavonoids plant), and very low efficacy and side effects. Vessels, not to relieve you a tonic arrival, but the weight, it is possible for swelling and night cramps.

Arrival healing creams and gels

It is a fact. Vendors and manufacturers for ads that promise a higher yield, but you must understand, what not gels and creams to relieve your arrival. Friction acts as a venous promote their output. a light massage and has a calming effect of the skin disease is the first stage.

When initiated by the arrival of some creams and ointments can cause Allergy dermatitis and compound the problem. The application is a prescribed medications thrombophlebitis of heparin, blood thinners and removal may contribute to.

Thanks, gels and creams effective advertising is very popular with leech. According to doctors, this has no relation to the shamanic products, no leeches, nor drugs. A waste of money and time, place, self-suggestion.

Leech will treat your varicose veins

It is a fact. The saliva of leeches rich hirudi thins the blood. This was a real highlight why people are uninformed leeches cure destination, with confusing thrombophlebitis may develop.

Dilution does not affect the arrival of blood, why increase the venous Lumen and valve regurgitation. Danger which represents this treatment, it is silent.

That may be the result of bites leech therapy in skin pigmentation, prolonged bleeding, sores. This, at Best. Bad weather, dermatitis, limfostaz, PHLEBOTHROMBOSIS, and even gangrene of a limb.

Many of leech saliva allergens, allergic reactions, inflammatory and chronic venous why talented stagnant matter, aggravating the skin and heirs.

Such a treat to know intimate Phlebology quackery, dangerous to health, ill. Trophic ulcer leech therapy is specifically contraindicated.

The disease itself causes and fixes of arrival compression socks

It is a fact. In the early stages of the disease, medical compression flexible application illustrated, the first radical measures. Extended compression, varicose veins, deep veins external redistribution of blood flow and removes the affected blood veins internship.

This elastic engine does not remove the cause of the disease, only an imitation of the status of Vienna when "signed" or has been removed. Just wearing the correct size and recommended Phlebology.

Varicose treatment

Today, methods of treatment, require hospitalization, and outpatient arrival is easy and if you are almost all done, just a day or two. The main types of treatment: sclerotherapy, laser, radiofrequency ablation, surgery.

Experienced experts are often several methods that are used immediately. To consider most common, has its own pros and cons.



This non-surgical method instructions for diseased veins. If the ship is entered, a special liquid medicine, adhesive, a vascular disappears in time. The affected area and stops the flow of blood is re-distributed, and healthy blood vessels.

Hardening has been applied, yet at the beginning of the last century, is currently a procedure has become less dangerous and traumatic. Thin needles or sclerosing of the blood vessel is entered with the patient microcatheter. A session may last up to 4 injection and the number of sessions is determined by the degree and the severity of the disease.

After injection, the drug the patient's foot compression dress socks, are encouraged to walk in him (5 hours) to avoid deep vein thrombosis. Only have to wear compression during and at the end of the therapeutic course flexible (4 weeks).

Sclerotherapy increases blood flow, the vessels disappear advanced, switches, edema, pain, cramping, and fatigue. Pigment stains removed veins upon emerging, it will pass.

Sclerotherapy includes:

  • Sclerosing itself directly,
  • ECHO sclerosing (sclerosing entered towards the goal, the same concept that brings a whole new meaning to the ultrasound to see venous lumens),
  • Foam-sclerosing form. Sclerosing foam turns into the ship to allow her to enter a "seal" tight even a large vessel.

Sclerotherapy guarantee long-term treatment and cosmetic result, and in some cases a lifetime. Only 25% working with the patient can not rely on the arrival of a full treatment. To a large extent it is a symptom of this disease is reduced.


  • This intolerance of sclerosing.
  • Intake, anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs.
  • Excessive weight.
  • Initiated in the pane on the cellulite affected veins.
  • Allergic inflammatory skin disease foot.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Thrombophlebitis.


  • Outpatient that lets you save a familiar lifestyle.
  • The cosmetic effect are immediately visible, the scars remain.
  • Minimum in the treatment of pain.
  • At the same time that you can fix a few veins.


No Lifetime Warranty the result. To achieve of the reasons to start treatment on arrival.

Room service, Meeting hygiene procedures wearing compression stockings for a short period of time to take pictures of.

Laser therapy —

Laser therapy — "office surgery"

Coagulation — lumens laser treatment varicose veins by closing them. German experts and the most recent development is called endovenous (intravenous) or endonasal coagulation (State or EVLT). Currently widely practiced in leading clinics in Russia and abroad.

A son becomes "drinking champagne" (heir) the damaged vein through a high-energy laser, no incision. Thermal laser effect is injected into a vein through a special vascular puncture into the lumen closes with a dying spasm fiber. Vienna blood flow has been removed, and then replaced with connective tissue.

EVLK on the diseased veins have the effect of the degree higher, and many more to achieve the effect of sclerotherapy, veins are equivalent to the classical removal.

Traumatic intravascular coagulation in a modern way from the middle minus the most recognized and operational on arrival.

Temporary Minimum operating costs (approximately 40 minutes) and then restore (4 hours) local anesthesia — laser treatment all of these factors allowed to call "office surgery". Back yourself and leave the clinic after the procedure the patient workspace.

The pros.

A worthy alternative to intravascular obliteration with laser-surgical:

  • An excellent cosmetic effect — missing a segment during surgery.
  • Short-term home – lt- hour procedure lasts.
  • He began his career giving the opportunity for a quick rehabilitation of suspended.
  • Laser coagulation-controlled ultrasound enhances the quality of readings, treatment, post-operative complications to a minimum.
  • No bruises and contusions.


  • The transaction costs are very high
  • Large diameter vessels without permission breaks.
  • Vienna may be large to leave to return later.

VNUS. Radiofrequency ablation

A new method has been developed for the International scientific community, with the goal of remedy is the most perfect destination on foot. In North America and Europe, the method was applied for more than 10 years, Russia has recently put into practice to large clinics.

VNUS — endonasal method is used to treat the affected destination in the trunk of the large veins. This is entered radiofrequency catheter puncture, "medicana", vascular Microwave exposure. Catheter sensors in measuring the efficiency and usefulness of thermal effects venous wall.


  • Polyclinic conditions.
  • Is a local anesthetic.
  • Saving disability.
  • No incision.
  • Rapid recovery patients (after 30 minutes operation). After a week you can do sports.
  • Hematoma no pain and most of the time.
  • High security.


  • High cost.
  • Burns that may occur, quickly pass.
  • Decreases, the concentration on the day of surgery (continuous concentration and other activities that require you a car).

The U.S. underwent laser photocoagulation radiofrequency ablation far less. This high cost is due to the almost equal results. Coagulation veins returns a greater percentage of the implementation of the complete disappearance thanks to a new generation lasers, providing higher efficiency and the lack of hematoma.

Radical methods

When you are prompted, thrombophlebitis, eczema, ulcers and other venous sclerosing bezoperatsionniy it's too late to do procedures. In this case, the most likely remedy that the doctors surgical techniques combined with sclerotherapy them.

We offer many clinics with high-tech appliances and lifting techniques, patient, vascular, traumatic, minus (if we allow a small incision to remove all of the diseased vein), never scars and scar, a short duration (40 minutes after the patient can go home).

By a phlebologist, remove fear, it's not worth it to the affected veins of the esophagus. The crowd, the blood vessels poses a serious threat to health and life. Then eliminate them, normalizes blood circulation, healthy veins are eliminated overload.

As a result, I would like to suggest arrival with the article about modern treatment methods Test. 5 more minutes to bring answers to the questions, time, but permission to determine the symptoms of the disease and varicose foot to a degree it's a risk.