Varicose veins in men

varicose veins in men

Prone to this disease, to date only the fair sex, but men. And the last important factor is hereditary predisposition. What more reasons arrival men?

What should I do?

To contribute to the development, including arrival and exploit a variety of lifestyle, harmful habits.

But greatly suffer from varicose veins, still men, overweight, usually resulting improper diet: too many carbohydrates and, conversely, a lack of plant nutrients. Because the body that carries the burden of the feet, excess weight and still have an additional burden.

The weight of a large body under the influence is no additional compression of the blood vessel in which it forced upon them under higher the pressure, the smaller the weight. As a result, the individual fabric stretching her dying in the most vulnerable areas that cause the formation of venous bumps and knots.

The result is often the destination for males, varicocele - arrival eggs. Hypotrophy developing eggs, The size is reduced and, as a result of the violation process in the production of sperm. To be loose testicles, pathological and as a result, waiting for a man infertility.

The whole point, ne Vienna, carrier, blood, right testis, and lower flows from the vena cava left - left kidney. The same account most recently "thrown" in a very dangerous place through the aorta, venous flow causes a contraction in the path of the dam.

This area gradually increases pressure valves no longer keep blood and thus begins outages eggs.

This process is strange, dying, and the elderly were there. But more common as men age 16 - 18 years of age, the internal organs and the vascular system especially when I don't have time to the growing skeleton.

20s clean full of dangerous surgical methods used in this case to avoid the consequences, often resulting infertility.

Now undergoing vascular surgery, endoscopic procedures, depending on which minus traumatica Vienna.

When the arrival of the men in the legs, then surgical treatment and conservative treatment methods. Sclerotherapy is one of the basic techniques non-surgical the treatment of disease.

The problem is that it is performed in our clinic the first symptoms of varicose disease: capillaries are very small (diameter 0.3-0.5 mm), pigmentation, swelling, dryness, and decreased skin tone.

Miniflebektomia, Stripping, crossdressing, and working in a hospital environment you can go back the next day and have a normal life and a proper day's work.