Arrival feet: symptoms and treatment

arrival, arrival not only in the legs of people who are concerned about about why their own attractiveness is a cosmetic problem, but also a dangerous disease, requiring adequate treatment and appropriate protection measures.

The reason, quite a lot of varicose veins: changing a sedentary lifestyle, excessive-ending physical and hormonal failure, congenital weakness of the vascular walls, of pregnancy. What's happening during arrival? The expansion of the veins of the lower limb a destination, they lose normal elasticity and under pressure of blood strain.

The valves in the veins, which is the normal case some castles, and when it enters the bloodstream, and they give you an opportunity to escape back and closed blood. If the business shows a valve hangs down freely deliver blood leads to blood internship.

Due to deal with pressure the veins dilated, the valves already it's not possible to close a large skylight - all that occurs when the arrival at the first stage.

Varicose veins

Arrival of reasons

Occurs why, on arrival, and what is this? Considered important risk factors for Disease, genetic predisposition and gender. Celsius low love is a hormonal adjustment during pregnancy twice often as men get arrival and birth of a woman the victim.

The development of the disease contributes to:

  1. Inheritance. Per inherits is not a disease, but a structure resulting from genetically veins: weak connective tissue, venous walls, the veins defective valves from birth. So arrival may occur in young, healthy and active (regardless of gender) people and even children. According to scientists, genetic predisposition is an important factor which leads to the expansion of arrival, varicose veins, leg.
  2. Hormonal changes. Because of the properties of the body are the causes of blood stagnation in women during periods of hormonal failure. For them, the most dangerous periods, puberty, pregnancy, and after birth. Menopause is also a dangerous time. The doctors 2-3 times more common in patients with this sexual category appeal. Women's bodies enough hormones called estrogen. Instead, the judge alleged the hormone yellow body. It has a relaxing effect on the muscles of lives that are accepted. Encourage the widening of these vessels.
  3. Inactive, sedentary lifestyleor work that requires standing for long periods contribute to the development of arrival.
  4. Age. Over time, the valves and the walls of the veins become thinner, this leads to corruption.
  5. Obesity. Overweight cargo vessels that leads to an increase on foot.

The destination consists of secondary injuries, foot, heart disease, human liver and spleen. In this case, spend the appropriate treatment to the primary disease in the first place.

Arrival to the scene

Highlight in 3 stages and progression in the development of symptoms on arrival.

  1. Compensation stage. Not a complaint. Seen on examination of the arrival of one or two feet.
  2. Scene Feb-compensations. In the examination, the heir apparent is seen in the legs. Impose patients complaints, bloating sensation, paresthesia ("bumps") in the area of the clubs, night cramps. Notes the swelling of the little feet, ankles, and legs in the evenings. In the morning the swelling disappears.
  3. Insufficiency scene. Featured listed align dermatitis, eczema. Patients with an uncomfortable itch. The skin becomes dry, bright, tight спаянной with subcutaneous fiber. Small hemorrhages and hemosiderin accumulation cause premature next.

Himself as the heir is a very serious disease that are not accepted, however, already developed, never does not go on your own, and more will advance, with any complications that could arise, and representing the greatest danger.

arrival to the scene

Arrival symptoms

The first symptom, sign, start, destination development:

  • easy fatigue, foot;
  • swelling of lower legs;
  • heavy feeling, leg.

You can mark the emergence of the star in the later stages of vascular покровах on the skin, protruding veins and various seals, if events stagnant veins.

The symptoms in the legs, varicose

Arrival at a different stage, different symptoms may be virtually asymptomatic vascular arrival of the "Star" and as heavy as a painful manifestation.

During the initial phase of the development of the symptoms that may be the suspect would have:

  • out in the legs, pain, temperature sensation, and sometimes a burning sensation in the veins of the foot;
  • weight in the legs;
  • visible swelling in the legs in the evening;
  • starting tonight, leg cramps;
  • dilated vein;
  • gaining appears dark leather baguette gasket, bell trophic ulcer.

To find yourself in any primary symptoms, treatment can begin immediately on arrival – the symptoms themselves.


A destination for diagnosis, lower extremity and appropriate treatment assignment, the expert will various methods, including a comprehensive survey to the patient.

  1. Duplex scanning (vascular ultrasound)- the most informative diagnostic method of arrival to obtain an idea about the ability of the Issuer to the extent of the foot, expansion vessels, flow in the blood vessels and their land in one direction, to detect the presence of a blood clot (thrombus).
  2. Let's explore the survey method represented dilated vein contrast venography, and blood for their land to learn about the extent.

Diagnosis varicose veins, deep vein only a very talented doctor.


Arrival throughout the complex accompanied by the formation of thrombosis and inflammation, vascular wounds, and trophic skin disorders. These complications, significant color change, limbs, skin, rumore, Dim out, skin of ventus.

Also-persistent ankle edema is particularly strong when walking or standing. The resulting rbis in the area of pain, pain while walking, motion извитой Vienna, seal, skin, and an ulcer on education of different sizes.


If you have the inclination, this disease, execution, the following suggestions will help you slow progress:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes without heels or low heels.
  2. Loads of knitted things to make to put a foot bandage or medicinal, but only after a doctor's advice.
  3. Go ahead and don't sit in one place for a long time – movement, exercise, frequent change of body position.
  4. Do not take hot water baths should be replaced, especially in the morning, a hot shower with them in a final, cold cast.
  5. Give up smoking area, the situation worsens vessels.

Primary prevention – appropriate motor activity: swimming, walking, skiing, Cycling, charging.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy greatly increases the risk for varicose veins, varicose veins, lower extremity, this incentive causes such as:

  1. Hormones during pregnancy increases the blood circulation in the venous wall and the venous blood stagnation in the legs stretch incentive.
  2. Increased intra-abdominal pressure in late pregnancy output makes it difficult for blood vessels foot.
  3. varicose veins, varicose veins, resulting to clear up during the pregnancy, after the birth, any progress, more individual factors (heredity, the presence of other contributing factors).
varicose veins in the legs,

Treatment varicose veins, varicose in the legs

The Standing of a destination, the destination is treatable, a medical necessity if you have symptoms is problematic.

However, some people can be treated for cosmetic reasons because they are unhappy they might want for the arrival Station.

Basic techniques of analysis, help get rid of this problem.

  1. Sclerotherapy. Complex conservative treatment with yourself and apply this method of treatment. Her essence is that a thin needle or syringe into a vein inject private signatus him a drug, later Vienna, disappears completely. Sessions are held once a week required, 3 to 6 log. Provides a method to prevent scar and scar.
  2. Non-surgical treatment. Arrival – in the first stage, and if not, why would be in very big trouble, then elastic compression stockings can be recommended. Wear them during activities of daily living. They compression utility holding Vienna sprains and limitations, any discomfort or pain.
  3. Medication relieves the symptoms of her arrival, swelling and reduces pain, slows down the development process, but not able to stop the disease completely and back the damaged veins.
  4. Laser therapy available on the surface of the skin in the legs varicose. Using a small flash light and laser in the wall of the vein sclerosing Vienna arrival up as if he removed a process that develops and disappears.

A major role plays in the treatment and prevention of physical load — brisk walking, gymnastics, swimming and water exercises (except a huge load of exercises, sports, foot tennis, weightlifting, jumping).

Venotonic drugs

Action data enhancing drugs focuses on tone of smooth muscles, allowing you to keep the walls of blood vessels, their flexibility and blood circulation to normal in the affected areas.

Many of these drugs, a comprehensive venotonic action. To obtain a domain, when using them, the current not only in Vienna, but also all the vessels in the body.

Treatment of varicose veins varicose folk remedies

There are numerous methods of treatment folk remedies varicose in the legs, such as exterior and interior applications. Below are the most common:

  1. Chichewa, horse chestnut (50 g) pour 500 g of alcohol required, then let it sit for 14 days, every day rocking bottle. Miss cook and mesh with a tablespoon of tincture, juice squeezed, three times a day before meals. So, after a week of treatment, a break of two weeks. Then the treatment will start again.
  2. The infusion of dried nettle is used arrival arrival. Dried, crushed leaves poured a thermos of steep 1/2 l boiled water, to insist 30-40 minutes, filter and 1/3 Cup 3 times a day, eat 1 hour later.
  3. Compress the tomatoes. Thinly sliced tomatoes, a bed, bandages, gauze, and the patient apply. For convenience, a tie or other elastic bandage. After 2 hours The amount of such a compress have Vienna is changing, and the new total of 3 times. This compress of convenience to repeat it every day.
  4. Oiled walnut tincture: immature grind nuts, pour into a glass container, pour olive oil and persist for 40 days in a sunny spot. Place the finished tincture lubrication the patient. Treatment is a long-term basis when used on kalanchoe.

This folk remedies, many patients on arrival, complementary therapy, special exercises — exercise provides a significant improvement to feel Nikulina.