Arrival in women pelvic: help – gynecologist, phlebologist or

Mention the arrival of such a disease like most people imagine pathological processes, lower extremity, can be seen with the naked eye. Pelvic arrival – and to write much less talk to a variety of diseases in this regard. Its symptoms are usually considered as the presence of inflammatory processes in organs, reproductive organs, hormonal disorders, pathology of organs, urinary tract, lower back, sciatic.

Why women's pelvic stretching the walls of varicose veins, their low strength. Peak incidence, accounting for 25 to 50 years of reproductive age. Sometimes varicose identifiable girls-adolescent period of rapid growth and the formation of the menstrual cycle and hormonal background. At this age the disease may pass asymptomatic.

Another feature of the pathology aggravation and manifestation of an active trend within the period of carrying a child.

Symptoms and causes

Symptoms and causes

Congestion, arrival and system crashes, corruption the normal way ovarian blood circulation, circulatory system. May be a provocative factor of the disease dysplasia of connective tissue, collagen, and reduction of leading and, as a result, elasticity and resistance vessels.

General negative factors and causes for development of pelvic varicose:

  • increased blood volume during pregnancy, blood vessels, the uterus of progesterone, which is a high content of large volumes;
  • regular exercise;
  • previous multiple pregnancy and childbirth;
  • a sedentary lifestyle is mainly sedentary activities;
  • gynecological disorders: abnormal structure of the uterus, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory process;
  • with a major disruption throughout the application protection for the purpose of sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancy;
  • long-term use, some hormone drugs;
  • the lack of satisfaction in sexual life.

Arrival provoke may be hormonal imbalance, especially the increased estrogen level.

As already mentioned, pelvic varices self-similar diseases of the female reproductive system. Chief makes mark, to warn him of this persistent pain. They felt weak in the lower abdomen as it may be, however, tangible and intense sharp. Very often, severe pain originating in the lumbar region of the pelvis spread, or the sacrum. After making the sharp pain, physical tension, or, on the contrary, then for a long time the same position (seated or standing).

I must emphasize the following symptoms which manifested the arrival enlargement of pelvic veins:

  • empowered hemorrhage after childbirth or gynecologic procedures thinning due to venous bleeding is difficult to stop such a wall;
  • painful sexual intercourse, emotion, sexual dissatisfaction, fear and disgust of sexual life, in general, a powerful spasm, Nov when you attempt to join an intimate proximity;
  • say causes painful or frequent urination bladder;
  • the increase vulva or perineum veins, accompanied by severe itching, swelling, burning;
  • thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, swelling or redness of the skin characteristic to it, in the groin, fever and general weakness.

Varicose veins vulva and distinguished the development of the disease the result of venous plethora. The disease may be, the three degrees of intensity.


  • 1 degree – diameter 4-5 mm of the vein;
  • 2 degrees – Vienna increases 6-10 km;
  • 3 degrees – The diameter of the vein at least 10 mm.

Definition of pathology, the severity – major steps, diagnose, identify, and treated with the helper methods. In the first two cases, conservative treatment is usually adequate, the change in the power system, the application of medical gymnastics. The third degree of the severity of the disease requires an operation, ligation of large veins.


This disease – the problem is she's done it again and again. Changes may occur already during pregnancy increases the risk of the first and each subsequent arrival. At a certain stage, the veins stop functioning as the organs, preventing normal blood take the exit.

The risk increases if a woman:

  • abnormal structure and the reproductive organs (uterus);
  • there is genetic predisposition;
  • a hasty kilograms during pregnancy, excessive weight or number;
  • harmful habits (smoking);
  • small work that require physical effort, prolonged sitting or standing in one place.
Why the disease is often misdiagnosed pregnant?

The third trimester the uterine organs of women who suffer from this disease because of the increased pressure on the usual by creating obstacles for activities.

Normal circulating blood volume during pregnancy, a body increases approximately 50 %. Always a burden for them to cope with the increasing veins, especially if various fundamental factors exacerbated the situation has been discussed above.

Hormonal changes in the body adverse effects in the Mother pending the background characteristic, elasticity, blood vessel walls.

More dangerous than a pathological increase during pregnancy veins?

On arrival, the uterus and other organs, the threat of severe birth severe consequences. Thin-walled blood vessels, ten wounded, and even torn, why in this case pain and bleeding. Of these events offers not only harmful and dangerous, but the woman living for him.

The most common disorders – the risk of blood clots. They blocked reducing or completely blocking blood vessels, normal placental blood to provide. This dysfunction leads to oxygen starvation of the fetus and placenta aging.

1. and 2. pelvic birth, arrival period, usually, of course, naturally. Monitors health personnel during works to reduce the pressure in the walls of the blood vessels. The simultaneous introduction of necessary drugs, blood thinners.

Severe (3) by using cesarean section requires.

If you have this problem you need to get pregnant in a detailed manner to prepare for the birth of the future, namely:

  • the beginning of the second trimester prenatal bandage wear;
  • actively move to eliminate prolonged sitting or standing position (e.g., computer);
  • a special cushion to place between your legs to reduce pressure on blood vessels during sleep;
  • you can use the swimming pool, or a regular contrast shower.

Mothers to review in time for dinner followed by bowel emptying.


Easily detected with a pelvic exam vulva and perineum varicose open. But how to control it, is there such a pathology of internal genital organs? The prescription to fix your issues more surveys such as diagnostic ultrasound, phlebography, laparoscopy, CT or MRI.


The disease does not belong to gynecologic pathology. Does treat him, doctor-phlebologist (vascular surgeon). However, because completely often a pathology ultrasonography during the transition, then the woman observed two specialist – phlebologist and gynecologist. Pelvic varicose veins can be integrated, including drug therapy and without the use of drugs for treatment, the application of medical gymnastics, and a normalization power systems revision mode features.

Drugs that effectively eliminate the symptoms at the initial stage. Prescription drugs to patients in the period of exacerbation. You are not prompted for such a vehicle long term, as they tend can cause side effects. Medicine improves blood circulation, relieve inflammation and pain, reduce the risk of blood clots.

Advanced drug treatment as a treatment of pelvic vascular pregnant women and how the right in this case?

A high risk of potential harm to the fetus when taken into consideration, side effects, prescription drugs, previously the second trimester, and only in exceptional cases. If before pregnancy a woman never arise such that health problems limit him often recommended non-drug treatment methods, for example, fatigue, a special underwear.

Eliminate pelvic congestion gymnastics will help. Most exercise is done while lying. This is their famous "birch", "Bicycle", "scissors". Performing them out of enough load in the lower abdomen, many blood take the exit. Wearing compression socks complemented the physical therapy.

In between, they use methods of treatment and hirudotherapy, leech therapy, Exposure the coccyx area.

Folk remedies

Drugs conventional medicine effectively in order to overcome the disease if you have symptoms, it's too early to implement them. Dandelion root tincture and tea with herbal teas and great efficiency at Changi, according to a horse chestnut.

The most suitable application method which is based on a healing tea. This is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water 3 tablespoons dried at Changi and insist in a warm place for a couple of hours. Acceptance at the most half an hour before meals 2-3 times a day.

Teaspoon chopped dandelion root pour a glass of water, insist for a few hours, drink three times a day, for 10-15 minutes until cook. Such a tea is contraindicated to people who suffer from gastritis or bile ducts disease.

To prepare, purify dark fruit horse chestnut and skin, finely cut, lay the bottle of dark glass pour vodka, 1:10 at a rate of. Zerk time – 14 days. Tincture obtained is mixed with 25-30 drops, three times a day to get some water. The application period is limited to 30 days.



Great value in the treatment of the disease are a balanced diet out of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. You should include menu foods and high fiber foods, oils and fats, vegetable origin. The Main products that have to be diet vegetables, fruits, natural juices, tea Yesil. It is not recommended, sweet, baked goods, dishes, spices, plenty of fast food. Meals should be frequent, but small portions.

Beneficial foods that are high in vitamin C (citrus fruits, black currant), seafood (oysters, shrimp, seaweed). Dishes needed to cook in the minimum amount of salt.


Conservative treatment methods are quite easy, the condition of the patient and eliminate the risk of serious consequences. The main task is the treatment and avoidance of recurrence and required surgery. A very important disease prevention and recurrence.

Between doctors ' surgeries a network, recommendations should be made:

  1. Exhaustion, hormonal drugs prescribed by a doctor and only under his control.
  2. An active lifestyle way, light physical activity.
  3. Except bad habits such as smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Regularly perform complex gymnastic exercises to support vascular health.
  5. Stick to a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  6. Wear compression socks when the first signs of arrival.

Execution of preventive recommendations is also important during pregnancy, especially in the second half.

Revision nutrition, an active lifestyle, regular doctor visits, the treatment of varicose veins, pelvic help to prevent the disease immediately after detection eliminating the painful symptoms of the surgery for a long time.