The arrival and development of reasons.

Normal movement of blood in the human body in an active vein, the input down and the blood returning to Vienna, him upstairs has two apartments, circulation, human anatomy to be spoken about in another school. The venous circulation process "works" because of the muscles and the entire body united to a heart like a heart and blood rises. Blood rises, chills, фиксированием in certain areas, where valves in the veins that prevents the blood down.


When enabled, the motion of the person, for example, walking regularly decreases and the muscles are relaxed, allowing the blood promotion of the sub-valve cover located on, above, Vienna, etc. In Vienna blood, in the normal course of this description, but decreasing if the valve is not completely a wall of the veins are stretched, a vessel from one place has become more spacious, dying, inverted output, an abnormality that causes blood vessels. This disease has been called varicose veins. In detail, consider what this disease is, the causes, and whether it is possible in the prevention of arrival.


The only connection valves (communication) the junction of the superficial and deep veins veins. Valves employee, such as "ma'am" a deep vein blood, but don't have the ability to go back to her people, for his blood vessels. The expansion of the valve between the vessels is closed a small space, deep or superficial vein blood back it gives you an opportunity.


The accumulation of blood leads to more stretching of the vessel wall and the valves between the cavity increases. Refluxes – pathological training veins superficial counter currents provoke star, the venous node already defending under the skin that occurs later, and closes a vicious cycle of disease. That escaped the circle alone, without the help of doctors, using only an ointment and a pill is impossible.

The city of Vienna, the walls disappear, because it never ends at the desired diameter, flexibility, illness or surgery to slow down or stop. Varicose veins symptoms, causes, treatment – to know the principle that has become a lifestyle more accurate, and only then will be withdrawn and you will be able to keep some of the disease development.

The presence that was triggered venous valves insufficient business negative factors affecting human lifestyle and wrong – these are just one of the factors. Vienna their system no compression-relaxation to push blood up to do the job for her this Nov.

If the same isn't active because Nov still working, малоподвижности human, lack of exercise, or an ordinary walk on the steering wheel or seat is a computer monitor многочасового if you "win" the presence of the disease, genetic predisposition him. Варикозе know and we shouldn't forget that the causes of vascular disease – this only changes the blood vessels, toes, this changes a number of a person that affects the entire body.


Arrival visible symptoms appear, then that in itself is a disease, therefore, as a relative, symptoms of illness, the attention and investigation of physician-флеболога necessarily need. Destination for various reasons the medical world the cause of some confusion, as always, thought What is good for prevent the disease – this is preventing him. In this case, the prevention of unacceptable arrival 100%-s a tool, ultimately the arrival of the main reasons for choosing – inheritance.


Completely regardless of who related there was a problem with veins located problem areas, the disease is localized wherever pass Vienna – groin, leg or anus. If you have a gene responsible for this disease, the disease itself, at any age. Needless to say, more often, varicose veins, lower extremity, symptoms of a possible illness, but to deny this, anywhere on the body.

The causes, development, arrival, the quickness and the severity of the disease depends on the patient behavior, his treatment and perseverance is required to save a lifestyle. In the absence of negative factors on the weight of the weak venous wall, will expand in Vienna, if not, that's why. This inheritance of features such as other causes of disease development:

  1. Fixed immobile or (disabled) life.
  2. Gender – the disease is more common in women.
  3. Многочасовое, a car, a job, including a computer, here is all the people sit when attempting to vocational вынуждающие is a long time.
  4. Heavy physical load-bearing fixed air (athletes, movers and other professions, where a person is always you have to stand still – hairdressers, vendors, carpenters, doğramacılar, etc.).
  5. Wearing high heels, heavy handbags, and so forth.
  6. No change to the day cycle of activities, monotonous static.

This is just a small list, because it can cause disease, therefore флеболога there is a similar poll on a regular basis, especially in these cases, when the visible severity or swelling in your feet. His relatives had a similar problem and then any line of expert a doctor as early as possible to prevent the development of disease to be clicked.

Busy treatment if ever the arrival of the first Star, you will need a little time and symptoms of venous leg up in a hospital bed like a painful death between the Human, the only recovery option is a surgical scalpel.

Doctors features such as arrival of 6 main phases:

  • Stage zero, the arrival time gradually symptoms similar to the symptoms of heavy legs, edema, cramping and sometimes a night during sleep or rest. According to the results of the study, Doppler or visually to determine the presence of the disease can't be.
  • Stage 1 symptoms the remains of them clothes venous stars, venous prominent a mesh foot.
  • Stage 2 or stage when they have the disease, people can see it, thickened nodules under the skin or blue color veins. Sometimes these conditions when you change body position Nov. Nodules, because, like, promote stagnation of blood clots in the deep veins in there.
  • 3. phase – this view of a strong edema in the evening. Edema may be in the morning, but one day they're back again, leg pain, Frequent seizures.
  • Phase 4 is characterized by nodules that move traffic rapidly to the stage of the ulcer. Skin color in the legs, ranging from dark brown, almost black. May develop, atrophy, skin trophic ulcers.
  • Phase 5: The above symptoms, past and re-opening трофическая ulcer.
  • 6. phase – continuous broaden and deepen the presence трофической ulcer prone.

Surgical intervention can be done already the introduction of a special composition of the vessel wall Scene 1 glue injection. Glue using laser coagulation of the large ships. In either case, the necessary post-operative rehabilitation: the custom of wearing knitwear, waiver, high heels, definitely not in addition weight lifting. Veins surgeons in complex surgical procedures more specific to target the rehabilitation period.


Indeed, most patients with this diagnosis and you are not this woman, or ladies, the risk of being obese "take varicose veins, lower extremity exercise and walking regularly those much higher. Hormonal preparations during the treatment of infertility or menopause, may lead to a rapid development in the same period of the arrival of.


Women are 2-3 times more prone to this disease more than men. Replacement therapy is another factor that is considered talented is a disease that is a cause, because by removing the yellow body hormone relaxes the muscles, Nov spasms, but this action spreads the venous wall. The emergence of the pelvic organs provoke an inflammatory phenomenon, it's a disease.

Women wearing high heels risk of falling group. But to be honest, to visually distinguish 7–11 cm heel-centimeter tough, so chafing shoes to wear low-heeled or temporary. The majority of women in a sit or a job or a job related to a provision of the monotonous job, the body. A sedentary job, I need to edit yourself to an hour walking, standing, business – appropriate rest at least once an hour. Lightweight gymnastics and massage, foot not is unnecessary.


Usually, drivers who suffer from the disease, truckers, forced to spend a few hours was driving. Fall here, men who play sports with high physical builders, shippers, and to those who have engaged in the business of maintaining a single body position. High intra-abdominal pressure during the lift weights why corruption, arteries, valves, veins and the pressure inside the body continuously in a sitting position. Also, men tend not to given that much attention to foot, his appearance, how could a woman already in the advanced stages of the disease, so treatment by a doctor.

My feet unknowingly the arrival of not only research, but also other organs male the spermatic cord, or varicose veins – varicocele suffering with disease of every tenth man in the country. Infertility – a disorder that and here is the result, although it is a surgical intervention may be to correct this situation.


Frequent constipation during pregnancy, long-term cough, a sneeze varicose veins along the rectum down to create prerequisites before a powerful cold. In fact, any person for which such a disease these piles of damage. Cure hemorrhoids in the time of need, eat right, move a lot to avoid the pathology of veins in this area. It is important to remember, nor arose disease: prevention and treatment must be completed with a special lifestyle, учитывающим a specific disease.

prichiny-varikoz-self contained


Everything can cause varicose veins, adult, true, young people. During adolescence, boys age 14-15 varicocele manifest properties, structure, increased hormone in the body background, border, overload related to physical or emotional stress. Arterial-venous fistulas in the legs or varicose blood vessels cleanses that can be caused by the initial hole.

Before you start your period, girls may occur in the legs, swelling, heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen, legs, secretes quickly after discontinuation. Often constipation, malnutrition, aspirations, the arrival of weight it can cause symptoms.