Early symptoms of varicose veins of the lower extremities and vascular therapy

People prone to the development of various diseases, which, by the way, itself is guilty to a certain extent. This stubborn unwillingness of our healthy and active lifestyle, which is always delayed until the day of the exercise next Monday. And this is Fashion? While working for fashion enthusiasts and mods that just won't go, Mac icons, style, predicted that it would be on my site later adulthood themselves.

The result of such a behavior (not in every case), which can be such a disease, varicose veins, lower extremity, symptoms and treatment we'll talk in more detail next.

What are varicose veins


The Latin name of the disease meaning "swelling". In fact, once swelling, varicose veins and of the body the affected with the naked eye. In the development of dynamic but that is not a disease, a symptom early arrival.

Painful varicose veins due to venous circulatory disorders and a valve job.

Varikoznix largely exposed to changes in leg veins, but pathology may occur, and the walls of the blood vessels, large and small pelvis. In very rare cases this disease, the blood vessels of the upper extremity.

Help. Middle of the lesion, which is a fairly common disease the frequency of arrival 10-18 per cent of the population.

It should be noted that the first symptoms occur in the legs varicose as well as their continuous development (untreated) in women more often than men, notes a few times. Additionally, age indicator has no value.

Damage to the venous walls may be bacterial, physical, traumatic, chemical, airborne.

Based on this, such a malady to occur foot trigger factors are as follows:

  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • inheritance;
  • professional activity associated with strenuous physical activities or a long stay in a single position (seated or standing);
  • everyday, wearing tight underwear and high heel shoes;
  • significant increase in body mass index;
  • during pregnancy, especially in the second and the next.

Present at least one reason for your life, that value immediately eliminate him or at least more attention from, status, arrival in the legs.


The symptoms in the legs such as varicose veins, depending on the disease directly.

Help. The most obvious symptom, varicose veins, leg extension impossible to mix it with anything superficial veins and lower leg veins, the most pronounced bulge.

Distinguished Stage 4 varicose veins of the lower extremities characterized by symptoms some of the symptoms of each:

  • primary – heaviness in the legs, fatigue after walking, swelling;
  • first appearance – star vascular, stinging sensation in feet and calf, regular seizures (especially at night);
  • second – they all mimic the above symptoms of itching, numbness, cover the affected area of skin pigmentation. A strong swelling and significant pain to the same notes emerge. Blue into the thyroid nodule can be seen.
  • heavy painful skin which cover the pathology of a third scene on foot. Observed dryness, cracks to emerge, darkening of the skin, to the ankles. Nodules, veins bulge all the more dangerous because they are the explosion even a slight injury. If that happens, then somewhere visible nodules, trophic ulcers, not only because it's dangerous, but also human health and life.

Leg varicose pathology symptoms depending on the stage of development

To run such isn't a disease. Doubt should be seen by a specialist qualified in the first stage because if because I was using quite a successful and conservative way to be treated in a manner, then the third stage or final processes need to be done.

Help. Working in shape while the development of thrombophlebitis usually notes the arrival – educational venous thrombus, threatens the life of the patient.

A substantial improvement in individuals with this pathology separately. Because of the structural properties of the body, you may experience additional symptoms in your legs arrival women.

These earnings are all the symptoms of illness, menstruation, and menopause. The reason for this is hormonal changes in the female body.

How varicose veins in the legs

To talk about a separate value in the first stage, the varicose in the legs

At this point the correct action is very important and depends on the quality of the patient determine the reason more lives.

This pathological condition, virtually invisible, as normal a symptoms occur because of fatigue.

For a time, varicose veins are often unnoticed and therefore there are serious symptoms arise.

Someone the first symptoms occur in the legs varicose, vascular vessels that make up the tiny capillaries of the skin blue or red color.

Help. Spider veins, or spider veins as they are called, not significantly, in all cases, at this stage, the course of the disease.

To initiate development of the disease the more bizarre symptoms include the following:

  • Periodic swelling of the legs.
  • Fast fatigue, weight and leg pain.
  • The sensation of bloating calf.

The early arrival of the foot of manifestation

The above symptoms aggravated with a heavy load, it's the hottest time of the year or at the end of a workday.

They are in the first place disappear after resting in the supine position and slightly elevated legs.

If you do nothing, if it begins with the symptoms of the disease over time, get stronger in hand, progress to the next stage.

Treatment and prevention, early arrival

There is no contraindication. Consult with your doctor.

Before proceeding, review and treatment and prevention, at the initial stage of a disease, the diagnosis of lower extremity arrival us questions.

Next you need to visit to identify and the treatment of the pathology, a doctor, a prescription list of necessary analyses and studies:

  • blood coagulation tests – blood coagulation study;
  • a complete blood count;
  • ULTRASOUND to determine the blood vessels affected;
  • rheovasography – texture method validation failure account hyperemia photographer directory;
  • surgical research (very rare), for example, venography, intravenous contrast material status to determine which perform the circulatory system.

Varicose veins in the legs, first determine the method the doctor will, of course, listen carefully and record all complaints, patients as well as conducts a careful physical examination.

On the basis of the questionnaires and identify the nature of the pathology, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Preventive actions

Plays an important role in the prevention of risk factors that occur in the presence of a pathological condition. Therefore, it is not to be overlooked, even the observance of their initial arrival.

Is it possible the further development, disease and required surgery.

For this purpose, the following rules should be followed:

  • Proper exercise, especially swimming.
  • With proper nutrition.
  • Receiving vitamin complexes.
  • Contrast by using a spirit strengthening blood vessel walls.
  • Wearing compression underwear.
  • Contribute to exercise, improve blood circulation.

Arrival prevention methods

massazh pri varikoze

These exercises are another school that is known by everyone: "Bicycle", "scissors", walking foot and heels, flexion – extension to stop the fulfillment of the ankle joint in a circular motion.

Important! Such exercise should be done daily, because it only will benefit them.


Treatment of varicose symptoms of varicose in the legs at an early stage is highly efficient. Flebolog expert usually throws more than one treatment that contains a comprehensive treatment of different ways.

The most effective ones are the following methods:

  • While doing massage early arrival of an effective treatment methods pathology
  • Hiking for physical therapy and a normal blood circulation.
  • Massage therapy eliminates tiredness and improves blood circulation.
  • Compression underwear creates a homogeneous pressure distribution.
  • Phlebotomist for pain and swelling in the legs, develop tonus Nov.
  • Cover creams to improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Ointments and gels (heparin and based on the good Veronica) – heaviness in the legs, eliminate blood flow.
  • Another unusual but effective way the – band-arrive in each feature and group of medicinal herbs and roots.

If the intent of the disease at an early stage, then chances are that all the instructions of the doctor means that you can stop the progression of the disease, and avoid operations.