The main reason for varicose veins in the legs the first signs.

Varicose veins in the legs is a very common disease currently. 3 times the incidence the incidence is the man. The reason for this, anatomical structures, blood vessels, and pregnancy them wisely.

In the last ten years observed "rejuvenation" disease, varicose veins, usually the leg, it is seen that the signs are already evident, and even students. DSO as a vascular disease with life-threatening illnesses, "before shooting a foot, then a heart" because of a fatal complication.

Varicose veins in the legs — the causes


On the contrary, artery, vein valves, asset, blood flow the reverse is not possible. The job together with the valves in case of violation, there is an imbalance in the production of elastin and collagen in the body that's thinning is significantly reduced the flexibility of the walls and stretching them. As a result, the valves reverse themselves and blood vessels, blood flow occurs to cope with their own functions, developing internship. Such a training mechanism for the varicose disease.

In the formation in the legs varicose why, why, in its development, a couple of.

Hereditary predisposition

This is one of the most important reasons for varicose veins in the legs — 1/3 is determined that the pathology in patients. If you have varicose disease of a close relative (mother, grandmother, grandma and grandpa) the possibility of the disease is 70%. Hereditary factors is not a disease, but the anatomical structure of blood vessels resulting genetically:

  • congenital defective valves;
  • less developed connective tissue of the wall of veins.
  • In this regard, varicose veins in the legs, the symptoms are very common in children and even young adults with degrees.

    Hormonal imbalance in the body

    Foot the development of a destination is different, but among them are hormonal imbalance plays the maximum value occurs:

    • pregnancy and birth;
    • pieces;
    • during menopause;
    • in treating hormones, medications, or to use birth control.
    • Female sex hormones (progesterone, etc.) provisions that causes the destruction of collagen in the vessel wall. This significantly reduces their tone.

      The inflammatory process of genital


      Inflammation of organs, changes of blood flow in the small vessels of the pelvis causes hormonal disorders and. As a result, a message will appear between veins and arteries, the volume increases and the pressure in the blood vessels. They expand, blood flow valves cannot withstand, visible varicose sites.

      Nervous disorders

      The sound is all its vessels, nerve endings of a subject. Certain effects (stress, depression, neurosis, etc.) violation, nervous disorders, venous tone, and reduced diameter of the vessels increases.

      Physical overload as a result of increased pressure in the veins. Large static loads (excess body weight transfer, weight lifting, pregnancy and childbirth, long-term without foot movement) significantly improved pressure vessels. Risk the Group's sales representatives, teachers, hairdressers, transporters.

      A sedentary lifestyle or work

      Modern beach living "a computer for heirs". The leg muscles for a kind of "pump" them up to reduce venous blood is moving faster. Decreases sitting Nov, K — pinch Vienna, their tone, reduced corruption, and blood circulation.

      Abdominal pressure, high pressure, if the valves in the leg veins is violated. This occurs long-term constipation, cough, cough.

      Developing varicose veins in the legs that can cause decreased immune injury. Play a role in sexual tendencies. The cause in women with genetic predisposition to varicose veins, it can be stated that the degree markings are on their feet much more common in men than in. Men treatment by the same doctor as time passes, it's impossible for a living already dangerous surgical treatment without complication.

      The first symptoms varicose veins in the legs


      The legs of the first symptoms of a disease that begins with a destination that may be immediately apparent and attracts attention. These are:

      • vascular mesh thin purple - blue color;
      • pain, fatigue, itching or burning sensation in the legs night;
      • numbness or twitch contractions the night Nov.

      Varicose veins on the legs changes as the disease progresses the first signs of a venous exacerbated more complaints:

      • leather legs thicker flakes within the scope of cyanotic fields in the destination points;
      • permanent weather Nov calf pain, walking has been improved;
      • visible venous nodes is accompanied with pain, palpation.

      Later arrival of the signs of the disease are getting stronger on the feet, and edema. They are not the head of his Vienna about the signal function. During this period can cause dangerous complications fatal:

      • thrombophlebitis;
      • thromboembolism;
      • trophic ulcer;
      • the bleeding could occur a small impact, it is difficult to stop.

      Therefore, varicose veins, a timely treatment because of possible complications that should grow marks on their feet. Thrombophlebitis (inflamed veins inside the walls) contributes to the formation of a blood clot, could be prevent the blood flow to the arteries (flebotromboz), any rupture with the blood flow into the lungs (thromboembolism) you may end up with fatal.

      To avoid the need of a timely appeal phlebologist fatal complication (angiohirurg) and blood clots in check.

      Varicose veins standing — The Cure


      If you see the symptoms you need to immediately start outpatient treatment arrival. Currently medicine has achieved considerable success in the treatment of that pathology.

      If available, the first signs of arrival in the legs, that could have been treated multiple processes and procedures:

      • 1. Drug: assigned depending on the condition of the blood vessels (venography or ultrasound, then the results of the survey of the vessels opposite), venotonik, NSAIDs, anticoagulants. Perhaps the use of drugs of these groups in the form of tropical gels, ointments, creams.
      • A fundamental role of play therapy in the treatment of varicose veins, aimed at the recovery of a tone of venous walls.

      • 2. Pressure treatment: special bearing a sock, in a pinch, use an elastic bandage.
      • 3. Pneumatic massage increases the nutrition of the tissues, the venous blood flow road.
      • 4. Sclerotherapy – input specific drugs into a vein, the blood that covers. Gradual atrophy, vascular, he disappears.
      • 5. Laser photocoagulation vein — the most modern method. Is done under general anesthesia, a positive income result after a month.

      In the legs, varicose veins — prevention

      Foot disease prevention a destination in a broad sense, the three rules:

      • 1. Better to walk and stop.
      • 2. Better to sit stand.
      • 3. Better sit a lie.

      To of blood vessels in normal operation, the leg muscles have to shrink. Must have any foot, knee straight with the high in the horizontal position.

      A person is forced prolonged standing or sitting, a high-risk group. Must be in good blood circulation of the venous blood, Nov contraction, feet, and heart. Therefore, the Standing of arrival prevention, active lifestyle contain, if possible:

      – fast at a walking pace;

      – swimming;

      – bike.

      Physical activity doesn't have to be long.

      Long-standing — "step" on foot, Wiggle your toes.

      Prevention measures a long-term position:

      • from time to time, raise the legs to a table or to improve the level of blood exit the heart;
      • put the soles of your feet with a foot a few times will reduce venous pressure and effort to upgrade yourself;
      • one leg then a 10 minute walk or exercise Break each hour;
      • in all cases, physical activity (exercise, jogging, on-site simulator), as well as during pregnancy, before my flight on the plane, the long-term compression use a car to travel to Jersey.
    • Contraindicated arrival on your feet:
    • excessive eating, drinking, numerous acute, salty, greasy;
    • alcohol, cigarettes;
    • excessive weight;
    • lifting and carrying lifting heavy weights;
    • 36,70 With a higher temperature for more than 10 minutes with hot tubs, Sauna, Turkish bath, solarium;
    • the warm-up procedure;
    • preparations, including hormonal contraceptives;
    • more heel, 4 cm (the muscles of the lower leg begins to decrease, the violation of venous circulation, partly on the road).

    You cannot self-medicate. Disease starts you should see a doctor at the first sign of arrival, and timely treatment helps to prevent severe complications.