How to be варикозе during feeding veins the legs?

Quam in choosing the right products while dieting varices varicose veins in the lower extremities may be several delicious and interesting.

You must have varices during feeding quam : During feeding варикозе</1_img>
  1. It's wide enough. The disadvantage is that the necessary ingredients lowers the immunity of the body against the disease effectively.
  2. calorie humilis. To compound the problem of excessive weight, the load is greatly increased and twisted veins, varices quam more open.
  3. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Varicose veins in the legs especially vitamin C quam needs a help, liquefaction and prevention of blood thrombosis.
  4. Easy trahaet. Varicose veins the legs quam ideal diet is divided into a small portion. Food should be taken 4-5 times a day, this feeling of hunger, I can digest food better.

Foods to be avoided, talented quam provoke development of varices. During this period they completely relapse during remission except a little bit little in some places it's a sin. Eating drinking 1.5 l a day mode by the liquid required to comply. Excess water may cause swelling, and its deficiency makes the blood very viscous.

A very important point diet lower extremity varices quam – decrease in the number of salt and sugar. Instead, food seasonings spices: dried and fresh spicy herbs (parsley, celery, dill, Basil, cumin, rosemary, coriander).

Desserts that will help to improve the taste of natural vanilla, cinnamon, as well as freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. To avoid strain on the veins and edema, you need to eat less than 4 hours before bedtime . Acute sense of hunger to drink a cup of yogurt or yogurt without supplementation, to eat a little boiled chicken or a slice of cheese. During such a power scheme quam varices varicose veins, lower extremity total calorie intake does not increase, but will significantly improve your health patient.

To assist the patient to improve the situation the following products : As you can see, varicose veins and vein disease quam during the meal can be very diverse and delicious. There cannot quam during varices? This list of banned products, including food containing excessive amounts of cholesterol, salt, preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other unnecessary additives. Eliminates quam varices while dieting, fast food, sweets and other industrial products, high in fat and sugar. milk</2_img> The menu is completely displayed :

This is a permitted conditional quam varices current products, mushrooms, eggs, skim milk. A value of exacerbations, except for the diet but back on the mend, respect, moderation. Quam varices sourdough bread and a muffin while dieting to allow a small amount of sugar and a small amount of oil.

Survived for the most flexible is important to his diet.

quam is often accompanied by strong edema and varices. Rid of them fasting during the day. And excessive weight they shown or a problem with digestion.

Be consumed within 2-3 days it is recommended that only freshly squeezed fruit juices, fruits and vegetables . They contain the full necessary macro and trace elements, contributions, promotes the excretion of the fluid in the body's defense. Recens chimney suco selection and taste depend on the patient's condition and the gastrointestinal system.

For example, it is not necessary to use a high acid, citrus, good food, pear juice, Apple desserts, pumpkin, cucumber, celery, carrots, beets.

Lorem quam varices sucus time is not suitable-people prone to diarrhea , patients, pain, constipation and bloating, this will help a lot.

Capable to accelerate diversion of excess fluid, herbal teas, medicinal herbs, drinking tea like an ordinary. Leaves have a mild diuretic effect, blackcurrant, red raspberry and blueberries, fresh or frozen cranberries, rosehips, and Hawthorn. A handful of raw material is poured boiling water, to insist 1 l a few minutes to warm up, under the cover. Accept 0,5 Cup boiling in the morning and before bed.


While dieting quam varicose varices may be various and delicious . The right choice for the treatment of food with great success. Diet worth sticking to just the selected exacerbations, but at the same time during a remission, and then making a full recovery.


Quam varices in legs varicose the need sports choice, taking into account of the present disease. Even a Little Exercise quam varices in the next stage, for example, the complications that may result in an average speed of normal squats and deterioration of the patient. Scene 1 busy any work they can find, that heavy weight up a step.

How to choose a safe sport?

While sports will not bring quam varices, damage, you need to read, potential damage and possible a profitable profession. This type of exercise that you need to choose the maximum amount which is minimal and the risk of complications. quam varicose varices does not occur at all almost closed. After a while, concomitant disorders that occur in the disease from the beginning:

  • phlebitis;
  • thrombosis and/or embolus;
  • sclerosis, Vienna;
  • aneurysms.

Called Vienna wall Phlebitis inflammation of the pathological changes caused by blood stagnation, decline, vascular tonus.

Aneurysm — vascular under the influence of blood to the head wins this winding. As they look oblongus in the area of the wall. Splash pressure, for example during a jog shuttle or aneurysm rupture. Intramuscular or subcutaneous hematoma of the surrounding tissue that a lot of blood. Latest formation can easily occur around the ulcer by the inflammatory process.

Small spider veins, capillary varices quam encounters long enough and at the end everyone sick. Not, the load should be selected to join a number of unpleasant symptoms intentionally. Quam varices can lead to complications more dangerous sports. embolism — this lumps of coagulated blood and travel freely through the circulatory system.

Clogging can be caused by embolus or thrombus Vienna, if stuck in a tight spot. In this case, phlebitis occurs, inflammation of the wall of Vienna. Danger, obstruction, vascular, such as blood, soft tissue and trails off still looking for the heart to come back. Thus, the burden of the ones vessels non-trapped, constantly increases.

The increased pressure to encourage the formation of new aneurysm. If it is possible to start this vicious cycle, to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, using properly chosen it is a ideal place. Decided to help a number of actions:

  • флеболога visit a competent business expert by disorders of the veins;
  • to the doctor to find out at which stage quam varices;
  • corrected following your doctor's advice health.

Sometimes the body's response such as increasing physical activity guessing it's not expert. Some patients back very quickly, strengthening the walls of their vessels, a continuous progress on the road to recovery.

Change is slow to occur in the other patients, complications in a very stressful class. Sometimes, quam varices crossing the road for an intense workout to a more serious stage. It's easier to do a necessary lesson for hearings to listen to. Doctor day patient care, but флеболога must join at least 1 time a year. Which symptoms, contact your doctor immediately:

  • increased vascular pain, severe burning, aching leg pain;
  • extensive edema;
  • cyanosis (Livor) the ends of the toes;
  • numbness, loss, skin reactions, temperature and tactile stimuli;
  • bleeding can be seen with the naked eye.

Timely medical help without having to remember it's not important obstruction, that causes it to dry out the surrounding tissue of the vascular peak. Oxygen deprivation, excessive carbon dioxide and toxic substances, malnutrition is the result of cell death. Inflammation, necrosis, and circulatory system and then distributed decomposition products, provoking poisoning and sepsis.


In severe cases, due to amputado leg to gangrene. Therefore, carefully to observe very good situation. True a positive result brings a physical effort:

  • leg muscles are strengthened;
  • blood flow returns to normal;
  • blood vessels more elastic, supple and appears healthy;
  • varices passes quam a lighter stage of moving the patient's active recovery.

Consulting the best mode to get флеболога it will be difficult to exercise. Therefore, the inspection specialist.