What happens and how the process is done varicose in the legs?

Varicose veins in the legs, using the drug not always, has a positive effect.

surgery varicose

Treatment running with the arrival of a particularly difficult scene. In this case, surgery is the only option to eliminate pathology.

For many people, an operation, she looks a scary procedure, therefore, they are afraid to go the doctor for a long time relying on any home treatments. This disease continues to progress, and can worsen the patient's condition.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities during the operation is assigned to under the following conditions:

  • if the veins under the skin as a result of physiological pathology enlarged;
  • the disease working varicose veins remedies or folk remedies in a stage now helps;
  • when покровах venous ulcer on the skin;
  • occurring disorders if the patient's vascular circulation which is the result of constant fatigue, pain and weight quickly you feel tired in the legs;
  • in acute thrombophlebitis, if formed;
  • skin lesions of any traffic.

For some patients, surgery may be contraindicated in the legs varicose. Factors, preventative surgical intervention wedding include:

  • hypertension;
  • severe infectious diseases;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • the patient's age (70 years);
  • skin conditions – eczema, erysipelas infection, etc.;
  • second half-term of pregnancy.
An effective and safe treatment option for your operation the most on arrival. A quick solution will be an experienced physician and the patient without the pathology of a disease and was giving him this pain will be back to normal.

Any intervention

The type of surgery is determined by the individual properties of the flow of disease. A completely different approach for a transaction of some sort may be an appropriate person. First, prescriptions, surgery, the doctor examines the shape and symptoms and the possibility of complications.

surgical treatment for varicose veins


The most time-consuming and complex process-high probability of complications associated with a phlebectomy varicose surgery. Her determination in such cases other methods of treatment is capable of features a business center: how long any positive effect here.

During this process, the pubic area in a patient necessarily small (3-5 mm) is cut, through which the affected vessel is connected to a place that flows in a deep vein, then pull it out and examine it foot by using specific probe. Then, on vein removal incision absorbable sutures impose. 1 to 2 hours the surgery, the patient is in the hospital after one day, let him go home.

Phlebotomist kind, such as a minithoracotomy procedure, which cuts and holes made on the body. The transaction in this way to cut skin and less to do травмированием rehabilitation period.

Exoplanets – will arrive in another kind of surgical treatment. In the process of all this process it's not done in Vienna, it was applied completely and only a small patch of the expansion of the arrival. Deletions are made through holes allow the skin to prevent the suture.


A less traumatic method is surgical intervention is considered sclerotherapy. That is, when it is determined with the help of ultrasound, a special substance is injected into the veins expanded in place (sclerosante). This article, glues, into the blood stream of the blood vessels affected them. After this operation, the patient's scar tissue that formed the veins, swelling disappears. The patient no longer torture with the place you live and the severity of pain in the legs, trophic ulcers, they heal quickly.

Sclerotherapy of two kinds:

  1. Echo-sclerotherapy said. The diameter reached 1 cm in the case of applying this process to the affected veins and more. Vienna special device first scanned using a duplex scanner, then, is made under their control puncture, and then injected into a vein sclerosante. This procedure affected the vessel diameter and to reduce the movement of blood back to normal for him.
  2. Sclerosing foam. View the most safe and completely painless sclerotherapy. Injecting a special foam into the affected vein, fills with blood flow in the arteries and suspended him.
For maximum effect, usually to spend a few sclerotherapy treatments. Recurrent varicose then almost disappear.

Laser photocoagulation

hardening of varicose surgery

Surgery varicose veins, laser varicose in the legs is considered the most technologically advanced in the guise of fighting pathological arrival arrival and helps to eliminate 90% of patients. During this procedure , incisions are made that allow you to avoid cosmetic defects and tissue.

Injected into the skin over the puncture guide the laser light, emits light waves. Dissolution occurs under the influence of the patient's vascular. This method is different from recurrence low number of repeated cases, the arrival of emerging training only 5% of patients.

The treatment of varicose veins by the method similar to laser coagulation, radiofrequency contritio. The essence of the diseased vessel, the method effects the microwave, heated on a ship, why her "drinking champagne". This method is a treatment that is regarded as the most simple and painless. To apply it, and in severe cases, vascular reach large sizes.

Possible results and status in the postoperative period

To resolve virtually any operations conducted, varicose veins, foot, go through it safely and in very rare cases complications any reason.

Highest phlebotomist a rehabilitation period and heavy flow may occur, the potential for complications. Remote field may occur in the veins hematoma, the incision can sometimes close in his arms because blood flow in other vessels.

2-3 days after surgery, in some patients, the temperature rises. The reason for this aseptic inflammatory, blood may accumulate under the skin.

If it is going to be a lot of blood accumulated in the veins can occur in lumps, painful to touch. Clusters obtained with a reddish color on your skin, bacterial infection began to say. In this case, emergency admission to hospital may be required.

Other possible complications following the surgery may be:

  • Skin numbness, pain. In case of emergence during the surgery damaged nerve endings. Over time, the pain disappears, and the sensitivity of the skin recovers.
  • Bruises. Phlebotomist traumatica occurs because the process of enough. After a while, usually within a month are completely destroyed. A minimally invasive treatment (laser photocoagulation or sclerotherapy) bruising is almost nothing.
  • Edema. They may appear, if not ill the doctor's prescriptions in the postoperative period – the very act of, physical stress or wearing special clothing to herself.

After surgery, most patients with an active lifestyle. A dangerous phenomenon that may occur as acute lower extremity deep vein thrombosis due to inactivity. To avoid it you need to do a specific exercise, diet, and avoid taking medications thrombosis.

varicose surgery, laser photocoagulation

Rehabilitation after removing the varicose veins of the lower extremities

Harmony plays an important part in the testimony of the doctor during the postoperative period, treatment, and prevention of relapse on arrival. Is recommended for most patients:

  1. A tight bandage to the leg an elastic bandage.
  2. To wear special pressure – underwear- socks or tights.
  3. Not lift weights up to 10 kg, the first six months after the surgery.
  4. Exercise with moderate physical exercise, sports, Hiking, плаваньем, Cycling.
  5. If you have problems with the control of body weight, are overweight.
  6. Don't take the course to be held every year venotonic drugs.
After 3 days, patients of the surgical procedure smoking and alcohol strictly, the sun, lifting weights, take a hot bath and a car.

Leg pain when прооперированной that can help you to a light massagecan be done completely independently.

Recommendations for prevention of recurrence

Even if a surgical problem, which is the arrival, on arrival, was held, and successful, there's always a risk, re-development of the disease. To minimize the possibility of recurrence preventive measures necessary to comply with:

  • lead an active lifestyle – sports, walking in the fresh air often;
  • in a sitting position so that your posture was straight not to put another foot you need to follow these leads to disturbances of venous blood flow;
  • struggle with obesity;
  • tea and coffee consumed moderately;
  • perform foot gymnastics every morning;
  • to give up very tense and tight shoes and clothes.

Arrival – this is a disease even after the complete setup requires dedication to a specific lifestyle.

varicose surgery results

For the first few months after surgery you should not follow preventive measures to survive. It will be so only, the possibility of normalization of the situation and the organism re-development of the disease.