Arrival feet: symptoms and treatment

Leg varicose

Symptoms and treatment the arrival connected with legs. This widespread vascular disease, the accompanying weakening of the valve apparatus. I've heard about arrival of every person, and most people seems to have an opinion expanded blood vessels in the legs. But first you should know about symptoms, diseases and the Prevention of pathology of the rules.

Why thanks occurs thanks to

Lower extremity varicose disease develops under the influence of versatile factors. Pathology of the main reasons:

  • Hereditary predisposition. Congenital insufficiency of the valves connective tissue development are affected. Their functions they prevent reverse blood flow. As a result, developing the internship, and increases the likelihood blood vessels dilated and deformed. clots blood.
  • Features of the Constitution. Excess weight increased the load on the road, Vienna. The walls of the veins loses elasticity and their tone is weak. Excess body weight increases the likelihood pathology individuals, with a maximum of 33%.
  • Lifestyle and character study. Varicose veins appear in a standing position for a long time, excessive physical loads. If you frequently use women's high heel shoes. Destination the reasons involves the use of tight underwear, watches, socks, path, pressure, major blood vessels, spoons and breach, normal blood circulation, lower extremity, insufficient physical activity, a job in the same position.
  • Infringement of hormonal balance. Varying daily amounts of estrogen and the person's blood can lead to decreased vascular tone. Pathology may provoke long-term use of hormonal oral contraceptive during menopause the use of drugs, et al.
  • Pregnancy. Lead for the development of the growing fetus on blood vessels, pressure, stagnation, blood, organs, pelvis and legs.

The reasons for installing, varicose veins, feet and the progression and complications of Pathology will help to avoid the problem.


Varicose disease of the lower limb are close to both women and men. Ile characterised the kinds of degrees and features the following progressive disorders in the legs varicose:

  • Stage compensation. During this period, there is deterioration in the patient's complaints missing. First images — one or both legs vessels visualized advanced clubs in the area.
  • The scene sub-compensation. Complaints visible, leg pain, sensation of bloating, cramping. The foot was swollen, especially at the end of the work day.
  • Insufficiency scene. The patient's condition worsens, you may develop complications — dermatitis, eczema, hyperpigmentation, ulceration food.

A varicose disease classification includes the following varieties include:

  • Local beat. Pathological process segmental veins. Reflux (rocking back blood) is there.
  • Segmental lesion. Visible pathological blood discharge, or communication, which included superficial veins.
  • With superficial venous reflux, a defeat widely. That defeat the entire surface of a suitable vessel arrival manifests itself in men. Usually both feet at the same time.
  • A pathological process of deep vein involvement.

A kind of varicose veins of lower extremities International Classification:

  • Class 0. No complaints and no visible symptoms of the disease.
  • Class 1. Visible venous mesh, spider veins. The first complaints of corruption.
  • Class 2. Visualized dilated blood vessels under the skin.
  • Class 3. As a result, blood stagnation, visible swelling in ankles and legs.
  • Class 4. Because of blood circulation disorder develop symptoms of lipodermatosclerosis.
  • Class 5. Thanks defeat the epidermis occurs, the skin is easily injured, heals the sick.
  • Class 6. Traffic ulcer.

Symptoms and signs

Spider veins legs

The first symptoms to occur in women or vascular telangiectasis varicose foot star. It is extremely difficult to notice them at first only because they are localized and most often the rear surface of the lower leg or below the knee. Then the heels of a shoe or foot for a long time, resulting in violence and a little bump. Typical arrival for fatigue in men foot.

Slowly exacerbated the patient's condition, symptoms, varicose veins visible to the naked eye. The veins become swollen, twisted, and bumpy, bands appear. Reduced skin sensitivity. At night, possible seizures from occurring. Edema is more pronounced.

Arrival leads to the deterioration of blood circulation, lack of oxygen and nutrients to tissue. Middle trophic disorders, skin more soft, smooth, shiny, pale. Foot varicose symptoms male — if the swelling continues, even then a long holiday. Visible, itching, dermatitis.

Training symptoms severe varicose venous ulcers healing in the area of ankles. This threat, process connection and development of the secondary microflora, infectious and an inflammatory process. The development of varicose veins of the leg often complex thrombophlebitis — inflammation of the walls of the arteries. Perhaps the local temperature increase in the area of criminal and low-grade fever.


Are installed in varicose disease according to the results, patient history and visual inspection of the collection. To clarify, the stage of the disease, prevalence, pathological process, properties, blood flow, the presence of collaterals, reflux, condition, apparatus necessary additional examination cover patient.

Lower extremity venous ultrasound

A lower limb you need to do:

  • Duplex scanning, angiography or ultrasound. Get an image that gives you the opportunity to reverse the condition to some extent all extensions and detecting the presence of blood flow in vessels valves.
  • Lower extremity vein using ULTRASOUND contrast. You resulting varicose veins, varicose veins, superficial or deep veins on the legs necessary to establish occlusion venography. A job requires before the surgery, and a method to determine transaction volume.
  • CT or MRI with contrast. A series of images for permission, which is set with cross-vein, the degree of expansion, the cover apparatus situation, the situation de ¤ erler et al.

Destination disease, you need to make the foot, laboratory studies in order to evaluate the rheological properties of blood and other indicators. For this delivery:

  • Blood count. An inflammatory process increases, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, growth rates, leukocyte.
  • Koagulogrammi lupus Angelou's test, increased coagulation coagulation status and the tendency of the Universiade etc to allow you to adjust the blood system.

Treatment how

Varicose veins on their feet men need in a comprehensive manner. Treatment scheme has been developed as given the stage of the disease, prevalence, pathological process, presence of complications, and other factors.

The use of surgery in the early stages of the disease conservative treatment methods varicose. With their help, progression, pathology, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase vitality and elasticity of the veins the blood flow is stagnant to prevent the normal development of events.

The treatment of disease plays an important role in the application of compression stockings. Special hose-socks to provide a variable pressure across the foot does not allow the product to some extent, blood stagnation, the muscles that support prevent the development of oedema. And then one night you need to put them right, getting out of bed. Knitwear, because a single selected person, each product, different compression.

The treatment of varicose which doctor

During the treatment you need as soon as the doctor varicose veins in the legs. For this, the treatment in which the arrival of the doctor. Therefore, in the first place you need to go to a general practitioner or family doctor of this county. Consulting a specialist to give direction for those who want to leave the city himself, then, doctor, are called varicose veins treatments flebologia. This is a narrow specialist, which diseases, of arrival.

If you by a specialist doctor in the outpatient clinic or in the hospital, missing of arrival, treatment, angiologist or surgeon who makes all kinds of vascular pathologies.

If necessary, consult a doctor during surgical treatment varicose veins in the legs-notice, or vascular surgeon. County hospital, dealing with similar problems, general surgery.

Medication treatment

The arrival that can be treated without surgery, is only in the initial stages of the disease. You want to use for this, is a group of the following medicines:

  • Phlebotomist. Affecting blood vessel walls. Increase density, reduce capillary permeability increases and tissue vitality and elasticity is treated with features. Re-normal flow blood vessels to stimulate lymphatic flow.
  • Anticoagulants and antiplatelet Agents. Geology of normalized blood. Him liquefied, prevent the formation of blood clots. Prevention of complications that are used with purpose.
  • Antioxidants. Accelerate the excretion of toxins and other harmful components from the body. Affecting hematopoietic system in a positive way. On the basis of these tools, extract, ginkgo extract, multivitamin complexes.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. Help relieve pain, inflammation, weight, feeling of bloating, edema and other unpleasant symptoms of the pathology. If you must use them, Be Careful, a long time is 10-14 days. The reason for this is that these drugs adversely affected has the ability to cause peptic ulcer disease status and general digestive problems. You can use a split form Nov solution for injection, Tablets, Oral, and rectal suppository.

Varicose veins must Long, in a few months. Compulsory purchase at this time because the phlebotomist was in the summer, the human body, including blood vessels, the lives of an increasing burden.

Effective varicose veins involves the application of ointments and gels for outdoor use. Pathological the arrival field rub them several times a day. Drugs increases micro that contains tissue repair at the cellular level.

Turkish folk remedies how to get rid of the disease

Application includes an outpatient arrival, and folk remedies. You can use them in addition, as conventional medicine treatment .. etc .. etc. Help to get rid of them in a short period of time for arrival — stop progress to improve the health and pathology of a patient.

Treatment of varicose veins in the legs in women by using the following folk remedies:

Horse chestnut tincture
  • Compress the tomatoes. You can use any tomato for this maturity. Multiple fruit peel, place the Rings and the nodes to add expanded blood vessels. After a while, a slight burning sensation should appear in this place, then the compress must be removed, and wash your feet. The arrival with this method at least 2-3 weeks of struggle.
  • Rubbing lemon. Citrus tonic is that it has an effect. Cut a slice of lemon and rub the procedure for the epidermis.
  • Horse chestnut tincture. Medicine fruit for dinner etc .. etc .. to grind glass shell bowl. Up to half, fill with vodka or diluted alcohol. Place the container in dark and cool place to shake. No stopping at least 1 month. 5-10 drops 3-4 times a day etc .. etc .. you need to get medicine. Treatment of varicose veins in the legs, males must Chestnut tincture 2-4 months.
  • Apple cider vinegar 6%. The sound of the car strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promotes edema troubleshooting. Used to the friction on the skin during the procedure on arrival to be made regularly for a few weeks.
  • Compress arrangement. A mild destination helps to clean the legs of the males. You need to take medicine etc .. etc .. for dinner a few leaves on plants, diluted with alcohol and pour the grind. Tool to insist 7-10 days. Magnification for use in a compress — put on a cotton cloth to put a lot of patients veins, top lid, wrap it in a plastic bag and strengthen it. Varicose veins, long-term, in a few weeks. It is desirable to perform the procedure as long as it can act as a remedy for a night.

Before using ways to cure the people of Turkey, arrival, surely a coordinated doctor. Some methods can bring in, the more damaging the better.

Surgical intervention

The arrival curable with surgery is the only way forever. However, any process therefore preferably accompanied by a certain risk of side vessels with a change of expression for reference only. If you are successful through surgical treatment to completely remove the varicose veins.

A destination by considering the treatment of the selected features in the course of the disease. Main methods:

  • Laser removal. Using your problematic veins sealed beam are small. Over time, it is plausible Lumen and the blood circulation stops them. A unique method that is full exposure, damage to surrounding tissues is not. Control is done with the ultrasonic sensor. A safe, less traumatic, does not require special training, is done on an outpatient basis.
  • Sclerotherapy. To remove, varicose veins, a special substance is injected within the vascular Lumen — sclerosante. Medicine .. etc. .. etc. mixing, Vienna, Austria, then her absorption. Intervention without anesthesia, her day will not exceed 30-40 minutes. Then a few days you need to wear special pressure manipulation of the patient's lingerie. Sclerotherapy effective in combating vascular asterisks and small-to-face with a guy with a net, telangiectasia, gnarled ships advanced and severe disease.
  • Miniflebektomia. Applied on the skin small holes clean through, the affected blood vessels. The operation local or general anesthesia. Mini-phlebectomy is used in the fight with winding and broken veins.

More dangerous

Between system pathology vascular diseases. It is easier to notice the veins in the lower extremity of defeat, but the process often spreads to other veins. Varicose veins in the legs in the first place what may be dangerous to carry small pelvis organs in women. This threat, development, complications of pregnancy. Application etc .. etc .. and during this period many drugs is strictly prohibited.

Dangerous varicose veins in the legs, sexual organs in men that can spread this process, especially the widening of the road spermatic cord veins. This threat occurs before male infertility.

SPLIT by increasing the likelihood that other complications are blood clots and blockage of blood vessels lumens. Possible development of phlebitis. The formation of a dangerous disease and venous ulcers. This is an open door to infection, poor healing due to impaired blood flow tissue.


Activities on the elimination of the arrival

To avoid the development of target disease, a young age the need to monitor lower extremity health. Disease, more effective treatment, prevention of foot complications.

It is sufficient that the motor activity is necessary to provide good blood circulation. If a person is living a business for a long period of time, in the same position, warming a little to do on a regular basis. Gotta a responsible approach that you select must be the shoes, short heels (higher than 6 cm), a handy compression leg.

Of thumb weight. Excess weight is one of the predisposing factors, disease. Also, the increased load on the road, blood vessels. Clothes, natural fabrics. Avoid tight underwear trunk vessels tightening to avoid the spoon.

Hygiene procedures during transport, preferably a shower, gives you the ability to change water pressure and temperature. The sound of these tricks in the veins, blood flow to boost.

Preferably, the each day exercise or do sports. Necessarily run, is sufficient to send them back for a time for a few entertainment, swimming pool, walking or cycling.

Before you apply, you should consult the gynecologist only hormonal contraceptives, but phlebologist, delivery, hormone tests. If to change the level of female hormones in the blood, these possible negative effects, the walls of the arteries.