Arrival — causes, symptoms and treatment varicose in the legs

Foot varicose

In this article you with this terrible disease, the lower extremities, such as arrival, as well as the causes, symptoms and treatment on arrival, and also traditional folk remedies.

What are varicose veins normal for a human? This fatigue in the legs, maybe some swelling, bruising, and networks sometimes dark veins. Consider the medical aspects of this disease.

Varicose veins (varices) — enlargement and elongation, arrival (the arteries carrying blood to the heart) of the lower extremities and thinning of the venous Wall them to create node. The nodules are the result of the venous pathology in a region and the same result walls as well as failure them valves due to a genetic defect.

Increased venous pressure during the Transfiguration of arrival.

Arrival will:

  • lower extremity;
  • stomach and esophagus;
  • pelvis;
  • testis and spermatic cord.

The most common place for a the symptoms of the disease — varicose veins, lower extremity, and which today will be discussed.

Today varicose veins which is one of the most common diseases of every 3 women and 10 men. Note extras this disease often starting at a young age — 30-40 years.

Heeled shoes and women's feet

Causes of arrival

Arrival of the main reasons:

  • to stay longer one serious about your business life or a physical position (standing or seated) or continuous ambient temperature is too high;
  • significant increase in body mass index;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • the effect of hormones (pregnancy and hormonal preparations).

Secondary causes arrival

Exit barriers in the blood vessels. There may be obstacles such as: blood clots, uterine tumor.

Stress and nervous disorders. Influence the state of their vessels. There are veins in the wall, the nerve endings to give them flexibility. Exposure to increased pressure, and expands the lumen of vascular tone loses toxins and alcohol.

Blood-venous anastomosis. This may occur due to anastomosis-pressure arterial blood flow cells in the area.

Sport load. Datagate for Risk lovers weightlifting at the gym. If you are arrival a predisposition excessive exercise excessive raise of the foot and violence is prohibited.

Inappropriate clothing and footwear. Very tight for the season such tight jeans, because they can be varicose veins. Also harmful, narrow shoes and high heels. To give preference in the selection of shoes wide base, wider foot less than the base load. Stilettos and balancing, we the topic, a big load of Vienna, and heels to add a grocery store with heavy bags, then they're shooting over there the veins.

For all these reasons contribute to the expansion of veins, increased venous pressure and fracture normal operating venous valves. Which result abnormal blood flows in the veins of lower limb — reflux (reverse blood flow venous superficial vein). Why are they increasing over time, increasing disease the venous system tactics many times.

Correct blood flow in the blood vessels of the foot when the bottom-up in this hand, using several factors: blood to the head, vein, contraction of the foot during movement Nov presence and in his veins the valves, preventing reverse flow of blood. Violation of venous blood flow resulting in B perform the function of inadequacy this causes, the veins. This the blood flow becomes chaotic, stagnant blood vessels of the lower extremities (especially subcutaneous), the air pressure increases, blood vessels to be thin and begins to widen .

Symptoms of varicose

The arrival of symptoms is directly related to the arrival phase of the disease.

Arrival I and Stage II

  • view venous patterns of the foot, lower leg and thigh;
  • heavy feeling legs and swelling;
  • cramps, especially at night;
  • swelling of the feet, after a day;
  • moderate leg pain;
  • increased fatigue.

The arrival of III and Stage IV

Arrival symptoms
  • edema;
  • spider veins (telangiectasia);
  • a different character of the pain (hot, throbbing, itching, Nov pain, walking, pain during venous trunks, general pain and aching limbs);
  • extra long curly varicose veins in the lower legs and feet protruding on the surface of the skin;
  • changes in the skin (skin becomes dry and visible pigmentation, black spots, rhizome scales brown leather foot and then Hawaii is implicit). You can join etc these symptoms: dermatitis, eczema and trophic ulcers with poor healing, such as educational disorder.

Quite rare, but symptoms like bleeding if it is cut, the nodes usually occur at night.


The arrival of complications

On arrival appeared symptoms like fever or malaise may be the stage of a disease has passed, complications.

The arrival of a complication may occur:

  • eczema;
  • skin ulcer;
  • severe venous bleeding at the slightest injury;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • food ulcer;
  • flebotromboz;
  • bleeding destination nodes.

Diagnosis of arrival

If you see the symptoms, varicose veins, or you need to apply a correction to an accurate diagnosis of the decision: to consider, neurologist, surgeon.

Treatments of arrival diagnosis: ultrasonography (ULTRASOUND) or venography.

Lower extremity ultrasound

Varicose treatment

How are varicose veins? The doctor then diagnoses the answer to this question. After all, improves the treatment of varicose veins diagnosis and a positive result is just the right pose.

In contrast, your treating doctor following treatment options:

  • the arrival of ETC medication treatment (cream, ointment, tablet);
  • complex processes, symptoms, and developmental stage of the disease (see the following article in the base);
  • surgical treatment (delete the affected veins).

Money arrival

  • Ointment and cream on arrival

An auxiliary tool and act like them a preventive treatment in the early stages of the disease. They help:

  • to reduce pain;
  • reduce swelling;
  • operations to improve system;
  • increasing the motivation and the vessel wall;
  • back to normal the flow of blood;
  • avoid complications.
  • The arrival of pills

Permission to apply topical medications, localization of the disease when it is prescribed tablets, or as part of a comprehensive treatment on arrival. They help:

  • develop, vascular tone;
  • to remove the inflammatory process;
  • stimulates blood and lymph flow;
  • no mikrozirkulation disorders.

Treatment procedures for varicose

First Endoscopic Laser photocoagulation. Vascular laser doctor patient effects and no stars. Done under local anesthesia. Any reminders about a procedure that is executed on the skin within a few weeks. Arrival is in the initial stages of treatment.

Sclerotherapy. The syringe is filled with adhesive substances into the diseased vein and the blood starts inner vessel and the affected veins will stop working and no glued and healthy. This procedure is not suitable for everyone. Her determination isn't the only site, it's too big.

Ozone therapy. A small needle to inject the ozone, why the vessel lumen and bond. To achieve a certain effect is sufficient for only a few procedures. Vascular applied to resolve the star.

Phlebotomy. Which only removed the affected veins surgical intervention. One day after the surgery go home, but still you need to wear special tights for at least a month or winding leg elastic bandage.

Recommended treatment the treatment of varicose veins in the process of healing the body and knitwear.

Arrival during gymnastics. In your legs will help to remove weight, normal blood circulation and eliminating venous blood internship.

Movement is life. If a sedentary job, try a walk every day. Also recommended, skiing, cycling and swimming. Here's the possible negative impact on the running veins and a good person.

A few sample exercise foot:

  • sitting in a chair, the pressure the legs to each other and their socks for a while, then heel, repeat 15-20 times;
  • leaning both hands (at shoulder height) About into a wall Sock, then the heel, repeat 20 times;
  • breath in a standing position, put your hands up up socks, heel and relax as you exhale to relax, repeat 20 times;
  • the elevator from the ground level sitting on a rotating the other leg, torso, feet, foot, ankle, making small circles in either direction, repeat 15-20 times;
  • get up from sitting, foot both feet at the same time, repeat 15 to 20 times.

Therapeutic knitwear. This type of underwear clothing which helps to improve the condition of affected due to compression of the veins, increases venous blood flow in the blood vessels and the bridge internship. Wearing underwear that is visible only with designated complex therapeutic treated by a doctor as an auxiliary tool.

Healthy feet

Varicose veins folk remedies

Important! The arrival of Canadian public funds necessarily consult a health professional before you apply!

Ready for the arrival of herbal treatment collection

Comment specialist-physiotherapist: herbal treatment (recurrent) some great benefits, for example:

  • fixes recurrent,disease causes of
  • a small number of herbs contraindication (usually this intolerance),
  • herbal treatment has very few side effects
  • there are herbs, vitamins and numerous other beneficial substances in combination, for the treatment of disease as well as contribute to the overall development of the other body as
  • pricing, availability.

Plant ready to offer a solution, already into account the concentration of a particular composition, dosage, priority, etc. The courses are developed by experts — based medicine, his long experience.

The arrival of Turkish folk remedies against other

Kalanchoe feather. Me and a sterile leaf kalanchoe cirrus liter jars (the jar must be half a leaf). Filler 70% alcohol and insist in a dark place for 14 days. Mix the jar before you apply. Every day before bedtime lubricate legs and feet. Already after the first application the pain will go. If varicose started, then 4 months for treatment.

Apple "Antonova". Casting 3 apples 1 liter of boiling water, cover and place in a warm place 4 hours. Forward without removing the apple, their broken solution, stir, and serve. Import by adding 1 tablespoon honey, and porn (50 g) in the morning and before dinner in the evening before going to bed. The tool also cleans the blood, improves sleep and appetite.

Potato. 5 clean fries, and grate. The result is grilled mashed and spread her legs. After 4 hours the pain goes away completely, and then rinse the potatoes and warm water.

Chichewa, horse chestnut. Chichewa 50 gr pour 0.5 liters of alcohol to be soaked for 14 days, shaking the bottle every day. If I miss with a combination mesh and cook 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day before meals with water. Weeks of treatment 2 weeks. Then repeat one more time.

With garlic oil. Take garlic and white peel and mash. Two pieces and stir in butter. This protruding veins, the night and put a bandage to secure it on top of wax paper or a warm scarf. Wash in the morning and something warm to wear and soft on the feet.

Prevention of arrival

Barefoot on the grass

All has been known for a long time – it is better to prevent disease, then treatment. Some life rules to consider, respect, coming, avoid the appearance of arrival:

  • if you do a sedentary job, take a break from time to time. You can do a private gym in the workplace. You try to walk more;
  • if standing, then the full or the exact opposite, whenever you want, for vacation;
  • throw habits give up sitting, his legs crossed, there is;
  • squeeze a lot of things to wear (e.g., very tight jeans, socks tightly linked rubber bands. In general, the women often wearing tight tight pants because in this case the blood circulation is strictly prohibited in the field of urogenital system;
  • not wear tight shoes and constantly heeled shoes (these shoes are rare acceptable – holidays);
  • if you have constipation because of constipation, you shouldn't take chances when the level increases, the pressure of blood circulation in the small pelvis;
  • a bicycle with this;
  • swim a lot of experience;
  • during rest, an elevated position from time to time the village on foot (15-20 cm higher than the heart);
  • try and exercise regularly;
  • weight follow;
  • decrease harmful diet products and desserts, eat more fruit and vegetables, namely products, enriched with vitamins;
  • throw harmful habits (smoking and alcohol);
  • try to take a contrast shower;
  • per day at least 2 liters a day, nor with the dehydration that will save you from unpleasant symptoms;
  • no excessive sunburn, sun and solarium.

Communication in which the arrival of the doctor?

  • Phlebologist.