Details about signs, symptoms and treatment women varicose in the legs

According to statistics, more in the legs afflicted with varicose 72% of all women on the planet. Only one of the symptoms of varicose lightweight, and passed someone running form the disease. We're going to talk about today about the properties obstetrics, arrival – for reasons which will occur how occur, more dangerous. We also respect the testimonials of people with varicose veins and the symptoms you are experiencing how experts reviews of varicose veins, the legs in women.

Veins what happens

varicose veins in women

Blood moves in our body, have stand in a circle. This runs the cut for the entry and movement of blood heart arteries veins. The liquid from top to bottom without running out of Labor – the reason is that the force of attraction. But once you get there, on foot, he turn around and head up through the veins. This is also the problematic of gravity into account.

The motion that is required for this process, the blood has been possible with the right heart, in Vienna must be strong and flexible venous walls and valves, a kind of function block, I have to work like an hour. Layout, is the movement of healthy blood: heart elbow liquid vessels, arteries and heft of contraction in the walls of the blood up, not to give a particular stretch of the valves collapse and a steady stream of blood "slide down". By reducing the flow of blood vessels going to the next is a new site and there are fixed Valve is equipped with the following.

Now let's say for any reason:

  • The vessel wall becomes less flexible and the sound of steel missing under power to raise a large amount in the blood.
  • Valves are "broken" and completely collapse a portion of the venous blood bypassing in the opposite direction.

In this case traffic congestion: arterial blood down to the feet in the same mode, slow wind back to the heart this is your punishment. In one place, "breakdown" begins, he stretches together a lot of blood, visible symptoms the arrival of the blood vessel walls more visible.

What causes illness

Doctors the underlying cause of women development in the legs and varicose veins — hereditary predisposition. If Mom, Dad, Grandma or grandpa, at least some varicose veins on display increased symptoms of this disease with the greatest probability of entrants is a woman. Additionally, a person may not know likely that your arrival on your feet. The disease itself is not only under the influence of some factors. First, the anomaly of the veins that arise woman "upright" professions. Risk such as:

  1. The surgeons.
  2. Dentists.
  3. Barbers.
  4. Sellers.
  5. Grade teacher.

The heirs also why a sedentary lifestyle. Love the ladies especially risk to sit on the other leg or foot in position, pinch of Vienna and the blood flow is disrupted.

Another common cause that can cause varicose veins the legs and hips, and increased intra-abdominal pressure and compression of the veins. While this occurs, a heavy weight, therefore varicose veins usually occurs in women, like gym. Occurs in half of the cases varicose veins during pregnancy. And therefore will occur. just varicose veins in the legs, but the arrival of the pelvic (groin).

Most first signs

Supposedly it's a malady the arrival time is officially there in front of the stage, but the signs of dysfunction the formation arrival. In the examination, the doctor detects the sound of an open deviation the walls of the veins before the arrival phase, the most appropriate for blood is the best choice. At the micro level but are already beginning to emerge the heir, and a woman can be the difference slight symptoms.

Symptoms of arrival of the zero degree is as follows:

  • Tolerant weight in the legs (the sign appears after a long walk or long-term where it is in the same position).
  • However, a noticeable bump of the foot at the end of the day.
  • Appear from time to time, tingling or cramping in the legs (appeared suddenly and passes quickly).

On arrival at this stage, most of the women easy and to take the necessary measures without any serious treatment. Gymnastics, routine foot massage and compression – all prevention activities that can help the veins returned to normal, but unfortunately, very few people pay attention to the symptoms you choose to make it import them on the head.

Girls clear signals have veins problems

At the next stage arrival women primarily in the legs is characterized by external symptoms: formation, of swollen veins in the legs increases very quickly with the arrival blue color (in severe forms, they'll be purple). The color changes, in addition to palpable Vienna begins under a leather cover (in the form of compressed tubercles).

Varicose veins in the legs there are women just the external symptoms. The testimonials of patients that you will see if you honor the woman's arrival, almost all the complaint of the following symptoms:

  1. Pain, a burning sensation and heaviness in the legs.
  2. Foot numbness.
  3. A diminished skin sensitivity contained within the body part of the patient.
  4. Feeling skin crawling chills.
  5. Often cramps in the legs.

Sad results

If varicose veins run in the legs, then the symptoms will be extremely painful. The venous expansion will be very large – you will be able to walk with bare feet. Big bulging spider veins bunch venous back". Any injury they will burst and bleed and pus. Severe pain, burning sensation, cramps in the legs and a disturbed woman, physical activity and rest. Would be difficult to move.

Long-term symptoms may occur blood flow abnormalities, dermatitis, eczema and other pathological changes of skin and subcutaneous tissue. In most cases, the Target employee is a visible sores on its own feet, leg and thrombosis. Treatment of this pathology is very difficult, and extremely painful symptoms they bring not good, that is the case and excessive treatment in the early stages of arrival.

The first symptoms treatment

varicose treatment

If you have feet varicose, symptoms can be treatment you can try at home with a special Los Angeles lingerie, socks or tights. In the early stages of eliminating the use along with specific products that help get rid of a disease is the cause as without the drug heiress.

Compression stockings and tights to the principle of movement harness. The loser will head where you want to create the sound they develop and Vienna blood. Of experts judging such a Underwear helps to protect the vessels in the desired position, it's not warming them more. We would like to draw your attention just at home, the treatment, varicose veins, pantyhose and socks is effective only to the degree a minimum of. It is only necessary to apply a strong compression of the product with a doctor's permission.

Other treatment methods that you can use at home? Women using folk remedies to cure itself the main varicose veins in the legs. Write a review about the languages people tools:

  • Friction foot, horse chestnut tincture, plantain, chamomile, onion peel, or stinging.
  • Warm compresses, bandages, a wet tea leaves or oak bark infusion one strong suck.
  • Foot aloe juice or friction arrangement.
  • Consolidation foot apple cider vinegar (it must be diluted, why, burning sensation).

In other ways, how treatment of varicose public ways in the various blogs that you can read about here, different people, real reviews different treatment methods. For example, it says a lot how treatment at home with the early arrival of anatomical pillows.

Caution: drug treatment that works people money instead of a destination. The symptoms of the disease are very clear, unfortunately, without treatment, not pills and ointments.

Tools for medical help

The arrival of a serious foot should start treatment veins drugs. The doctor has a therapeutic effect for women with prescription drugs in the first place. Narrowing of the Lumen and the venous valves legs veins these treatments for the purpose of recovery studies.

Summary: A woman appears varicose veins in the legs, often for a variety of reasons. The disease does not occur at a better time to draw attention to prevention can make at home. You again gave the same symptoms, to know about yourself, then self-treatment is only in its early stages. Most significant tools medicamentul can be treated only the symptoms of the disease doctor will choose.