Instructions for use Varicobooster

Arrival conditioner application properties Varicobooster

How to apply a cream Varicobooster

Related instruction, melisa Varicobooster different use cases, for purposes of the dependent drug use:

  • Tool arrival to avoid if the cream needs to be applied times a day for 12-15 days. Light massage movements to be made to the vehicle after application, the contents are absorbed completely by the skin.
  • If you eliminate the symptoms by using a drug, arrival (mesh of the arteries to the foot), then the regular application depends on the severity of the diseases (cream average 2-5 times a day). The rate of treatment the duration of Use 1 month (a disease that has the symptoms you need to follow).

To avoid habituation and the manufacturer strongly recommends allergic reaction. more more ointment to the affected area 5 times a day. The cream is absorbed quite quickly because it is possible to use the car anywhere and the clothes soils. The subject application is not lost in the period of leg muscles and the elasticity of balsam Varicobooster preferably, began to exercise and physical activity (squats, jumping, stretching, etc.), as well as a large walk.

It should be noted that you cannot use cream within a few months. Treatment for a hiatus after 2-3 weeks of arrival needed to make a scene, running the applications of conditioner each month Varicobooster. To prevent recurrence of the disease, preferably in a cream as a preventive measure six months (12-15 days a course like this for a while).

Indications and contraindications cream Varicobooster

Melisa Varicobooster a unique vehicle developed by leading scientists. Use of this medication in the following situations:

  • a варикозе varying degrees of severity;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • developing injury due to a lump;
  • after treatment of thrombosis;
  • if you have a hematoma in the leg muscles;
  • if you have vascular "star";
  • during rehabilitation surgery.

Because of the cream Varicobooster available only in natural herbal ingredients, of people who can apply it any gender and age. The only contraindications, intolerance and allergic reactions, any special article.

If you are unsure of any allergies on the composition of the components required to make a specific instance of sensitivity. To perform in this house. For this, the necessary Salve for Skin Treatment phase and day. If changes were seen, then a cream that you can use with confidence. If it begins to feel itching and burning sensation, redness visible on the skin, application Varicobooster value.

Also contraindications, application, balsam regularity limitation (up to 5 times a day), otherwise it starts to feel itching, visible redness and rashes on the skin.