Treatment, arrival (arrival)

Under varicose veins, or varicose veins, IMA pathological process, excessive demands, to fill with venous blood flow. In this case, the venous wall is thinner in the formation and excessive surgery usually with the appearance of a specific node in a doctor's office, or the veins of the cone.

What are the general treatment principles arrival?

varicose veins

Affect this process, and various localization in Vienna – esophageal, hemorrhoidal veins of the spermatic cord. But more often, this pathology of the lower extremity veins from developing.

Because of these features, the structure and functioning of arrival in a particular anatomical region. Exactly the lower extremities, especially the legs, experience, maximum static and dynamic load.

This goes in the direction of the venous blood upward against the force of gravity. Chest get through this study, the pumping function of the heart, Nov tension, aperture, the presence of the lower extremities, as well as specific flat-Nov formations – Gov. shelled valves. These valves prevent reverse flow of venous blood.

Lower extremity superficial and deep venous network of Vienna is presented. Under the influence of various precipitating factors (obesity, endocrine disorders, "stand-up" nature of the business, pregnancy) develop deep vein valve failure outgoing Gov. overflow.

Excessive blood superficial vein is reset. As a result, the superficial veins in dollars and blood, stretches their walls, resulting in increases in length, visible pathological disease with the presence of a specific node. So the arrival of the disease.

Treatment of varicose disease is aimed at:

  • Strengthen the vessel wall
  • Healing valves Gov.
  • The problem with local inflammatory findings as eczema and dermatitis
  • Improving venous blood flow, blood circulation in the lower extremities
  • Strengthening muscles sticks
  • Warning disease complications varicose – vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and venous ulcers

Types of treatment


The use of drugs in the treatment of the order of arrival, but conservative treatment for varicose. The main emphasis, a drug that will cure medical group, the empowerment, the venous wall.

Least effective of the fruit extract, horse chestnut. Between for drug treatment, on arrival, is a vitamin that plays an important role. One of them is vit. P (routine), it also strengthens vascular walls.

Tablet complexed with vitamin P ascorbic acid (vit. With).

In general, the arrival of drugs and drug therapy to combine to combine injection moulds for internal and external usage. Between ointments and gels that are used with the last group of steroid anti-inflammatory means (NSAIDS). In addition, inflammatory NSAIDS reduce the risk of blood clots is also an important destination.

Compression therapy

Compression (crushing) narrowing of the lumen of the veins them. This accelerated venous blood flow, are eliminated, and the congestion of superficial veins.

A simple type of compression – tight bandage, elastic bandage, foot switch with foot on the grounds of a workout, Drumstick and thigh.

This is important, there was tours bandage, flat and overlapping the next at least 2/3 of each type of previous. Recently, I refuse to wear an elastic bandage slowly. The thing is, it appeared more effective, convenient, and Aesthetic Devices produced as custom stockings, socks and even boots.

Physical therapy

Showing the arrival procedures between treatment for physical

  • darsonvalization,
  • magnetotherapy,
  • electrophoresis,
  • phonophoresis,including
  • UHF,
  • electrical stimulation Nov.

During these procedures, the strengthening of lower leg muscles, arteries, improvement of the venous wall, valves, Gov.. However, these methods are contraindicated in cases where it is accompanied by a marked pain of varicose veins. Cannot implement them and any skin pathological processes, including traffic and ulcer.

This can be connected to methods of physiotherapy, and treatment (oxygen, mineral bath, mud as well as holiday accommodation.


varicose treatment

Exercise therapy -physical therapy culture. Accompanied by moderate exercise and strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities, Gov. efforts for the improvement of the valves, in turn, facilitates venous output.

Between the workout – weight and flexion of the foot, knee, rifts with stockings and heels. Effective treadmill, on-site can go for a swim in the swimming pool.

The arrival of a physical therapy thrombotic complications is not indicated. Also desirable jumping, skiing, play sports, and halter classes.

Folk remedies

Perhaps, all of the tools in the arsenal of traditional medicine in the city of rich treatments varicose veins.

This is mainly in the form of plants used in infusions, decoctions, compresses. This is used as a ponytail, kirlangicotu, hops, Nettles.

Folk recipes for the treatment demand and the arrival of certain foods – potatoes, honey, vinegar, apple, vegetable oil and butter.

Needless to say, just in addition to folk remedies for the treatment of arrival should be considered an accepted procedure. However, it is completely ignored, we need this kind of treatment.

Some folk remedies, for example, the horse chestnut, the best I have found an application in the production of modern drug therapy arrival.

Leech therapy

Another unusual treatment through leeches. The slug reduces the substance of saliva, blood clots and therefore prevents clotting veins. The article also an anti-inflammatory effect.

Additionally, harvest, Leech blood reduced blood flow veins. It should be noted, that are used only for disposable medical leech therapy Leech, the danger of destruction in terms of infectious complications.


The arrival of the classical method of surgical treatment of the foot, one is to remove the superficial subcutaneous veins extended plots.

Trauma though this process is low, only in extreme cases when the above conservative measures are ineffective cure him running arrival.


A relatively new treatment, varicose veins, lower extremity. A special substance is injected into the vein of the esophagus, which is his essence extended.

The expanded esophageal veins and glued him to the wall of the lumen of axons on each other is reduced.

As a result, in place of Vienna painless fold. A few introductions necessary to achieve a result in a special item.

This method of treatment requires experience and skill, a doctor, a he carries. A similar effect is achieved through laser coagulation sclerotherapy. In this case, ligaments, vessels under the influence of the laser beam.

Treatment for varicose disease is almost never used, it is not simply any of the above methods. For example, therapeutic exercise must be combined with drug therapy, and physical applications.

Compression sclerotherapy is a tool that should be used, and not necessarily then. In any case, you need to define their order of arrival and treatment methods a doctor – the narrow expert, engaged in treatment of venous pathology.