What reticular varicose veins in the lower extremities?

Reticular varicose veins are seen in many adult human. Do you have a disease that manifests itself in diseased vessels, the therapeutic effect of the effective methods?

What is this?

reticular varicose veins

Reticular (Latin reticulum — band) grill or varicose, but varicose reticular pathology and disease form a separate species, her first scene. A typical extension for him, a small intradermal, the emergence of surface vessels and telangiectasis.

Telangiectasia – visible extended this plexus under the skin of 0.5-1 mm arterioles, mammal, painting with red spots and capillaries, it will show itself in the form of a grid in the form of cyanotic recalling dropline, arachnids plexus, stars.

Diagnosis the disease is more frequently in women. According to the results of medical research, has identified varicose veins on the net, 35-45% female) and 15-20% adult male.


The main reason for the development of the disease:

  • reduction, elasticity and density of the vessel wall;
  • crushing process, the circulation of the blood;
  • insufficient venous valves business.

Factors which causes the veins to change between features.

  • for a while carrying a child, specifically 5-9 months of pregnancy due to increased blood volume, the increased load in the blood vessels, feet, crush, abdominal vascular and the growing uterus;
  • hormonal "bursts" during pregnancy and menopause;
  • hereditary predisposition to weakness of the venous wall due to deterioration in the structure of connective tissue;
  • excessive weight gain, body mass index 27 kg/m2, the likelihood of pathology increases to 30%;
  • stay up with long-standing business activities, sitting down, lifting and carrying a periodic lifting (movers, athletes, heavyweights, vendors, barbers, travellers);
  • wearing, corset, belt, boost pressure into the peritoneal, tight jeans with a pair of tightening of the blood vessels in the region, in the groin;
  • long-term usage of corticosteroids and hormonal birth control pills;
  • diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dermatological diseases, including rosacea;
  • trauma, extremity fractures;
  • excessive and prolonged sun exposure, smoking,;
  • low amounts of dietary fiber cause long-term constipation, contributed to the expansion of veins, low-nutrient – weak vein walls.


During the initial phase of the basic symptoms between reticular varicose:

  • view bluish-red telangiectasia — point, star, mesh patches of different sizes and brightness frequently detected in the ankles, below the knee, thigh, then they faded print, but now it is shown again;
  • weight, tension in the calf muscles, fatigue, walking.

A disease develops symptoms:

  • increase distribution of clean skin telangiectasis-scale capillary;
  • bloating, feeling of tingling in the legs, "goose bumps" (paresthesia);
  • Nov leg cramps during night sleep or in the morning;
  • pulling pain;
  • weak swelling of the feet, calves, ankles, evening and in the morning disappears;
  • site extensions reticular veins itching on the skin;
  • combustion, in line with the affected vessel;
  • pain during the calf muscles tightening;
  • gradually subcutaneous veins bulging, education bugrov size of 2-4 mm;
  • brownish or whitish spots as manifestation progresses, dilated blood vessels, swelling, redness.

If detection of activity because it's been done in Time, him and the problem the causes of the disease the first symptoms of pathology, the stage passes to the expansion-resistant vessels. In this case, nodes that occur under the skin, the vascular, blood vessels winding into the boat causes the pain.

The progression of the disease-threatening effects – acute thrombophlebitis, sores that do not heal, development, venous insufficiency, bleeding, thrombosis.


Definition of reticular varicose is not difficult, expert. The prevalence of abnormal process violation, the degree of appreciation, hemodynamic (blood circulation), blood that flows, velocity distribution of thrombosis symptoms occur, they use the hardware diagnostic methods:

  • ultrasonography;
  • bidirectional procedure;
  • ultrasonic Doppler blood vessels;
  • radiological, radionuclide methods.


causes of arrival

Treatment immediately after diagnosis of the disease in the chronic phase jump avoiding the net of the heirs, complication.

Dental disease is a sign of the most therapeutic ways patient relaxes. Pathology a doctor for treatment you need to keep a comprehensive eye exam to find the root cause of poor blood vessels and blood flow abnormalities.

Compression socks

A clear destination or subcutaneous disease patients and healthy people with a passion for grids you need to buy compression stockings, socks. And treatment the goal of treatment is an important part of the engine.

Compression socks designed to create different areas of different pressure foot.

Great puts a lot of pressure, ankle, difficult because the blood rises. Socks compresses and supports advanced ships help blood eliminating internship. Cargo vessels decreases almost 2.5 times less compression in this area because of the hip.

A soft squeeze veins prevents continuous expansion, normalizes the micro, swelling and prevents clogging of the gaps in history every 6 months.

Other treatment methods bezoperatsionniy

Among the other common conservative methods of treatment net the arrival of micro-sclerotherapy and laser photocoagulation.

Micro-sclerotherapy – the most common method telangiectasis and reticular veins back to the problem. Vascular needle is inserted in the incision without procedure special ingredients that you use. Substance that causes micro-damage to the inner walls of the veins, or capillaries. Enlarged of injury, narrowing of the inner Lumen. The connective tissue formed the floor of an old vessel on the plot (according to the type of wound), a self-10-12 months to resorb.

Sclerosing liquid is injected into a vein, over time, the technique applied liquid composition, information or more progressive — foam-form sclerotherapy (foam). A second arrangement in which a valid solution micro-foam spreads better to the affected ship.

The procedure is usually spending under control process with the security camera duplex color scanner.

Laser photocoagulation of the vascular – protective and at the same time provides an effective method removal procedure is quick, bloodless, without affecting healthy tissue. Intervention under ultrasound control.

A doctor patient skin over the veins with a catheter Lumen puncture thin laser optical. Under the influence of high temperature laser beam to the diseased wall of the vessel sealed.

Sclerotherapy and laser coagulation of the vascular branching session continues regardless of the number every 15 to 60 Minutes. 2 to 5 treatment sessions that are required as a result of distinctive.

Treatment sclerotherapy and the laser beam to pass, is performed under local anesthesia, usually outpatient. Abandoned the patient to the clinic after 2-4 hours. Compression bandage after the procedure the treated area is placed in 4-10 days. To wear compression socks in 7 to 30 days. In 2-4 days the patient returns to normal life.

Recommended 3-4 months after treatment:

  • drink 2-3 litres to save the fluid properties of blood;
  • taking all medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • neglect compression Jersey Long-Term hiking, stay standing or sitting at work;
  • walk a lot;
  • high heels give up.

Way to treat reticular arrival see more 3 other treatment methods.

  1. Radio frequency obliteration vein (EVRF technical, RFO). The radio wave radiation generated by the medical device, hard a limb catheter. Vienna affixed to the wall under the influence of radio waves, the advanced a ship is lost, and his spot on the fabric in the form of solved.
  2. Congestion pairs of thermal micro-pulses (technical SVS). French developed this technique type. Processing the lumen varicose veins, hot steam, a catheter that is entered into with reference conditions. Steam to penetrate difficult access, anatomically curved vascular branches, contraction and "sticking together" of the capillary movement.
  3. Method of treatment with biological glue (Venaseal) – new highly effective and gentle way. During the initial phase of the most common treatment for reticular veins and extensions. The syringe and injected through the catheter under ultrasound control the ship with the help of a special adhesive. Vienna shrinks dramatically, is adhered to the wall. The vein immediately under the skin, the grid disappears. You do not need to wear compression stockings after the procedure when small ships. Allergic reactions are eliminated, as a special glue, is a natural product.

Surgical treatment

varicose treatment

Phlebotomy – varicose veins of the lower extremities during the operation. To spend time reaches 10 mm, a diameter of the enlarged vein.

Using small incisions, the surgeon removes a surface ship, a wrap and cut. The surgery under local anesthesia. Intervention is done, that does not leave cosmetic defects with minimal tissue damage.

Public treatment

An additional recipes for use in the medical treatment of reticular varicose home treatment. The use of tools coupled with a good outcome Drugs, pharmacy chains, ointment, wearing compression stockings, especially during the first phase, telangiectasis.

  1. Young ripe unpeeled Chestnut fruits (50 g), finely chop and leave in a glass of boiling vodka for 20 days. To get to the cottage for 3 weeks, then three times a day, 15-20 drops. Then again can be a 2-week break.
  2. Wash the leaves of cabbage and put cold in 24 hours. Imposed on leaf and wrap tight dry skin of the affected region before going to bed. Day treatment every 1-2 months.
  3. The volume of dormant Birch buds dry the jar 0,5 l 1/3. She insisted on the edge of vodka 10 days. Tincture of plots with soft soil telangiectasia.


To avoid this, the subcutaneous "star" recommendations you should follow:

  • not weight with a carry bag products including;
  • not to take a hot bath, saunas not to join;
  • wear tights or stockings with elastic for compression;
  • often at home keep your feet horizontal in the raised position;
  • sitting while working, to create the conditions had the lower extremities in a horizontal position every 2-3 hours and 10 minutes of Dec a special gymnastics to enable blood flow;
  • move more, do not walk, more work;
  • contrasting a bath or shower to make the foot;
  • a healing ointment for use a warning for venous changes, acceptance, phlebologist and vascular Tonus and recommendations to strengthen medical;
  • swim in the pool with warm water;

The need for adjustment to diet, to get rid of excess body weight, quit smoking.