Arrival during feeding: features and rules

Basic nutrition rules are called varicose veins increase the effectiveness of treatment. About, and cannot be eaten diseases, varicose veins, we we're going to talk about today.

Special purpose power

arrival while dieting

Chronic pathology therefore requires an integrated approach. Besides, proper nutrition is the Prevention of all the instructions of a doctor must. Wearing a compression garment, the middle dose of physical load.

The diet aims to:

  1. Strengthening blood vessel walls. Food rich in vitamins and trace elements, contribute to low permeability and elasticity to the vessel wall, has anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Reduce blood viscosity. Blood thinners prevent blood clots, avoid dehydration is recommended to observe the drinking mode.
  3. Reduction of the tissues swelling. Helps resolve the problem of nutrition in the body, with water retention, a main cause of edema.
  4. Normalization of the intestine. Toxic substances stored in the body because of the regular constipation have a negative impact on Vienna. As a result, a growing burden, blood vessels and pressure in the lower extremity/pelvic organs.
  5. The fight with overweight. To provoke extra pounds the increased pressure of blood in the channels, what a great arrival of trigger factors.

Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle in a short time re-skin and bones, Vienna.

You need to follow a diet and post-treatment minimally invasive methods. I have most of the pathology is back once again. Improper nutrition bad habits and the most appropriate environment for recurrence.

Principles of nutrition

Creating a menu The Doctors Posts:

  • the patient's age;
  • weight;
  • life;
  • inheritance;
  • passion for allergies.

A diet based on a used product, promoting blood circulation, improve lymph flow, obstacle, obstruction. Correctly education a balanced diet that will prevent inflammation of the blood vessels.


Health is considered to be useful for vessels:

  • routine;
  • fiber;
  • bioflavonoids;
  • copper;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium etc.

The table of useful vitamins and trace elements

Beneficial ingredients The impact on the rest of the body Where is it located
Vegetable fiber Increases, stimulates digestion and constipation Bran, grain, vegetables, fruit
Vitamin C Thins the blood, reduces inflammation of blood vessels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels Cranberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, apple, currant, gooseberry, Greens
Vitamin E Nov protects membrane damage Wheat germ, vegetable oils, nuts, eggs, lettuce
Bioflavonoids The cell membrane'm stabilized collagen synthesis, increase flexibility, blood channel Yesil tea, wheat, strawberries, citrus
Zinc Normalizes blood viscosity, participates in the production of blood Eggs, pine nuts, beef, liver, and soybeans
Omega-3 fatty acids Preserves help reduce damage to blood vessels, cholesterol Seafood, spinach, vegetable oils, liver, fish oil, fish
Silicone In synthesis, elastin and stimulate collagen, strengthen the walls of blood vessels Beans, wheat, rice, wheat, oats, soybeans, grapes
Copper Prevents thinning and widening the blood vessels, elastin synthesis takes place in Seafood, seaweed

Giving a diet that fascinating

Positive effects of blood channels:

  1. Meat — chicken, veal, rabbit. Preferably, meat, baked, steamed. Arrival and a useful beef liver. It is better to give here is pork fat.
  2. Fish and seafood – shrimp, squid, mussel – an excellent alternative to meat dishes.
  3. Vegetable. Cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets – these products should be the core of the daily diet during health problems on arrival.
  4. Grain long brown rice, wheat. Possible to ensure the body with the necessary energy. Contains vegetable fiber and trace elements.
  5. Marine algae. Contains minerals, positive effects of rescue ships.
  6. Dried fruit. Dried apricots and prunes containing a large number of a variety of trace elements, including potassium and magnesium contribute to liquefaction and strengthen blood, Vienna. Are the perfect replacement for desserts.
  7. Spices. Turmeric, ginger and thyme to improve the features that help you have components in the composition of blood.
  8. Sea. Feed your body omega-3. With their help cholesterol plaques in blood becomes positive effects melts.
  9. Nuts and legumes. Contains vitamin E in combination, digestible proteins of vegetable origin.
  10. Fruits and berries. Positive effects such as breathing is a source of vitamin C
  11. Sprouted wheat. In addition, it helps clean the body, contains amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins.
  12. Olive oil. Contains abundant vitamin E oil will be enough, can be added to salads.

What is forbidden

proper nutrition a destination

Who arrival to get rid of should be avoided:

  1. Roasted meat. This formulated the body's cholesterol. Blood more viscous, flexible, non-heavily promote the veins to the heart.
  2. Mayonnaise. Better to use milk when cooking sauces. Will make them more helpful and the food more delicious.
  3. Boxed fruit juices. Almost does not include a useful food. Therefore prepare yourself better than them. Acidic fruit juices very good quality water ratio of 1:3. Thus, the body will get the necessary items without damaging the stomach.

Are dangerous:

  • alcoholic beverages. Why edema, contribute to the formation of thrombus. In the treatment of many interested in the topic, can I get arrival drink, alcoholic beverages, and energy. The answer is no, they may worsen the course of the disease;
  • strong coffee and tea. These drinks make the blood more viscous, substantially increases the pressure;
  • smoked foods. To contribute to the development of inflammatory processes;
  • salt. Different salting, pickling, why swelling of the legs;
  • carbonated drinks. To contribute to the development of the legs varicose;
  • sweets. Excessive use of them can cause excess weight. This also leads to the development of a serious disease that vessels.

Also you should give up, semi-finished products, canned food, hamburger, spices. They contain natural ingredients in its composition.

Features drinking mode

To observe the mode of drinking the blood circulate better. You want to calculate the amount of water that is: about 40 milliliters of water for each kilogram of weight.

Therefore, you need to drink a minimum of 60 kg and a 2.4 liter a day of the girls.

There is an opinion, the treatment, the specified norms the concept that varicose less drinking water, soup, fruit juices, tea. This is a misconception. The products that are listed the available ingredients, on the contrary, the obstacle of the blood liquefaction.

Very solid dehydrating teas and coffees. Therefore, better drink, compote, fruit drinks, herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices.

Optimal calorie

Calorie Norm to be on a diet of 30 kcal / kg weight. A woman so consumed 1800 kcal until the weight of 60 kg.

If needed, the in reducing weight 1200 kcal for women, 1500 will be the norm for men.

Special instructions

All diet weight reduction for the arrival, because many people know, this disease is more common than fully human. For this reason, when creating the menu should be all the components that contribute to the formation of oedema, lower extremity.

Most of the diet should be fresh vegetables and fruits. You need to cook a meal, roast or boil a couple.

To remove products in the composition of the fiber and protein help with the swelling. This fruits, milk and milk products, grain, grain, bran.

For lunch frequently and small portions. Value is a day of fasting several times a week to edit. During this period, give preference to eating and to limit the costs of water, fruit juices, juice drinks, tea and Yesil.

A power sample menu arrival

You can nearly create a menu this way:

  1. Breakfast. Porridge water or milk. Chopped fruits and berries to complete him.
  2. Second breakfast. Yesil salad and tea.
  3. Lunch. Soup or salad with fish and boiled vegetables.
  4. For afternoon tea. Yogurt with fruit or berries.
  5. Dinner is served. Rice or buckwheat porridge with vegetables or fish dealer.
  6. 3 hours before going to bed drink a cup of milk, yogurt, or pudding.

Proper diet that aims to be a destination during weight normalization. This includes:

Breakfast 150 grams of bread and cheese, a small sandwich, fruit and half a glass of juice.
Second breakfast A fat-free yogurt or Yesil tea.
Lunch The fish in the oven with a side dish of grains or vegetables.
Afternoon tea Fruit or vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil.
Dinner Tomato soup and black bread or dinner, cheese and eggs.

Remember, you must coordinate your diet with your doctor. He says which products suitable for you.