How the arrival of Laser Hair Removal?

Varicose laser treatment — this advanced, reliable and less traumatic method. The beauty of this illness and pathology gives you problems, the carrier of the danger to human health the contribution of changes in venous vessels. This thrombus formation probability, at any time, I put it down, and then death occurs. Laser therapy helps to overcome in the early stages of arrival and made an excellent aesthetic result.

Indications and contraindications

varicose laser treatment

An excuse, to perform an operation the lower extremities by subcutaneous varicose veins using a laser. Laser therapy is used when the increase should be the proper progression in their mouth more than 1 cm without the presence of steep fractures and branching vessels of them entry — to be healthy or slightly improved. Such a treatment gives a positive effect only at an early stage of the disease, if the heir apparent to a minor degree.

Laser therapy that demonstrates in a small area, so not possible adverse effects on surrounding tissue. Do not use him, damaged blood vessels, they occupy a large area. This method of varicose veins and deep vein showed its inefficiency.

List a contraindication to laser treatment devices include:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • intake, hormones, drugs,;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • inflammatory and purulent processes in the lower extremity;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • elastic compression intolerance.

Though wedding contraindications, surgical intervention, direction rid of varicose veins enough, but they are specific and special review.

How does a laser coagulation procedure

Thanks to a clinical trial, the therapeutic domain wall and the gentle provided by a hardware selector Vienna. Do not allow cold laser, heat, blood, and more the formation of blood clots.

Extension begins with the removal and tagging in the lower extremities vessels veins. Venous ultrasound is done the marker device and marking the affected mesh. To enter this manipulation that allow for more unobtrusive then a hole (diameter 3 mm) led.

Once it is done, is the protein most commonly used for local anesthesia, but can be applied, and other anesthetics. This decision is an anesthesiologist. When you create tasks such a procedure include anesthesia, surgical area in the protective sheath. Done anesthesia with a thin needle under ultrasound control.

After that, the operation itself. The doctor takes the strength of best mode and effect on the affected area. Puncture is injected into a vein over disposable led. If you pull him every time the transaction takes place, the walls of the arteries laser pulse. This way, their bond. A person usually feel anything during the surgery or a slight tingling feeling.

Effects laser treatment varicose

Post-complications, laser devices, in rare cases arrival is coming. These results include the following processes:

  • the formation of blood clots;
  • development of inflammatory processes;
  • pus;
  • burns to the dermis;
  • the accumulation of blood under the skin;
  • bruising.

For the first two days after the treatment along pain syndrome can be seen in the legs, especially in Vienna, which performed the surgery. Handle with care sutures at the surgical site during rehabilitation. On top of that bandages. Stitches and bandages are not processed in time if, instead of fresh, the wounds can make it worse.

In the postoperative period

varicose treatment

Use compression, lower extremity varicose veins laser treatment after a holding period necessarily rehabilitation, lower extremity. When completed, the laser process, is deleted when the affected veins, compulsory medical protection, elastic bandage.

Then change the bandage pressure special lingerie. Thanks, compression develops when the leg veins deep in the blood of the superficial veins extend to the end. Special to wear stockings, tights or stockings every day required. After surgery, it is forbidden for me to take their photo even applies.

In the postoperative period must meet some simple rules. Arrival laser interference troubleshooting then man should act. It is recommended to walk at least 1 hour. To give the required period of visit:

  • solarium;
  • sauna;
  • spa salons.

The Forbidden exercise in the gym. Arrival occurs prophylactic treatment, active and a healthy lifestyle. After treatment is completed, the man:

  • eat right, and for controlling weight;
  • give up alcohol and cigarettes;
  • walking and cycling as you do.

Doctors, exercise, develop, and elasticity of the veins.


Laser treatment varicose total price with the help of the following factors:

  • doctor's advice;
  • pre-ultrasound;
  • anaesthesia;
  • the difficulty, surgical intervention;
  • postoperative observation is a doctor.

Cost of laser devices, the arrival and effects of the disease development, the lesions and the localization of their power.