Varicose of the lower extremities during gymnastics

Varicose veins of the lower extremities is a fairly common disease, especially among women, and it's a great age. Of arrival can be integrated into the treatment. One of the important components — the arrival must be made in accordance with all the rules during this exercise. Consider them in learn more. But first tell me a little bit to disease.

Determining the arrival of

varicose veins of the lower extremities

Arrival bright enough and easy identification of symptoms. The symptoms of the underlying disease are as follows:

  • the pain in the lower extremities;
  • because at the end of the day foot;
  • vein and bulge on the skin of the foot seal;
  • foot blue skin color;
  • the feeling of a constant weight.

The cause of these symptoms is already at least one sound the alarm. Varicose veins cause discomfort, not just the legs — that could be why the extensive expansion, varicose veins, circulatory disorders, the development of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. If left untreated, the disease, the swollen veins burst and cause bleeding. There will be situations due to bleeding and even fatal results, especially in advanced cases of arrival.

Usually can be integrated into treatment, and such methods includes:

  • Drug application;
  • For use in ointments and creams;
  • Vitamins;
  • Special exercises in the legs varicose.

The main purpose of treatment — healing vascular. Helps stimulate healthy blood vessels-varicose veins and other problems related to how a number of diseases.

Yield arrival at the gym

Varicose of the lower extremities during exercise helps to ensure normal blood and lymph circulation. They encourage, but also to stagnant liquid and accumulate in the legs in response. This pressure reduces, Vienna and condition is normal.

From the back also arterial blood flow stimulation, blood vessels in the lower extremity. Vienna's lost earnings increase the health and flexibility of . The arrival during gymnastics helps to eliminate the venous veins in the legs and the affected stars in the guide. Healing, peripheral circulation helps to improve the condition of the lower extremities and body in general.

Doing these exercises of a destination by foot, like stick suggestions:

  • No to the feet immediately, a strong burden. You can only make the situation worse, a holiday run and a long distance to walk. For maximum impact, the more repetitions you perform exercise by increasing the speed of perform them.
  • Important properly chosen exercises. Especially rotation and flexion exercises for the legs lies in the distance of arrival of different joint Gymnastics. Good activity exercise type "bicycle" and "scissors".

Bubnovsky exercise an heir

Talk about treatment the doctor recommends that the arrival of the first value. Created a unique technique for the treatment of various diseases, joints, blood vessels called kinesitherapy and spine. It gets rid of as pathologies, may be other traditional therapy for dealing is bad.

On-site is made according to the method Bubnovsky that are designed specifically for simulators. By doing exercises, fear, overload, because simulators are designed so that the load will be fine.

Complex activities are chosen for each state separately. The level of difficulty depends to a large extent, the age of the patient. Simple exercises proposed for the elderly, younger. But an effective method already.

Or opportunity to participate in private gyms, varicose of the lower extremities during gymnastics work and home Dr tips without using additional hardware.

The workout will be as follows:

symptoms of varicose
  • Sit in a chair, without touching it, his back legs near the knee. Remove the front part of the foot, then support the transmission. In addition, some 20 repetitions.
  • Lean both hands. You sit in this position and slowly walking to the front foot and heel department. The hotel also don't rush for 20 reps.
  • The rest of the wall with his hands. Breathing with excitement as you sit opens, and at the same time, hands down. Repeat 20 times.
  • Sitting in a chair, put your legs up in order, all unbending in their lap. You'll need to rotate a circle by giving a lifting prints, the joints warm up.
  • The following exercises, lie on your back and lift your legs up, leaning them back any wall bed. This opportunity will give you relaxed and limb to improve blood circulation in their field.

These exercises are very effective, but to achieve positive results faster, the match is his treatment of traditional measures, short hiking, bike riding, a complete rest and proper nutrition.

During Gymnastics, the foot of varicose veins: the other complexes

Still not getting up during startup to perform gymnastics of the lower extremities varicose. In addition, some sudden stops following movement:

  • Socks then pull it toward you, then send them in the opposite direction.
  • Not stop rotating left and right.
  • Apply in circular motions and pull all of the stops socks, but to steer her to yourself.

Repeat each exercise several times. If you have just started gymnastics, the optimal number of reps — 4-5 times. Then ten can be increased. This simple charging you up to the door without discomfort. If it was a success at this stage, you can move directly to gymnastics.

It is recommended to do medical Gymnastics, from top to bottom. Nov important to enter all of the groups in the body, but slowly to do this:

  • First, by making pure cervical tilt and swivel head. No over-zealous and increasing load. Gymnastics should be comfortable, no pain and discomfort.
  • Then go to the exercises shoulder. Do mahi hands and rotation with tilt and swivel housing.
  • Audit back to tilt forward. Effective and they have to be shallow in the first place, and then more free, and already you bend over is below.
  • A variety of useful exercises for the spine, a participatory tread deflection. Curve your back like a cat, then return to the starting position.

Then start a joint exercise foot Gymnastics, the lower extremity of a destination. That may contain the following exercises:

Bubnovsky exercise
  • Squats. Conditionally permitted during exercises squats applies to arrival. Gotta breed-until smooth and feet shoulder-width squat is not a parallel argument. Exercise a couple of times. If you provided now and return to squatting after a bit of effort.
  • Mahi. Normal to do mahi foot forward, sideways and backwards. This is slowly. Mach Five-just enough in every direction.
  • Rotational motion of the weight on the leg. Wait needed the support, on the basis of one foot, the second pull over. Follow rotational movement of the foot inward and outward. Then, follow the same procedure, and the second foot — five times each.
  • Cliff with the heel of the sock. This is an extremely useful exercise during arrival.

Then, the exercises, lying on the ground. It is recommended to use a special ball for them. Disappointed rotate the ball false leg in front of him. This exercise helps vessels in a way that is soft enough voice refund.

In the absence of a routine exercise to recover the ball "bicycle" and "scissors". Delivery, abdomen, and perform leg raises. You can do these two-legged or raise them alternately.

When completed, the A little stretching exercise. Do it smoothly and gracefully, effortlessly. Follow the breath throughout the complex. This is a necessary condition.

Note that there are exercises during exercise may not be included in the arrival. These are as follows:

  • Horses, in particular, it's a rope.
  • The electrical load with exercise — exercise, weight lifting, and weightlifting.
  • Flexion and extension housing.
  • A very fast and efficient squats.
  • Intensive stretching gymnastic exercises.
  • Long distance running and speed.

For exercise, relieving foot fatigue

There are exercises that will help with foot fatigue. This is because the arrival in the topical treatment (this is a very common symptom), and Prevention. Follow the instructions below:

  • Try to avoid seating position, throwing another foot.
  • If a sedentary job, try to exercise every 40 minutes under the table, heel-toe.
  • The holidays can be as foot.
  • Depending on the occupancy status may sit, throwing his feet on the table. This helps, fatigue, feet and improve blood circulation.
  • Can be done at home in the evening, tired feet in a cool Foot Spa with herbs. It would also be useful easy foot massage foot, hip.
  • While you are resting in sleep, so Heels will always try to level at a higher level hips.
  • A foot rest may be useful, and such a course: throw on the ground, a pen, pencil, or other object, and then try to catch him toes.
exercises arrival

Varicose of the lower extremities during the right exercises and problems throughout the Home improve the situation to a large extent a series to forget.