Varicose veins, without surgery, and folk methods. Treatment of varicose veins, with surgery

Arrival – is a common disease, which, according to the doctors of people who suffer from is approximately 30%. Often sick woman: disease is common during and after pregnancy. The reason for this is the foot as the load increases, and also hormonal changes.

Varicose veins lead to serious complications, and the patient could die. Treated with therefore it's not worth it tightening. At the same time, it's hard to get rid of the disease the veins and back to full health.
how to get rid of arrival

What are varicose veins and varieties

Arrival – disease, increases the blood circulation, the lumen of blood vessels. There are valves in the veins preventing blood to reverse flow. A destination lost their job.

Stretched valves is partially closed, part of the blood is stagnant. Increases, pressure vessels, their walls are stretched. Inflammation of the bed, a recession occurred.

Circulating blood and not in an orderly way, chaotic, the vessel wall is stretched, it thins. Blood from the inside and creates a texture that is visible, bleeding, and then inflamed. Inflammation occurs and the desired Vienna.

Venous clots can form at the site of time – blood clots.

Clot is dangerous because:

  1. Maybe closer to the vessel lumen and block blood legs or cause death of the body for input.
  2. Falling with blood flow to the heart, clogs the vascular Lumen, cardiac arrest and causes the death of the patient almost instantly.
  3. Spilled the blood clot filled with blood vessels in the brain serious disorders – partial paralysis, and coma.

There are several options for localization disease:

  1. Arrival limbs (most common form).
  2. Rectal varicose veins, hemorrhoids or a second frequency according to The Shape of the distribution).
  3. In the area of the esophagus.
  4. In the pelvic area.
  5. The arrival of the spermatic cord.


It is not easy to detect the disease in its early stages: that he himself fatigue, foot swelling, which usually give value. Even during the formation, circulation grid, the protruding veins of time really in a hurry make an appointment with a doctor.

If you need cheerleaders the following symptoms:

  1. Swelling of the legs, especially in the evening.
  2. Cramps Nov sticks.
  3. Weight, a feeling of bloating.
  4. Pain, itching of the inflamed veins in the area.
  5. Contour drawing is visible, protruding veins.
  6. Injury is associated with bruising and contusions.
  7. Nodes venous bulging (visible in the later stages of the disease).
  8. The shin area of the leg in black arrive to a stage that indicates that it is running.
  9. The increase in temperature.
In the early stages when the mesh is only slightly visible through the skin venous the disease completely overcome and prevent complications. That ignores the tall man is a disease, the treatment will be more difficult, and dangerous complications.

In which can I apply for PhD?

how to get rid of varicose veins

Treated varicose doctors-phlebologist – vascular diseases specialists. These professionals are the first symptoms of the disease, the need for an appointment for counseling. Varicose veins surgeons sometimes, especially running at a stage, when necessary, surgical intervention.

Have to pass in the examination, a blood count, as well as multiple private. Dr. know's degree, or blood clots, to assess the risk of blood clots.

More precisely for a comprehensive analysis that will help uncover the cause (a large amount of viscous blood cholesterol, hormonal imbalance causes. The ultrasound is also necessary veins.

A more effective tactic in the form of an additional exam is sufficient to determine whether conservative or surgical repair treatment.

Varicose treatment

It became evident during these periods when you need to understand that the heirs is sick, the wins and the arrival to combat chronic needs. I with this definition, a question of interest: this disease can't be cured forever? Early – yes.

To manage when working to a large extent in the format improve the situation, prevent complications, and to prevent is lacking. But fully recuperate and vascular flexibility is impossible.

Provides protection for distortion, complications, and develop the disease more, you need to:

  • Lifestyle change – so long as to prevent further movement of a posture;
  • Normalized power – give up a large amount of fat and sugar in favor of protein and vegetable fiber easy;
  • In order to gain improved blood circulation to perform body healing;
  • Use for compression underwear;
  • To get rid of excess weight, if any. More load more unnecessary weight, weak veins;
  • To prevent wear comfortable shoes, high-heeled shoes, the designs of the shoe flat;
  • Lifting up the legs during rest at least 20 degrees which will increase the flow of blood and prevent congestion;
  • Not try to get a hot bath and sauna – an additional incentive to expand the blood vessels. To apply the best showers of the foot, especially in the evenings, time, grind, fatigue;
  • Stick to the recommendations of the physicians.
If cardiovascular disorders, problems with blood pressure, they should be treated at the same time the arrival of independence.

How to rid of varicose without surgery?

It gives the effect of conservative treatment if the patient asked for help in time. Usually, it is not limited to a doctor, but also pharmaceutical and assigns, a comprehensive treatment.

Local tools

The first doctor prescribed ointment for external use. Why do them several times a day with mild movements (heavy pressure vessels and fragile there is a risk of intensive damage, it cannot be rub or ointment). Local vehicle penetrate through the skin, resulting in faster melting hematoma, inflammation goes improves vascular tone.

A new word use in the treatment of varicose veins, ointment, and gel-based heparin (blood thinner article) extract, horse chestnut (tones up vessels).
Use enough ointment in the first phase. Additional remedies for later use.

Drug treatment

how rid hidropati arrival

Its aim is to clear the inflammation, improve the blood, to prevent the formation of blood clots.

There are several medicines that can be used for this:

  • Anti-inflammatory. They clean swelling, relieve inflammation, increase the general condition of. However, these drugs a number of side effects, therefore, under the close supervision of current PhD.
  • Drugs is blood thinners. There's A "but": such drugs should be used with caution in patients ulcer. If it has a story, diseases of the digestive system – pre-alert the physician to avoid aggravating.
  • Phlebotomists usually is to produce a pill by mouth twice a day at equal intervals. Allow them to develop, vascular tone, making them more powerful and more flexible.
I had varicose veins there are a number of contraindications for drug treatment most side effects. Fits, a doctor, a prescription drug that is available about the safest treatment of all the diseases she could get.


Varicose used as a combat utility vehicle. Hot water causes vasodilation, reduces cold. Vascular contractions and extensions for several serial instead of a good workout.

The rinse water is quite a place necessarily affecting the entire body, symptoms on arrival. Temperature difference should be approximately 30 degrees (from 10 cold to 40 hot, or 15 and 45, respectively).

Compression underwear

You need to wear an heir. Expresso makes things properly this doesn't allow the blood vessels to constrict blood vessels that action outside of fights. Underwear (socks, stockings, tights) completely removes venous expansion.


In this method, in case of a serious surgical procedure without a permit, the salvage ship cannot be restored. Lasts up to 20 minutes, the patient more than is necessary hospitalizations.

Sclerosing substance is injected into the damaged vein during sclerotherapy. Why does this grab the wall from sticking to each other. In this vein stops blood flow completely, by that time risen fibrous tissue. The intervention under local anesthesia, there are hardly any contraindications.

Laser treatment

This method is similar to the sclerosing, but without puncture. Medical device vascular effects of a laser beam. Why heating of the laser beam absorbed by the hemoglobin, is from Vienna.

As a result, Vienna is glued to the wall, stay on the blood stream slowly. After that, the process and how sclerotherapy: other vessels damaged blood circulation is done, Vienna, connective tissue is resorbed slowly turning.

Surgical treatment

It is used in case if you stop during the course of the disease, the drug failed. If surgery is necessary, place a lesion formed in the skin sores or completely interrupted blood flow, venous clot, an accumulation of sites in the area.

Surgery protruding venous accumulation current when it has been treated in a good way, delete the destination node. But that is not guaranteed, the disease is the appearance of another Vienna.

At the same time, surgery may be required to uncover and eliminate the root cause of the disease.

How varicose veins home: public methods

They are mostly collected for local treatment. This tool, friction, ointment, compress natural compounds and masks. Their main advantage – very little risk of side effects. The main disadvantage is how the treatment of varicose veins in its early stages. The next time shown, surgery, compresses, and the friction of the tool will be enough.

Apple cider vinegar in the treatment of varicose veins

The first method is application of apple cider vinegar. The sound improves a vascular Source, Vitamins and trace elements, reduces inflammation displays excessive moisture. To use it, rubbing it to the affected area compress. Better compress with pure water to dilute the vinegar used for this 1:1 ratio to prevent burn.

Tomato compress

how to get rid of varicose surgery

Venous blood vessels and enlarged nodes clear the path to another house: mature Yesil put the slurry or fresh tomatoes, cotton fabric, and we need to apply pressure. Change every two hours to all day. 2 weeks of treatment. You don't need such a method the appropriate ones, go to work every day. Helps to reduce the appearance. the first week treatment of the disease in the media already.

Honey treatment for varicose

Honey it takes less time winding and very labor-intensive. Any that you use natural honey. His imposition of elastic bandages or cloth apply on the affected area up to 2 hours. The next day, increase the duration of validity 2 times. Day time 4 night. To make a break after 4 days a month.

Ulcer to get rid of the potato

The arrival area heal wounds, applying, grated raw potato to them. Ulcer slurry application field record a bandage. After 5 hours, the potatoes will I need to change. Duration of treatment – a full recovery.