Drug treatment varicose

Varicose veins, people who suffer from vascular disease of the lower extremities is most common in mature age, especially women. Valve pathology that leads to permanent changes due to expansion and deformation and weakness of the veins walls of venous vessels. Drugs at the time assigned for varicose veins varicose in the legs slim pain, heavy feeling, signs, traffic disturbances, relieve night cramps.

varicose veins in the legs,

The arrival of what is the best medicine? Drugs, different drug groups healing among the heirs, free pharmaceutical companies in different countries. To stop the progression of the disease, prevent complications, and, if possible, without processes is important to know, what the arrival of phototrophic products and their mechanism.

Group of drugs and their effects

The arrival of conservative drugs are an important component of therapy. Own time and careful application improves venous system. Compatible and good together they reinforce each other effect correctly. You need to use the arrival of pharmaceutical lower extremity already, the disease in its earliest stages, by strictly following recommendations for medical surveillance.

On a background of different drug groups gradually strengthened and further deformation of the vessel wall, which prevents the formation of varicose sites. The more liquid blood decreases the danger of thrombosis and embolism. A comprehensive treatment reduce inflammation, edema, boost metabolism.


These hormones have a powerful anti-inflammatory and sossoudossouerveshchee effect, rapidly swelling and relieve pain. But despite this, yield, applied to this group of drugs is sparse, tight conditions due to several undesirable effects. Usually only use hormones in the form of ointments and creams.

The arrival of the other vehicle

Drug treatment is an essential element for such tools. They applied for strengthening and toning the veins weakened the vessel wall. To achieve the desired effect, their applications, courses to be taken during the preparations for the arrival a few times a year. In the absence of contraindications lasts 2-3 months of taking the drug.

Accept compulsory summer arrival is recommended products venous. They reduce swelling and relieve pain the veins and the load of the foot, reinforced.

The arrival of drugs in the legs women often taken in small doses, continuous or short cuts. Chronic venous insufficiency often ensues, and after the birth, on the background of obesity or diabetes.

Drugs strengthen the rapid response to vascular surgeons for a destination is assigned during the preparatory phase and after that, to avoid several complications.

During the preparations of the arrival of the cause of the following effects:

  • toning Vienna wall;
  • reduction of venous blood and internship;
  • activation of capillary blood flow.
  • improved lymphatic drainage;
  • by reducing the permeability of the wall and venous capillary vessels;
  • improved recovery and metabolic processes in the area of damaged tissue.

Antiplatelet agents

the arrival of the other vehicle

During data preparation, the destination is always the layout, including drug therapy. They influence on the venous wall, but liquefied blood, and develop him, rheological quality. This group of drugs prevent the development of life-threatening complications.

Blood thinners is a prescription only used during arrival specialist. Dynamic Control Laboratory is being kept under treatment condition it was a blood clot.

Anticoagulants drugs, time of arrival no admission regimes. Course duration the doctor to determine the dose rate per day separately. Expert guidance should be made to certainly. After all, even the best medicines of this group of mass, contraindications, and adverse effects.

Versus thrombosis

The feet of the destination that is used as a therapeutic and preventive tool as a savings to the development of dangerous complications — thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Breaking obstacle drug Platelet Adhesion, thus training venous blood clots inflamed areas on the wall. Detached may have a blood clot clogging blood vessels, brain, heart or lungs, wanting to ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism. Performed correctly and regularly will help to avoid these drugs such horrible complications.


Any drug group NSAID anti-inflammatory, fever reducing and pain relieving effect. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs when you need to take the pain of a short lane as it progresses, blood vessels, increasing temperature, threat of thrombophlebitis development. Edema often is a drug from the group that took the drugs the arrival of the foot, because they promote fast pull infections, soft tissue foot.

How effective is a non-steroidal drug, select the doctor decides. Symptoms that need attention and unwanted side effects, especially uncontrolled entry and attempts at self-treatment.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic treatment method can be only a complementary and comprehensive drug treatment. Drugs, to get deep in this group of patients prevention of remission or sometimes the stage of the disease process.


As a valid element, a comprehensive treatment of the vessel wall and to strengthen metabolism. Vitamins, improve the general welfare, to strengthen the immune system and stimulates tissue regeneration. Therefore, you may apply for them at any stage, including for the Prevention of acute disease process and if you have disorders of traffic.

varicose treatment

How to select the best medicine?

The arrival of the drugs better? There is not a definitive answer to this question. To choose from the most effective drug depends on the severity of pathology, presence of complications, age, health status of the patient. But even the most effective drug of the arrival does not change the provisions with him if the other tools will not be accepted, comprehensive treatment.