How varicose veins in the legs,

It is one of the most common kinds of arrival in the limbs arrive. The reason for this big a load on a foot, what is broken, and normal blood flow in the blood vessel walls weaken.

To know how varicose veins, phlebologist, you need to apply in the legs. Dr. will choose the best treatment option is to some extent dependent diseases and clinical findings.

varicose veins in the legs,

Varicose veins in the legs, conservative methods

In the initial stages, the disease is the superficial veins local drug action you can use the defeat – defeat of a deeper ointments and creams – tablets or injectable medications.

How varicose veins in the legs, conservative methods? Usually medicines and medical compression stockings.

Determination of compression socks to reduce symptoms, and maintain symptoms of the illness, the walls of your arteries. Sometimes a different destination compression underwear: socks, stockings, panty hose. As a doctor who takes a kind of compression socks, and compression to an extent correct.

Such a Underwear is able to remove, swelling, and pain during the arrival, both the rate of progression of the disease and reduce the risk of complications. Gradable creates pressure compression socks, ankle, hip.

The therapeutic effect determines the severity of compression or squeezing. Appointed arrival time, initial symptoms of disease or for the Prevention of the washing 1. class compression, expression of symptoms, diseases 2 and 3. class, in advanced cases, lesions in the development and the arrival traffic that uses strong compression socks 4. class. Recommended after operations on the veins also wearing underwear.

The main method of conservative treatment of arrival, assignment, and drug – ointments, creams, and pills intake. Also use intramuscular, and intravenous medications the arrival of.

The main group of drug treatment for varicose veins medicine, increase elasticity, the walls of the arteries and their tone. They used the drug substances, liquefied blood this increases blood flow and decreases the risk of blood clots.

With the arrival of minimally invasive treatment method

Modern medicine, with almost a extremely efficient methods and get rid of the disease without injury. How varicose veins in the legs, women and men, Volume Pills and ointments helpful, isn't it?

  • Sclerotherapy – the method lies the essence of introducing the problematic item ship special "glues" the vein extended. This method of treatment veins enlarged to 10 mm in diameter is used.
  • Laser ablation – for the treatment of the use of laser radiation. Stretch laser light guide through a vein, burns and seals the ship. Intervention under laboratory conditions.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – minimally invasive radiofrequency treatment that is injected into a vein in which the catheter is removed and the arrival of enlarged veins.

Always perform these treatments on arrival. Only an experienced doctor as a treatment for varicose in the legs to determine men and women the methods in which you can use to achieve positive results.

The method of surgical treatment of varicose in the legs

Extended operations is to remove the essence on the skin with a small incision in the vein. Special hook which is removed by the process using your problematic veins and capture. Recovery time 3 to 5 days.


Such an operation, called open surgery, lower extremity. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and the most traumatic. If you applied this method, you cannot more treatments or there is no contraindication to suit them.

How varicose veins in the legs, in the House

Includes various exercise varicose veins treatment at home, control of your diet and lifestyle, usage of folk remedies.

An additional method of arrival as may be pain and swelling at home treatment helps to reduce. Unacceptable treatment of folk remedies a single, correct way we can get rid of arrival, it's a disease.

Destination a useful exercise, change, event, and entertainment, as well as execution, special exercises, contributing to strengthen the vessels.

Diet should include foods strengthens vessels: black currant, cabbage, grapes, onions, Armonia Rowan, seafood. Definitely you need to drink plenty of fluids, the blood less sticky.

Ignore the aggravation of disease can lead to treatment and official doctoral timeless appeal and the development of complications.

The cost limit drinking, greasy, fried, smoked and salted foods, canned and semi-finished.

Using folk remedies as a tincture, compress, bath and the intake of decoctions. Helpful arrival cone hops, nettle, kalanchoe leaf, St. John's wort, chamomile, horse chestnut, Yarrow, Wormwood, and other common herbs and plants.