How varicose veins in the legs, males

Arrival of serious chronic disease, the peripheral blood vessels. A lot of factors that contribute to its emergence and Development: Standing work, exercise, smoking, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, liver disease, genetic predisposition. The sound internship is a way to reduce the walls and the pathology of venous blood capillaries, local edema, inflammation, and nutritional maglubiyetlik skin, but, most importantly, thrombosis, education, solid blood clot. These clots can cause clogging of arteries and blood circulation in the legs and discreetly wherever you go to get more tissue necrosis, pulmonary artery, brain, or heart. That appears in the last case is a real threat.

varicose veins in men

Both men and women with varicose disease

According to statistics, varicose veins, lower extremities is more common in representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. This eternal accusation the woman's fate – pregnancy and motherhood. Carrying a child is a serious burden on the body during that state organs and blood circulation. However, the woman is extremely live, the first legs and their veins, the star of the arteries, veins more prominent, We are working to take precautions and run the doctor phlebologist. As a result, manages to stop this disease, in its early stages.

Another thing is a man. In most cases, varicose veins in the legs, treatment highly men running to the doctor scene. Yes, pregnancy just as men are not threatening them but also has a list of specific "male" factors that cause the emergence and development of a skilled, this terrible disease:

  • standing up and sitting down and working, especially for small mobility, lower extremity;
  • military service and the interior organs;
  • intense physical activity and sport participation;
  • hunting, fishing, hiking and other activities, often accompanied by hypothermia.

Pure for men risk factors – smoking, good tobacco and beverages high consumption of ethanol. Peripheral vascular violate the incentive properties of nicotine. The same effects of alcohol, liver cells, the enzymes responsible for the formation of a blood clot that prevents the clots that have already formed and dissolved in. Alcohol and tobacco have a higher risk of Arrive at a man's more powerful and just as dangerous complications.

Treatment for uncomplicated varicose veins in the legs but a real negative factor, men constantly neglect patients need treatment. We're sure a number of women, the vagaries of male varicose veins, caution you not to be a real macho. The only time it's formed on the skin to heal that can help all over at least surgical resection of diseased veins. In this case, obviously, only possible to open the doctors touched the tip of the iceberg and pathology, a much more comprehensive site. Marvel of the degrees of all the vessels of the toes and after surgery, to heal and cure the man long and hard to prevent the disease is usually much more terrible and new findings are leading amputation, disability, and fatal blockage of large blood clots is a vital artery.

Symptoms of varicose disease of the foot

In the first stage, arrival varicose veins in men is different from women. Spider veins that appear on the skin, veins painted is unstable. Decreases sensitivity to visible is not local, but severe pain and hypothermia, painful calf and thigh cramping that often occur. The tibia was significantly increased in the evening, especially, patient accounting, posture, standing or sitting for long periods. Edema is reduced during sleep. Places edema, hair loss which is often self – terminating hair growth.

In time unpleasant events intensified, subcutaneous venous palpation and examination to distinguish between bumps and sets. It's not possible to do something with them, and the traffic thins the skin ulcer, and treatment extremely difficult the full development of severe infectious skin lesions can be measured (various inflammations), soft tissue (flegmon) and total blood infection (sepsis). These risks are natural, peeled stated above about the danger of thrombosis.

arrival symptoms

If a man goes to the doctor

Even the most courageous and self-confident men very often are too afraid to go to the doctor phlebologist. Some shy, in his own words "female" disease, I'm embarrassed to show the other doctor, how much they made, and his own body, the signature, therefore, his own cowardice. Someone just believes the disorder exhibits on the arrival leg for men – and the disease is fatal in the extreme to bring a better situation, then after a while, all treatments using modern laser coagulation (this process is called there, doctor?"). Unfortunately, about treatment, the affected veins can't save everyone desired, we already talked.

If a man finds himself with the power you must go to a doctor, at least to start varicose veins treatment at home folk remedies. Let's now full recovery, especially in the pathological process went enough, will give such a treatment. Gels and ointments sold in pharmacies at a distance of how massive the helper application on arrival.

However, the positive effect of a particular application certainly will be folk remedies, and drugs that have negative side effects "Yesil pharmacy" of synthetic drugs is much less. Many more medicines, the proposed "official" Type was created, based on folk recipes.

A destination of popular recipes

Suggest as most conventional medicines external application. The exception, perhaps, only apple cider vinegar – unique tool when used correctly to beat a possible heir for their efficacy in men is in its early stages.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains a unique blend of vitamins A, C and Group B, organic acids (acetic, citric, lactic), and trace elements and amino acids promote recovery, and improve vascular walls, tissue, skin and subcutaneous tissue. Vinegar and fungal fungal diseases and treatments inflammation and antibacterial action at the same time, the legs that inevitably arise due to declining local immune varicose.

Apple cider vinegar is used in oral and tropical. Two tablespoons of vinegar to a glass of warm water to get the intake of honey and make a paste. The mixture is drunk before meals, sip.


Apple cider vinegar is not, as it promotes clotting arrival phase running from the mouth!

A vehicle used in the form of tropical compress and bandage. Gotta burnt skin and allergy reactions are no reason to comply with the measure. 30-40 minutes on top of the compress, the patient needs to lie down; can no precipitation, elevated legs. Gauze moistened with vinegar on the wound polyethylene.

Where apple cider vinegar is an heir?

Apple cider vinegar can be purchased at a pharmacy or store or to cook for yourself. This fee apples and 1 kg crushed them in a blender. For a lot of clothes, 50 g sugar, 20 g bread, 10 g of dry yeast. To roam weight should be at least 6 weeks. Then him 30% diluted with water and the filter with filter capacity. A faster method is possible and bread and yeast. Express such an insist 2 weeks vinegar.

arrival of folk remedies

Medicinal herbs and fees

Arrival in men to give a good effect in the treatment of the following tools based on medicinal plants:

  • alcoholic extract of horse chestnut. Friction applied to the feet and legs;
  • herbal fees, Oak Leaf, stinging nettle, knotweed, a succession of. Applied compresses, baths, as acceptance inside the meat juices;
  • oak bark infusion. Helps you like, astringent and antiseptic occurs when a venous ulcer;
  • daily alcohol tincture applied to the arrangement of friction within 2-3 weeks.

Treatment, varicose folk remedies containing ethanol as statement, you need to be careful and do not agitate, burn, skin. Avoided purchase alcohol in tinctures naturally exceed the recommended dose. Poisoning and overdose may cause the undesirable effect of many plants.

Tradition, and varicose veins harmful habits

... A man, for the treatment of his own ailment, is to remember that men of bad habits from time to time, patients condition may worsen foot. Especially smoking. However, alcohol is, the first edged vessels to expand, also contribute to the narrowing and then the recovery of them.

There should not be a target of abuse, a sauna, a steam room, a dip in the winter and fishing in winter. Direct damage to the veins and weakened skin cover abnormal temperature is applied. About the change permanent you need to think about finding the feet in the business (builders, Masters, machine tools, universal editors), or a fixed position (Drive-By Truckers). The need to forget weight, do sports, running, long distance.

To reduce harm, they produce the feet helps, to of physical therapy. His aim to intensify the venous blood, and capillary blood circulation in general. Required production in the gym and on-site after a busy day. Overall, more male, pain, extension veins, on their feet will be free time level a body in a horizontal position and hold the top of the foot, the better. In this case "sofa" lifestyle, it's weird to go to her benefit only.

Prevention, arrival, men

The risk of an accident or occupational disease if a man has a genetic predisposition diet review how her arrival cared for him. Not to give up, just a drink, but all aggravating the food situation increase or decrease the level of cholesterol in liver cells you should give up how hard this vascular tone, fat, pungent, salty, smoked. You need to make basic power, lean meat, seafood, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, cheese.

Many men are skeptical of vegetarianism, believing that such a lifestyle unworthy representatives of the stronger sex. However, studies have shown that animal food significantly reduces the risk of a disclaimer, on arrival. Selection – in each case.

There are dresses and shoes important to choose wisely, in particular, flat feet, or just a special foot. Strict inappropriate shoes – the first step in varicose disease of the foot.


Folk remedies treatment of varicose in case if it fails again, a voluntary effort to be done and consult a doctor. In time, and determined medical, surgical or surgical treatment will help you avoid serious consequences to arrival launched men.