Benefit and harm pressio arrival socks

Fixture data has gained widespread popularity among patients with chronic venous insufficiency and throws them probably every vascular surgeon for different indications. Socks are easy to use. Often to distinguish them from ordinary spandex. But, I really think this product is so safe? Whether it is harmful to wear compression socks — to understand. Occurs tissue compression socks in the basics, mostly synthetic in origin (e.g., polyamide) and elastic fibers (elastane). The strands of the mesh components of the invention and various producers, the ratio of degree of compression in the lower extremity what you get. Quam disease preventive or therapeutic socks with assignable varices, chronic venous insufficiency, pregnancy, surgical interventions, and then thrombosis, varicose veins, lower extremity. compression arrival

Pressio any socks

The type of underwear they produce men and women of all companies. Second patterned lace or supportable. Also, you can choose tsvetotip the patient's skin, respectively. Manufacturers into account and what people there are different height and weight. Five sizes for that sock. His determination that you need to change a few parameters: the environment, lower leg place, his greatest cap, hip circumference, its average one-third of the length from the beginning of the lower leg, knee, heel and distance, in the groin area. Then, the custom tables defined for the correct size sock (XS, S, M, L, LX, XL). But the main classification of this division, depending on the degree of compression, which include underwear, lower extremity. There are several classes of compression underwear:
  1. Preventive — pressure in the limb 18 mm hg. item is used, mainly, to prevent the development of varices predisposition to a disease quam the individuals in the group to him. These patients are pregnant women or people with excessive excess body weight is a burden on their foot work.
  2. First-class compression — compression at the level of 19-22 mm Hg. quam applied to the matter in the initial stages of varicose disease. Syndrome help in an effective way "tired" foot, Superba, small veins of lower extremity vascular extensions to the grill.
  3. Second class — approximately the pressure of 23-32 mm Hg. the item is used a prescription only doctor. Indications pathological status, parity, chronic venous insufficiency, but in the absence of traffic changes on the skin.
  4. Third grade motor %33-45 mm Hg. in verse necessary to use them such as a doctor to get the prescription, buy pharmacy stocking only one data is impossible. Read usage: pronounced trophic disorders, lymphostasis of lower limb deep vein thrombosis, posttrombofleboticheky syndrome.
Last, the fourth class — 45 mm Hg on the bike. substance, used, in rare cases, surgery in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor only.

Mechanism of action products

quam varices — a disease that affects and venous vessels of the lower extremity. Occurs, the reduction in the walls of the veins due to a strong pull. Fresh information: migrants thrombophlebitis: symptoms and treatment These valves on the inner side of the vein loses the ability to completely on top on the blood and the lumen begins to flow in the opposite direction. This, in turn, launches a process of venous wall stretching more. Motion of the lower extremities varices dilated veins on the surface of the skin and blood begins filling quam. Slowly, the liquid starts to leak through and penetrate into the tissue surrounding the vessels. Therefore in patients with edema. crassus, blood clots in the veins may occur or thrombosis, the primary focus of эмболизацию away. This case vita-minas results. Why development of chronic venous insufficiency include:
  • hereditary factors;
  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • flat feet;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • inappropriate shoes, particularly high heels;
  • exposed for a long time in a sitting position;
  • the Standing of the business;
  • humili know it's a lifestyle.
Avoid varices progress to quam disease, surgeons the patient is prescribed to wear socks. The product that has on the pressure foot, artificial narrowing of the lumen is a blood vessel.
Insufficiency blood pressure apparatus and increased business happens under the influence cover.

Useful features pressio socks

It depends on pressio socks benefit and harm in the first place, is that correct dr appointed. compression class, as well as sick of sticks? use suggestions. On the basis of studies reviewed by scientists and their meta-analyses of chronic venous insufficiency a medical proven effective knitwear. Socks instead of a number of useful features — narrow-Lumen venous blood vessels stimulate the development of varices is pregnant with quam. In addition, reduce swelling, and lower extremity improve lymphatic flow. Also compression stockings:
  1. stimulate the development of infectious diseases in the Standing;
  2. traffic improving skin;
  3. sanguinem warn clots and thrombophlebitis;
  4. reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism;
  5. out pain, leg cramps;
  6. to avoid the possibility of venous ulcer;
  7. developing during the postoperative period.
Then legs the veins removal recommendations: what not to do rehab? Also, the socks have the advantage of, otherwise the compression underwear. For example, elastic bandages, require the use of a certain skill. They have a floating day brings discomfort to the patient. In addition, bandage materials, bandages the style of the clothing always appropriate, especially when the patient is in the office and need to work a specific shape. Socks the same, almost identical, in normal clothes, and very easy to use.

Underwear compression damage

Definitely medical stockings — this is a useful product, but even this negative side and the damage is sick. Quam varices occurs and damage when used incorrectly of compression socks. Tissue ischemia can also occur on the symptoms that the wrong selection of the pressure foot. Feeling sick or numbness in the legs, discomfort and / or pain. If the engine is low — impact, appears in the treatment of these conditions. Therefore, before using consult your medical knitting a vascular surgeon. Time pedales de chronic venous insufficiency depend to a certain extent. For example, varices in the third stage quam disease, it is recommended to wear the product constantly, even while sleeping. Occurs most frequently in complications such as: the underlying tissue ischemia, decubitus одевании wrong place a crush, allergic reactions, material. Compression products, a talented contraindications when there is damage to use:
  • infectious skin diseases;
  • open sores;
  • a special sensitivity to materials and products;
  • a limb wound;
  • burns;
  • the presence of diabetic foot;
  • Endarteriit EXCISION;
  • heart failure decompensation.
However, more patient, a positive answer about pressio padules. The conclusion is obvious even the first day.
In addition, it is actually a positive medium-cost product. Socks average price — 1500 rubles.

Sock usage rules

The effect largely depends on whether it is correct or the patient carrying medical knitwear. You need to put them since the morning before sick bed plans. Recommended to upgrade to this for 10 minutes the height of the foot to ensure maximum output blood. Forward slowly, dress, underwear, that you need to keep an eye on these places and folds are not formed because everitt will be in the engine the rest of the skin. You need to wear socks all day. Fresh info:quam varicose veins of the foot away Socks: underwear comments about pressio Product, service, and best of all, long to care for it properly. Medical prohibited typewriter Washable knitwear-slots using only hand wash. In this case, it is not recommended to use aggressive detergents, Laundry soap let's just. Dry them a horizontal surface, avoiding extreme heat, radiation, and direct sunlight. Eclipse socks folded and expanded.