Varicose veins how: the best tools

Then 40 every second person is available on arrival. Just some very swollen veins in the legs of pain and fatigue and other periodical shows. You must cure the disease at any stage, to prevent the leakage of her complications. Consider how using folk remedies treatment of varicose veins in the legs as well as pharmaceutical and external means.

varicose veins how

Surgical treatment of varicose

First of all, the most precise way to understand the best cannot communicate. We later learn how varicose veins without surgery treatment.

Surgery you used in the last stages of the disease, does not apply to any other methods.

Delete blood

Veins cut or perforation, with the aim of broadcasting a certain amount of Ima in the blood (300 ml). In this way, blood flow to run the backup mechanisms. Excision then you can write to him in Vienna it's a drug.

The procedure is sometimes used leeches. They just suck blood, squirt into a vein parallel at the same time raising the matter of therapeutic action procedures.


Partly varicose veins, phlebectomy leg. This surgery the diseased veins. As a result, an excellent cosmetic effect such an intervention is performed: the legs more smooth, no back veins. The therapeutic benefits are definitely there: blood recovers.

Phlebotomy literally affected when surgery can be done with Vienna to stay dry, crochet general blood flow. The second method is with a laser. Injected into a vein the laser light guide, glued to the wall under the influence of, and grow together. Vienna stops functioning.

Conservative treatment of varicose

Still the curiosity of most people, varicose veins can be treated without surgery. Yeah, maybe, but just in time comes. Varicose veins, using continuous and in a comprehensive manner, there are a few treatments.

Drug treatment

Treatment or a pill. Supposedly the arrival of the pill. But drugs, strengthen the walls of the arteries and increase the motivation of talented, relieve, inflammation, and blood do you fine. Amenities like a modern and effective drug:

  • Anticoagulants.
  • Decongestants.
  • The result agents.
  • To resolve, hyperpigmentation, skin.
  • Antioxidants.

Prescription drugs a doctor or the vascular surgeon must be an integrated part of therapy. Don't allow the foot treatment because only the arrival of the pill. Other ways to use.

External control methods of arrival

There are a few options, combine or alternative.

Compression socks

Wearing custom golf socks with the different sections allow different pressure and fatigue edema legs, not only to prevent but also to improve option veins. Why would wear knitwear, which is an inconvenience will not hurt. The problem is that the right choice is largely compression. It is more advisable to treat him to a doctor, because this depends on the severity of cracking on arrival.

Treatment of varicose veins, just wearing socks? First you need to do regularly wear, knitwear, from morning to evening. This is very useful especially for those who work standing or sitting. Secondly, to achieve, to be effective slimming ointment under socks to hang out vs a arrival, which we I'll tell later. Men and women wear compression socks. The recently released special socks and stockings, the color black, so distinguish between them for normal wear.

Ointment and cream on arrival

This is an excellent therapy. For more information, as a special ointment is applied, and compression socks.

Results of the hotel you can get to the external tools languages:

ointment at a distance of arrival
  1. slimming legs in pain;
  2. the low level of swelling;
  3. the valve system improvement activities;
  4. Nov increased venous walls;
  5. the flow of blood back;
  6. prevention of complications.

We celebrate the impact of the use ointments comments, just together methods, pills and wearing stockings. The more you do something the PAP and legs – there will be an outcome. Though, the arrival of the aforementioned prevention, ointments will be enough.

Foot massage and contrast shower

Now, how about varicose veins, foot in a house. Those who are suffering from varicose veins, my style must contain two procedures length: douches (alternate cold and hot water) and foot massage. The latest, which can be combined with friction, ointment, or a special massage ball.

Massage and improve blood flow throughout the showers. Moreover, this incentive is small in the absorption of a blood clot, then it will be broken into now for clogging the toilet vessels.

Public methods against varicose

You can try folk remedies treatment of varicose. But such a method is complex and should be discussed with a doctor can be used at the same time. Introduction to the HLS of a few recipes daily.

Burdock leaves

Search for burdock, a forest or in a park. Rinse them in the house, clean it with running water. Pre-wrap-foot layer of sterile bandage. Then the hot water heater back a few leaves to plug in a few seconds. Applied to mugs to wear feet warm. To apply such a tool a day for over 2 weeks. It helps with pain and edema.

Apple cider vinegar

If no traffic from ulcers and other damages on the floor, rub them apple cider vinegar night. Already after a month of daily nodes resolve the friction, the pace will be more visually beautiful and smooth. No problem with stomach and intestinal problems, you can drink apple cider vinegar. 1 tablespoon diluted in a glass of water, add honey and drink half an hour before breakfast.


You will need 100 gr of powder spice. Brewed 0.5 liters of vodka and poured the powder in a dark container for 10 days. Every day shake the bottle (jar). Then this tool is a filter and a Times 20 drops before meals. Before you apply the full treatment.

Where to find the best varicose treatment

And a wife at home and can't be treated? Never are asking people in the hospital for treatment, yes, and who don't just like this health-care institutions. Treatment at home is possible; in this case, the person, and on, and walk to work. But select and assign all didn't care, and still the doctor (angiologist). To schedule your visit to observe the dynamics of the disease to the patient.

Particularly in severe cases, may be varicose, treatment clinic, office, vascular surgery. Such a branch have to put a normal patient surgery. In this case the processes assigned shooting (diuretic, eliminate edema), eyedropper (to clear the error, and blood thinners), pill. Associated with the development is not within a certain period, doctor, or surgery phlebectomy is another kind of the question need to put.

Fast treatment, not the arrival, neither clinical nor a house. Even after uninstalling, you can save necessary to observe the affected veins to prevent.

How to avoid arrival

Important question: I wonder if the arrival of a treatment forever? Yes, if after you fix all signs to observe simple prevention measures.

  • To continue to wear compression socks (at least a few times a week).
  • Drink pill lesson 1-2 year to maintain the status of the veins are normal.
  • More to move to massage or self-massage, not to forget, an opposite spirit.
  • Try to avoid very high heels and stockings taut rubber band.
varicose treatment

Arrival prevention it's simple; the main thing that is cyclic. If no, any procedure varicose can begin again. And again you should treat. The treatment of the disease is always more tiring but its more prevention.