The symptoms in the legs varicose, and methods of treatment in males

Varicose veins in the legs, men frequently pathology, extension, along with varicose veins, lower extremity. Representatives of the stronger sex women are less likely to this violation. This is primarily due to differences in hormonal background, has been with her life. Symptoms many men the first to admit it, for the legs varicose small cosmetic flaw, an appointment with a specialist so that you will fall advanced disease process.

varicose veins in the legs, males


Physical and developmental factors women less than men in the legs varicose. Representatives of the stronger sex in high heels to walk, the kids and the incubation is not painful, but the hormonal background is constantly changing throughout life. Because of the lack of effect of these negative factors only 15-20% observed in males in the development of arrival.

However, susceptibility to lower extremity venous Anatomy, blood pumping, because her internship is done with a complex mechanism containing pressure, circulatory system, large valves and special abbreviations Nov. Study the effect of negative factors leads to the vascular system of the foot. To create conditions for the development of this pathological condition in men can be:

  • age-related changes;
  • hormonal preparations;
  • absence of physical activity which is necessary;
  • excessive weight;
  • tobacco;
  • weight lifting;
  • high blood cholesterol level;
  • malnutrition;
  • limb injury;
  • alcohol abuse.

In rare cases, the diameter of the blood vessels of the lower extremities the result of an extension education a large tumor in the abdomen. In the study, family history, male, bitter when the destination is found in multiple cases, this is not a pathological condition, so the opportunity excluded hereditary predisposition.

Arrival symptoms in men

This violation is different from long-term rise of symptomatic findings. The walls of the varicose veins may be struck right and left limb, however, in most cases, the observed double-sided although the pathology, its severity, and its symptoms in the legs may be different.

First, visible, prominent vascular skin on a mesh cover. This gradually increases the amount of spider veins become there are many. To occur frequently, significant mesh remains unnoticed on the skin of the foot is a venous male. Also, bother the man already in early development stages arrival the following symptoms:

  • violence and leg pain after standing for long periods;
  • edema and sticks;
  • resting aching;
  • night cramps;
  • itching;
  • cold extremities;
  • chills feeling of the skin.

The direction in the absence of the symptoms of varicose treatment have been developed. Arrival begins in men that covers the skin-coated pigment stains. The very start of the tibia in the area peels off. Gradual refinement all of the layers of the epidermis.

In the first hand is a superficial pallor that covers the skin of the foot, and then blue or purple. Venous expands the walls. The process is clearly manifest advanced disease varicose rugged angles. They're one of the skin on the surface.

These disorders can be seen in the last period in men signs, traffic changes, due to the violation of the skin, their nutrition and oxygen necessary ingredients.

Treatment how

Consulting vascular surgeon or phlebologist needed to get appointments for definitive diagnosis and treatment. Necessarily the survey vessels, lower extremity, pelvis and testis. Arrival and operational methods conservative treatment in men as it can be done. This depends to some extent on which pathology has been identified.

varicose treatment

Proposes developmental stages, the treatment of varicose veins, wearing compression underwear, Exercise, Physical Therapy, and medications for use special. Can benefit, and some folk remedies. In severe cases, surgery can't do without.


This was admitted for surgical procedures when conservative treatment does not improve the condition allow. Arrive to get rid of the man the following types can be offered minimally invasive procedures:

  • laser coagulation;
  • RF exposure;
  • sclerotherapy;
  • phlebotomy.

Such surgical interventions, the patient recovers quickly then. Kind of surgery vascular surgeons definitions for each patient separately.

Folk remedies

Formulations of plant-based you can only use the suggestions of the physician. To achieve a good effect when applied tincture, Horse Chestnut Men.

Pour about 5 tablespoons of fruit plants that we need to prepare this tool skins, 1 cup of vodka. Composition dark colored glass jars and 1 Week you must move insisted. Deleting the affected areas ready to use the tool.

Vascular problem can be a star ascend compress a water-based arrangement. Required for implementation is 30 minutes.

More dangerous

Most men are falling to a doctor when already advanced on arrival. The risk of this complication increases. Advanced inflamed veins usually causes phlebitis. In addition, this can trigger the formation of thrombosis, a pathological condition.

The formation of blood clots the intestinal lumen is a danger to the vessels of the lower extremities, a man's life. A separation can cause a blood clot, pulmonary embolism, and death. In addition, at later developmental stages in the course of the disease often complex traffic arrival men ulcer ulcer can be cured extremely difficult.


Nov arrival may occur atrophy progresses, and decreased thickness of the skin. Violation of nutrition of the tissues because of any wear, scratches, and bruises to heal venous ulcer is a long time and it often causes the formation. A healing expression of infiltration foci remains similar formations, scars and other defects.

Air chronic pain in men, therefore, even this make hiking difficult. In addition, often in the veins of the lower extremities varicose veins of the pelvic organs groin and thrown on. Varicocele is the result of a common, i.e., the arrival of the seminal ropes. Problems with male potency this pathology. The disease can cause infertility.

Prevention of arrival

To avoid the veins of the lesion on the legs that keeps a man follow some rules. Carefully follow the power in the first place and to prevent the development of obesity. The diet the need to enter large quantities of vegetables, greens, fruits, low-fat meat and fish. In this way, reduce the risk of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels and corruption, lower extremity.

Necessary avoid alcohol and getting rid of other bad habits, including tobacco. To avoid high pressure in the veins and arteries in the foot, you should give up heavy lifting and physical tension. Preferably, the foot showers to take a bath every day and contrast based on herbs.

If a person has no contraindications, after consultation with the doctor who gave the pills as a preventive measure, it has a tonic and astringent effect. Need to take responsibility for the selection paint. Those should be made from natural materials, and the appropriate size.

folk medicine

Constantly wearing tight clothes should be abandoned. To perform a special Gymnastics for a favourable issue of stagnation of blood in the legs. Wearing compression underwear may be recommended as a preventive measure.