Arrival in women pelvic symptoms, folk remedies for the treatment of exercise

Arrival pelvic — disease extremely unpleasant as it is, the arrival of the sexual lips, at the same time very dangerous, especially for pregnant women. In this article we explain how the diagnosis and treatment of disease and predictions about the future.

pelvic varices in women

Disease features

Weight uterine and ovarian pathology results pelvic varicose veins extension, inheritance and other reasons. Are all susceptible to the disease of child-bearing age women, especially pregnant and who some of the heavy physical conditions.

More dangerous internal pelvic varicose pregnancy? In this position for life because of a disease for diagnosis and treatment a doctor gives the patient and the fetus to a dangerous potential. The disease is also an indicator for cesarean wedding.

Cause and characteristics, varicose veins, pelvic varicose the next video I'll tell you:


Varicose veins are visible, the background pathology of connective tissue. The main reason for this — connective tissue dysplasia, thinning of the arteries and bend.

Risk factors hereditary predisposition as well as the basic arrival has the appearance of:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • business, conjugated long-standing place/seat;
  • often the weight lifting;
  • PAB;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • often pregnancy and childbirth;
  • increased estrogen level;
  • inflammatory diseases, gynecological character;
  • tumor, ovarian;

Recent studies prove the connection of the disease with his use of hormonal contraceptives. About what are the symptoms of varicose veins, pelvic varicose a treatment that requires you will learn next.

Symptoms, varicose veins, pelvic varicose

The basic symptoms of varicose pelvic pain syndrome, unfounded reinforced lower abdomen and discharge from the genital organs. The most common air picture and to give nagging pain, crotch and waist. Months ago powered pain syndrome approximately half of the patients, together with the arrival of this finding, groin, buttocks and outer thighs.

Possible symptoms include:

  1. presence of premenstrual syndrome;
  2. disorder, menstrual;
  3. sensitivity perineum;

Increased urination, sometimes accompanied by varicose veins.


The disease is difficult to distinguish only the localization, but the lack of any obvious symptoms. Pelvic inflammatory diseases and is usually mixed with prescription anti-inflammatory treatment, any effect which any minimal condition improves, the patient.

Therefore, a differential diagnosis must be done with the disease in the organs of the pelvis, e.g., cystitis, endometriosis, Crohn's disease, and other. By using hardware to confirm the definitive diagnosis research:

  • Ultrasound system vascular. Arrival at work will allow you to see their wave.
  • Doppler Sonography. Definitions velocity decrease systolic blood vessels, uterus, and ovary.
  • Laparoscopy. Varicose veins that occur in the area of the ovary.
  • It is a selective process. The most accurate study. Running the method with contrast injection femoral and other vessels.
  • SA. Eliminates the pathology, varicose veins, uterine and ovarian, is curved and the amount is displayed on the screen to show them.

At the same time is assigned, and further research to assess the state of the patient, for example blood tests and X-rays. About how varicose veins, pelvic, al we speech, etc.


If it is true that is to be treated with basic therapeutic measures prescribed by your doctor. Usually, the decision is sufficient for the patient's condition to normal drugs and gymnastics.

In rare cases, when I started the mother and the fetus or life-threatening disease, the Doctor The Cure is surgery.


Treatment method for hold back in the blood vessels, normalization, its tone, gain, and withdrawal symptoms blood circulation. Treatment includes, medication, and exercise.


The main role of drug therapy in the treatment of pelvic varicose veins amount of withdrawal a special drug, the venous provides protection for a long time subject, as well as drugs, it was a blood clot.


Conservative surgical treatment of the reaction in the absence of prescription, and for medical reasons. As such, these types of features processes:

  • Ovarian bandage Vienna.
  • Sexual bandage Vienna.
  • Surgery Troyanova-Trendelenburg, a fan of more, and of Vienna, lower extremity.

Good showed itself, embolization, arrival, ovarian, different, easier recovery period.

Surgical intervention depends on the way contraindications, the degree of risk, as well as the individual properties of its course. In any case, along with an escort that is a doctor.

About varicose veins varicose folk remedies pelvic, I'll tell you next.

Public methods

Against the arrival of public vehicles, including any procedure and infusion, contribute to, develop, blood vessels, for example:

  • on the chestnut;
  • at Changi;
  • the dandelion lots;

Traditional healers also leeches from the recommended procedures sacrum and coccyx.

Attention! Folk remedies for the treatment instead of conservative, it must be so, end up with a leak! You should consult your doctor before using any recipes, to avoid adverse effects.

Doing exercises pelvic varicose

Pelvic varicose occurs during physical therapy exercises such as:

  • Standing, feet parallel standing, socks and climb down. Again, 30 times.
  • Standing heel are combined, separate socks. Socks and climb down as much as 30 times.
  • Stand upright, the choir outside heel alignment socks. Socks climb as much as 30 times.
  • To do the "bicycle" and "birch" watching full-foot straightening.

The exercises you can do anywhere. If you wish, deposit, or include any exercise, for those who follow his body is very tense. Wearing compression socks, you need to combine it with healing the body.

Disease prevention

Competent, manage to avoid prevention of destination of more than 90%. Preventive measures, starting with regular doctor visits, counseling, vascular surgeon. Also important:

no heavy lifting and to limit the physical load;

  1. regular exercise mild exercise, physical therapy, exercise therapy;
  2. a masseuse or massage to join at home make;
  3. regulating carcinogenic to limit food intake and animal oils;
  4. follow regular bowel movement and consumed foods, additives and a normal bowel movement, for example, vegetable fiber, or chicory;
  5. that is determined by the ratio of specific to get drugs by a doctor;


Arrival, especially in the later stages, often complex characters, uterine bleeding dysfunctional, inflammation, pelvic. This distortion is associated with the walls of the blood veins and finesse output.

Rear is an inflammatory process that may develop bleeding and thrombosis, therefore, is detected, the first symptoms you should see a doctor. Often credited to thrombectomy complications, however, other causes of this condition.

vascular therapy


The arrival prediction result depends on many aspects of women's pelvic: degree, location, status, comorbidities and complications, the general condition of the patient. In general, in the absence of bleeding, the prognosis is favourable. More than 80% of patients, of course, feel positive doctor's orders.