How varicose veins, the legs in women: all methods

Between varicose veins is considered the most common vascular pathologies, mostly in the lower extremities that affects a human. Today, statistics say that every third inhabitant of a planet, a sick problems with the blood vessels therefore phlebologist, leg. Among these, women accounted for thirds of patients, therefore, questions about how varicose veins in the legs, for women, is the most suitable.

foot varicose veins in women

Women who are more often at risk because modern medicine and non-traditional methods in a number of ways to improve the warning and the treatment of varicose veins. All treatment must be busy an effect the arrival profiler, vascular surgeon. Also in women such treatment should be based on two principles — systematic and complexity.

Symptoms, varicose veins, foot Women

Know the important features to detect varicose veins in women, which may indicate the development of symptoms in this disease. This pathological process of varicose veins, increased the elasticity and the venous Lumen by reducing the subject to the vessel wall. This result is abnormal dilation of the walls of the blood vessels, blood reflux, failure of venous valves and blood internship.

The mechanism is characterized by a long time and slow the development of varicose foot very difficult in the initial stages identified in this context. Disorder, blood circulation, it may take years ago, a woman I feel the first signs arrive. Symptoms at an early stage, the sensation of weight, swelling in legs and fatigue.

The difference is that usually these types of symptoms a woman with this power can spend a long time their professional activities in a single body position. May occur later, and the arrival of the other symptoms:

  • the walls of the veins swelling on the surface of the skin;
  • vascular manifestation the legs of the grill;
  • vascular emergence star;
  • symptoms of itching in the area veins;
  • Nov calf spasms, involuntary character, especially at night.

It is important that you see a specialist for treatment is detected when at least one of the symptoms. Maybe this sort of advice about a therapist, a doctor or the vascular surgeon a cock like hike, symptoms will be added to the arrival of blood clots, swollen nodes of the large veins, thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein), venous skin ulcers, as well as the appearance of the foot.


Don't know all of the right reasons expert, development, Vascular Pathology, treatment, varicose veins in the legs it will be almost impossible for women. Any disease requires work, their own reasons and prerequisites, and then eliminate that you can use to suppress a pathological process. First, the doctor will stand up due to the violation that resulted in the output of a task that search for blood.

Arrival may be why excessive intake, blood in the lower extremities, difficulty opens up the blood vessels distribution, then the deformation, fragile, fragility and vascular vessel wall, then the wall damage. First start, expand Vienna, then the vessel wall, which manifests itself on the skin of the foot, ledge and sites.

Such damage to the vessel wall, lymph stagnation, the emergence of provokes, edema, emotions, gravity and pain. On their feet, begins to deteriorate as the skin itchy and scaly.

The most common risk group of women the arrival of the fall of the following categories:

  • age 30 years old;
  • pregnancy;
  • obesity or excessive weight;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • the arrival of predisposition and heredity.

These doctors also include women who are in the same position for a long time, the body standing or sitting. You need to understand, serious consequences of untreated varicose veins cause — necrosis, thrombosis, ulcers, and eczema.

Drugs (gels and ointments) for outdoor applications

Medical treatment for varicose veins are usually 1 and 2 during the development phase, the chances of Stage 3 if pathology diagnosis suppression is small. Drug treatment doctors usually prescribe the drug it should be treated as comprehensive interior and exterior applications parallel application.

The implication of topical treatment the most common arrival-to-use, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments and gels, what returns of vessels that the elasticity, strength, and normal forms, as well as improve blood circulation. In addition, the ones that your doctor prescribed, ointment to relieve pain syndrome. Also, to eliminate the acute symptoms may be the arrival of ointment and cream-based heparin and indomethacin.

arrival symptoms

The arrival of pills

As mentioned previously, if you reached 2 or 3 in women with varicose veins during the development phase, the treating doctor throws oral forms-broadcast, special medicine, applied complex features an outdoor application. It may be the pill, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs

The arrival of the most requested pills — this is special preparations improve microcirculation in the blood and reduce the degree blood flow, permeability, vascular walls. In order to prevent the emergence of stagnant blood improving tools, processes its output.

Surgical intervention

Surgery for varicose veins in the legs, the medication, and the doctor appeared to be ineffective for women only, which gives a target of this radical treatment methods. The most common processing, the sick, the suffering, the arrival of 3 feet. and 4. stage. CVI watching the doctors out of it if necessary, conservative treatment of the preparation.

There are several ways-operative treatment arrival women:

  1. Phlebotomy — pathology cooperative excision of the veins extended and modified thanks.
  2. Sclerotherapy injection of the medication to the affected area with the help of expert introduced by bringing the vessel that are glued with glue. Healthy blood vessels and enters the bloodstream and glued Vienna forward only slowly absorbed.
  3. Laser — a high-frequency laser radiation on the affected area starts affecting your profile.
  4. Treatment Radio Wave — Treatment Hospital and rehabilitation imply that it is a method most painless and less traumatic.

A positive result depends on harmony and then any treatment methods are sick all the advice and instructions of a doctor. Promoting healing, with the right lifestyle, diet, wearing compression underwear and the equilibrium distribution, working and Recreation.

Folk remedies and methods

Outside, basic treatment, prescriptions, medical, specialist, varicose veins in the legs, women are also at home while using folk recipes. A homemade treatment like this helps to cope with the symptoms of varicose veins, both speed up the healing process.

  1. Night compresses your head swelling, itching and pain syndrome the arrival of. The need to compress 4-6 weeks perform during the night, for this purpose, the following ingredients:
  • cabbage leaves, washed and scalding boiling water;
  • grated potatoes;
  • kalanchoe juice and aloe vera;
  • what laundry soap grated mixed with a small quantity of warm water;
  • the solution of apple cider vinegar with water.

For the application to get a piece of gauze wet compress the prepared raw material, a pile of him a few times and applied the right place. The film, which is fixed with a bandage to the bandage in the morning.

  1. Soda used for compresses, lotions and rubbing. Teaspoon baking powder dissolved in 100 ml of water an imported vehicle, you do not have the water to wash the affected area rubbed. If you need to do, compress or lotion, the cloth soaked with this solution cotton, applying, using, at the feet of the dressing. Treatment at least 1 month.
  2. Ginseng tincture, tonic. To cook the tincture, the fee is 600 ml vodka, 150 grams of dry root crops. Shake ingredients, tincture for 2 weeks and sent a dark, cool place, shaking with the capacity of continuous content. Take 1-2 teaspoons of filtered tincture, on an empty stomach 4 times every day.

If a large destination to talk about, people medical advice soda foot bath. For this 2 litre soda dissolved in 4 tablespoons hot water, the resulting solution is added with water in the bathroom. Time a procedure in less than 20 minutes, such a manipulation may be again 2 times a day once every 7-10 days 10.

Exercise and gymnastics

That can increase the activity of the motor to increase the status and functioning of the vascular system and blood circulation. Doctors, prescriptions, medical Gymnastics and more patients spend most of the day standing. Charge to perform complex exercises in the morning and at night, anything goes at most 10 minutes.

people varicose veins

The arrival of languages occurs against complex exercises workout:

  1. Warming up the muscles, i.e., the tilt rotational movements in different directions, body, head, arm, leg-raises, also do the dance moves.
  2. The following exercise instead of on the mat, for example, cycling, mixing and dilution foot as "scissors, leg lifting and lowering the bar on the floor, raising and lowering the pelvis.
  3. Stretching helps blood circulation and increases blood flow. This can be a workout plié — squat started out as a gradual common in divorced family. That would also be helpful lunges forward, first right, then left foot. To perform pull-ups, lying and standing.

Exercise frequently, how much to allow the physical body of the patient. It is important, it's not a series of exercises for them discomfort and pain. More complex types during exercise of the foot must be under the supervision of an expert, you need to make your arrival.

If the observed patient arrival, running form, exercise, and gymnastics, only then the approval of a special doctor underwear. Protect through such measures affected the blood vessels stretching and injury.