Apple cider vinegar foot destination: the beneficial properties of treatment and application methods

In ancient times, the Egyptians and Chinese knew the benefits of apple cider vinegar. This folk remedy used to get rid of that have been numerous human disease. A famous foreign doctors in the middle of the twentieth century and wrote about the useful features of a circus, a big book that elevates in the coming years.

apple cider vinegar varicose in the legs at a distance of

More than ten amino acids, vitamin and beta-carotene, and various trace elements, oxalic, citric, lactic and other acids, pectin, as part of this current is a unique and universal tool.

In recovery that have been used since ancient times for indoor and outdoor use with an active metabolism, eliminate toxins and waste treatment, stability, balance, sodium and potassium, reduce appetite, digestion and the process of normalization, to get rid of various cosmetic problem.

Apple cider vinegar, which is an especially effective destination, and is most commonly used for what it is.

Veins with the extension of the struggle: an effective tool

Varicose veins, maybe a stick in the house, the right treatment, and apple cider vinegar. This product helps to clean the skin covers and develop their tone, a normal functioning circulatory system. Apply apple cider vinegar treatment you need for arrival.

Fragile blood vessels due to the effect of the vinegar is a useful action, content and features such as:

  • Propionic, acetic, citric, malic, oxalic acid and other acid.
  • Phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and other trace elements.
  • The whole complex, vitamin E, And .

Useful substances, trace elements, enzymes are quickly absorbed by the body quickly and effectively to ensure that is to get rid arrive.

Eliminates the vinegar based on the symptoms, specified diseases, reduces arthritis pain and swelling, wounds, and a useful antioxidant.

Application of basic techniques

Many people have great results in the hands to develop in apple cider vinegar and arrival case, the blood vessels and epidermis. The correct usage at the expense to stop the painful symptoms.

1. Warming up is considered one of the simplest and most effective treatment. Take a piece of gauze or a cotton swab and moisten it vinegar just swollen and delete Vienna. Do not rinse, the tool must be completely dry.

Repeat the process two or three times a day. Treatment equals two weeks. Can be repeated if necessary, but usually this time is enough for signs of edema on arrival.

2. Acetic bathroom – a very effective method for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs. You will need a fairly large capacity Basin. Her need to pour half a liter of apple cider vinegar and mix with water. Your legs then the capacity of approximately 15-20 minutes. After that, you don't need delete them towel – dry it thoroughly to wait for a healing tool. In this case, hold the legs, sew. Use the specified procedure several times a week, depending on the severity of the disease.

3. Tue – gauze, which is required for this procedure. Prepare a gauze and pour the vinegar in a small capacity. Please click to place a horizontal body position and a special toe pad or pillow under the foot. Wet wipes tools and then, a little bit apply it to problem areas and tighten the skin. Wrap it in gauze and wrap with a towel, a small package of additional warming.

Feet keep on for 40-60 minutes. Pull package of gauze and a towel and clean or delete the ruins vinegar. They completely soak, otherwise the procedure will not be effective.

4. You need to do three liters of water one cup of rinse solution acetic. Rinse and baked them to get the tool foot. This kind of manipulation you can do up to six times a day. No deletion after the procedure foot they dry themselves completely to soak up a healthy solution.

vinegar application

5. On arrival the feet of Apple product yield tested and proven, by medical professionals. Many medicines and effectiveness can not be compared with this public tool.

Recommended do on a regular basis, special compresses. Prepare to be observing the sky first printed towels and vinegar. Wrap two layers of the legs and leave for twenty minutes.

Compress person should be in a horizontal position during coating. After the procedure, wipe the leg dry.

6. The Apple application "drug" to be understood in the house, it's addicting. Two tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a glass of warm water and drunk on an empty stomach a few times a week. Honey to sweeten to improve taste qualities may be.

Some contraindications about

I was told a lot about the benefits of folk remedies magic bullet. But apple cider vinegar and contraindications include. Acquisition to take place, it is not recommended suffering from diseases, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, urinary organs.

Acid, vinegar, long-term and eaten plenty slowly may cause the Shell and the stomach gastritis, peptic ulcer disease. Also the reception is not recommended for cirrhosis of the liver.

Damaged concrete will be subject to significant ones acute cystitis is a form apple cider vinegar. Only the bladder and worsen the inflammatory process .

Prohibited use of this popular tool for pancreatitis. Why do you the aggravation of a serious disease.

Patients prone to allergic reactions, and non-individual intolerance of components, apple cider vinegar, certainly, even small amounts of cigarette smoke.

Find any shops or cook at home: choose the best option

The tools that are described in success stores and pharmacies searches may not be successful. Nobody made you a warranty on the purchased drug is completely safe, effective and appropriate treatment on arrival and for consumption. Find apple cider vinegar all natural vitamins and enzymes listed previously it is not only possible.

To do better, cooking at home, to be sure, the important characteristics in a unique product.

The first recipe

Use only natural apple juice and vinegar wine the role of yeast already cooked. In some cases you can tool and no yeast, but then you need to wait, The Last Supper, about twelve weeks.

Press, a sufficient amount of ripe apples and pour the water in his glass bowl. Towels gauze cover him and wait for natural fermentation. First, successful wine and vinegar ready in a few days again.

The second recipe

If you want to use as maya, and black bread. Thoroughly wash and chop ripe apples. Sheep easy meals. But you do not want to use the plastic reservoir. Add some sugar and bread. Carefully follow the fermentation process. If within five to seven days-not yet started, a little sugar on it or unwashed raisins.

After a few weeks, drain the liquid and take your weight Apple in a warm place for 14 days. Acetic cooking then formed on the surface of the uterus. Then the bottom falls out, and you will be able to use the tool exactly.

The third recipe

Productive to get rid of warranty, destination, application, quality homemade vinegar. Wash ripe, sweet apples and chop them in a blender. Place the resulting mass in a pan or a deep bowl. Pour, add hot water, sugar (for 1 kg fruit maximum fifty grams).


Pull it, leave it in a warm place for two weeks and periodically stir the dishes shortened to the shell surface. After it expires, another fluid drain thoroughly and flight capacity. After a week and a half of vinegar will be ready to use.

Bottles filter and carefully pour the finished product. It is recommended to use gauze to apply a filter. This is a good home remedy fruit will be the most effective. Necessarily start treatment small blood vessel formation in stars.

The disease can progress rapidly and apple cider vinegar varicose sites may not be expressed in a powerful way. High efficiency, proof and confirmation of this home recipe many positive reviews. You can use one method or more than one.

Spectacular homemade vinegar fixes symptoms of disease, reduces pain and normalizes blood circulation. This result is Apple healthy veins effective use of "drug". Cook, the recipes are an effective to increase the degree of exposure specified.