Lower extremity varicose veins: symptoms and treatment

Varicose disease of the lower extremities which occurs in various reasons can be attributed to 3 groups: blood clotting disorders, defeat, the vessel wall, surrounding tissue still changes. Treatment factor effects for a reason, but it is not possible to narrow down an advanced plot medicinal drugs, Vienna.

varicose veins in the legs

The tools for support vessels, vascular tone, but not possible to recover the lack of a functional cover that causes a recession.

The causes of varicose disease:

Is too high, coagulation, blood prerequisite for blood clots. The way hormonal changes, compromised heart rate, decreased venous wall changes, there may be stagnant.

The venous wall damage can be traumatic, physical, chemical, bacterial. Autoimmune diseases occurs with thinning of the vessel wall due to the antibodies of the lesion. Little physical exercise to be done is the accumulation of blood blocks.

Compression pressure can occur because the increased pressure in the veins surrounding tissue. With such complex varicose veins. Probably the formation of trophic ulcers.

The lower extremity of destination precipitating factors:

  • Heir of obesity in terms of the negative. Excessive oil pressure increases, blood vessels, stagnant incentive changes;
  • Improper diet, use of herbal products can stimulate the fibers with violation of vascular permeability. Increasing dietary vegetable fiber intake to reduce bowel toxins. Violation of venous blood flow demands of a sedentary lifestyle an important factor in obesity;
  • Most people, of course, the risk of complications in a sitting or standing position. A negative effect-valve damage from veins. Contribute and tight underwear corset compression of the veins in the groin area. Increased intra-abdominal pressure causes external compression of venous blood vessels over a long period, change a stagnant lower extremity;
  • Wearing high heel shoes physiological. Nov encourage routine stretchable-fiber apparatus, vessels to changes in the stagnant why;
  • Valves capable of completely overlapping a ship in a stagnant way changes lower extremity. Pathology of the venous system venous overload the rear wall creates sites;
  • Genetic predisposition due to mutations of the gene that occur due to the sensitive nature of the device in the walls of arteries. Another protein rises, due to a persistent inflammatory change of the blood pressure damaged membranes swelling fluids through sweat. Weakness, vascular leads to increased venous pressure. The result will be varicose veins;
  • Hormonal disorders, pregnancy, affecting the formation of why a higher level estrogen and progesterone, vascular factors, blood clotting. Decreased tonus of venous wall background pathology, the deformation path and clogged veins;
  • Diabetes — the leading pathology, decreased blood sugar levels, creates a favorable environment for the development of blood clots;
  • Alcohol abuse leads to thickening of the blood, increases the risk of blood clots, blood vessels;
  • Long-term hiking, mandatory a location – arrival precipitating factors;
  • Malnutrition, weight lifting, slow blood flow, heart development, recession — these triggering factors pathology;
  • Chronic constipation accompanied by increased intra-abdominal pressure, difficulty in blood, the output of the lower extremities;
  • Under the influence of intense dehydration caused by the sun's Rays thickening of the blood, accelerate the blood clots;
  • Venous insufficiency, congenital cardiovascular activities that contribute to pathology;
  • Increases in drug overdose, blood clots, a history of vessels obstructed the road every 6 months;
  • Contribute to surgical intervention, blood volume, increase the possibility of thromboembolism.
varicose veins

The arrival of foot – politicologie this disease. Patients are usually there are multiple causes leading what is the chronology of the development.

Lower extremity varicose veins: symptoms and treatment

The arrival of symptoms specific to the diagnosis. Features 2 form of the disease etiological factors depending on the characteristics of primary, secondary.

The primary form of fatigue that occurs under the influence of the venous wall bound with congenital or acquired factors. The secondary form that develops under the influence of the other reason.

Reasons, varicose disease of the foot:

  • Swelling of the skin;
  • Pigmentation (darkening);
  • Pain syndrome in the evening and in the afternoon;
  • Traffic skin lesions (eczema, dermatitis).

The primary destination due to the weakness of the blood vessel walls, with the development of obesity, growth, connective tissue fibers. The output of secondary venous disorders due to injury and pathology of tumors. The venous wall stretching high unpredictable. Pathology increases the risk of thromboembolism, a failure can be fatal. Thrombus is usually localized on the feet, but the common hand, or the venous system embolism in cases your wife.

Complication a secondary disease, trophic ulcers. Even a small violation that can contribute to the formation of scratch defects ulcerative tissue on their feet. Pathology of the hardest holding to deal with a doctor. It takes decades for treatment, so timely contact phlebologist.

Bleeding, doctors are faced with every day. The disease began veins protrude above the skin surface. This pathology results with thrombophlebitis can have irreversible consequences. Continuous status follow the venous system. To avoid pathological changes cannot be repaired must communicate with thrombophlebitis results.

Uniqueness extensions Vienna wall like, what pain syndrome occurs only during the initial phase. Slowly get used to the pain receptors, therefore, wider, Vienna, less obvious pain.

Symptoms early arrival:

  • Seal;
  • Redness;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Pain.

Blood through venous valves you need, move backwards. Their failure to reverse blood flow, therefore, developing an internship. The accumulation of blood in a certain place that creates a front to create blood clots. This image can be viewed in the violation treatment technology arrival. Inflammation that occurs at the injection site training that creates the blood to clot by raising the adhesive properties of the vessel wall.

Thrombophlebitis flow classification:

  • Sharp;
  • Chronic.
causes of arrival

Acute thrombophlebitis will grow rapidly. Somewhere of arrival localization, resulting in pain, redness, enlargement, Vienna.

Obvious signs of a period characterized by chronic. The pathology of the syndrome of periodic pain. The pain that bothers the patient after exercise. Elastic compression swelling continues. Private patients with a bandage.

Medication and surgical treatment

Drug treatment, varicose veins, lower extremity pathology completely get rid of it. Violated the permeability of blood vessel walls, stagnant for a change, I want to treat a new clot immediately to avoid pulmonary embolism, and death. Anticoagulants and special medications that are used for this purpose, as oral tablet local creams.

Folk pharmaceutical drugs additional treatment, physical therapy (magnet tape "bicycle", therapeutic exercises). Boiling is recommended to get rid of skin rashes, oak bark, chamomile, St. John's wort.

Surgery varicose legs – types, principles of treatment

The above methods because currently applied is less than more commonly used processes.

Sclerotherapy – intravenous input a sticky substance, a few sessions in the early stages of disease arrival fixes. The procedure entry contains the node for the arrival of a special item, promote overgrowing Lumen Vienna.

The affected veins laser coagulation – modern procedure allowing does not produce excision, tissue Blade.

Indications phlebectomy ram:

  • An important extension of the subcutaneous veins;
  • Thromboembolism danger;
  • Trophic disorders, skin;
  • Acute thrombophlebitis;
  • Swelling, severe fatigue, ill.

Cannot surgery, pregnancy, severe infections, coronary heart disease, inflammation, lower extremity, formula, eczema. The only way to cover the arrival of the disease during treatment with the goal of deep vein fix work apparatus – a surgical operation.

Laser therapy has been shown in patients with disease of the cardiovascular system, the genitourinary rate, increased blood pressure, operational intervention is contraindicated.

To get rid of bad rf vascular coagulation can be made according to the official statement. Dignity operations of hairlessness, no cosmetic defect skin disorders disability.

Sclerotherapy, which is a measure of disease – when there is pathology, duplex doppler, arrival, was in its early stages. The disadvantage is that the procedure for entering the vein sclerosante lowering the effectiveness of treatment is improved.

Treatment of chronic varicose disease

Elastic compression chronic arrival to apply correctly. A program that is designed for this purpose:

  1. Jersey Motor Class 0 1-2 degrees;
  2. Elastic Jersey Motor mono Class 1-2 pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy 1 degrees;
  3. Pharmacotherapy is recommended 2-3 3-4 degrees of continuous elastic Jersey Motor class, local ointment treatment, physiotherapy.
varicose treatment

Schema therapy is a standard treatment to protect specific types of misuse described the arrival of the drugs. The sheer number of determination, you will be able to purchase only a doctor dose.

Implemented stringent conditions, even a magnet of the lower extremities varicose. After the procedure you need to evaluate the local weather changes.