Labia varicose veins: causes and characteristic symptoms, pictures and treatment methods

The blood vessels of the intestines to reduce their voice deteriorating because of this situation, how this complex cause, which is venous stasis, blood in the field of lower extremity and perineum.

labia varicose

Timely diagnosis and, of course, the doctor's recommendations, the probability of disease complications.

Arrival on the causes, genital lips

The labia from one of the main reason for arrival:

  • increased progesterone concentration in the blood. This hormone is responsible for education contraindications fetal the uterus, it reduces its flexibility and encouragement of her voice. A similar action turns out to be, and blood vessels;
  • narrow strips of infringement of the lower extremities vessels;
  • blood volume increased significantly. This creates in the Vienna region, lower limbs and spoon, an additional mechanical load;
  • the pressure the blood vessels the increased volume of the uterus (during pregnancy). Some veins are compressed, impaired circulation, venous valves accommodate measures to escape back to interrupted blood. And it appears sluggish.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate the emergence of a prior arrival, it depends a lot on how the general condition, cardiovascular system of the patient, as well as the concentration of progesterone in the blood. As practice shows, these attacks will occur more frequently after the age of 40pregnancy.

IMPORTANT! Doctors also actually shows a result of lips genital arrival, insufficient physical activity the period of a woman's pregnancy. Really loads of advice in the early stages, avoid less movement, but to start with the second trimester, it is necessary to take long walks. If not – no stimulation study the circulatory system and as a result stagnant.

In other cases, varicose veins are usually "professional" is a disease. The ones that occurs in a large part of your day, "on their feet". This includes, for example, vendors who work in stores including nurses, dentists, barbers.

Nov constantly provoke tensions curvature vessels, followed them to the blockage. This may be the perineum and lower limbs. Depending on the state of the circulatory system these sites.


Key symptoms the arrival of the labia – this is visually visible blue or red appearance of blood vessels under the skin layer. This is how existence once and showing the reverse flow of blood, stagnation and partial atrophy of the vascular walls.

Spoon desired they appear in the field initially, and then a specific period of time (maximum an increase of the load) increases the volume, and labia. Most of the time, just one, but the known facts and two-sided arrival.

At this point in the body happens? The veins of a spoon is significantly reduced, flow rate, blood.

symptoms of varicose

This increased pressure through the blood vessels and is also expanding.

They become thinner and causing the risk of rupture.

Valves all this dysfunction it is completed. This pressure is so strong that it's not them, Vienna may be invalid in the process of relaxation of the heart muscle and the blood just begins to flow in the opposite direction part.

This again creates tension in the elastic walls of the curvature.

In these fields there is the possibility of blood clotscapable of completely clogging a ship and atrophy provoked by her.

IMPORTANT! When you are prompted, the primary symptoms varicose woman does not feel anything tactile. Worsening symptoms – visible discomfort, pain, pressure and voltage the vagina with a sharp walking Nov.

A more dangerous arrival?

Arrival dangerous internal bleeding if a discovery is cut the vessel wall. All this is completed visually sexual as a psychological factor it's big and ugly lips. This is the body that can trigger the emergence of inferiority complex and reproductive system dysfunction.

Especially dangerous varicose veins, pregnant, birth, and prenatal contractions (cervix especially important for an explanation) can be a factor in provoking a rupture in the blood vessels. When that happens, the risk that will arise due to internal bleeding.

Detect arrival of a timeless have a high probability of vessels atrophy. Commissioning and process them in response to circulating blood resorption, Vienna. To a large extent the circulation is broken, the probability of sexual need amputation damaged lips.

Varicose veins, labia

So far, there are few effective treatments arrival:

  • conservative treatment. Implied drugs, promote heart function, as well as wearing compression underwear. All this is completed, physical therapy, exercise therapy;
  • surgery. An incision through the perineum vessels completely removed live;
  • stapling. Blocked blood vessels damaged at an early stage of the disease using laser cautery. Over time, they remain, and in their place new.

Conservative treatment is preferred, however, allowed the application, not only at an early stage labia arrival time, increase the amount of shows a lack of total blockage. In this case, the doctor drugs prescription stimulants and prevent the emergence of thrombosis.

Wearing compression underwear is designed to protect the veins of the lower extremities is not possible when its primary curvature. This reduces blood circulation to the skin and pressure. Treatment is determined at the discretion of the doctor.

Surgery method is most radical when it is displayed and used, opening the risk of internal bleeding. Applied the last time there is a possibility atrophy, genital lip.

Here's the procedure laser a relatively new variation of treatment with at least traumatism. Here is just required for meeting vehicle, most government clinics.

varicose veins during pregnancy

In total, destination, genital lip – corruption, the cardio-vascular system due to deterioration of the narrow strips. Conservative treatment cannot be detected in time. The risk of internal bleeding is especially dangerous during childbirth such as pregnant.