Any surgical intervention on how to get a lingerie destination

Compression underwear – the effective way in order to prevent the emergence of arrival and the suspended development. The main reason you can eliminate this disease, however, quite talented to cope with its symptoms by reducing the quality of life. Today compression sweater – natural treatment, in addition to an activity that improves the time of arrival. There existing underwear, thanks that is gaining popularity among patients with the diagnosis of this "arrival".

compression underwear

Compression underwear: why?

Entity, the action creates compression underwear that is the right pressure of the foot and related fields. To encourage this, resulting in correct load distribution, the normal direction of blood flow from the heart. The incoming veins in the lower leg, it requires more effort to push blood up and accounting for this region, the maximum compression pressure is applied, linens. And, for example, hip linens, including only about 40% t of pressure. k. veins less the load already.

Vienna special underwear literally squeezing pushes the blood out, not giving that sluggish veins. As a result, when worn like a sock (or tights golf) is reduced significantly unpleasant and painful symptoms arrival: leg so tired and swollen, itching or burning sensation is felt, the feeling of them.

Worth using compression socks for the following reasons:

  • by distributing these socks to encourage blood flow to normal blood replaced vessels healthy;
  • such a lingerie stimulates blood circulation, thereby improving tissue nutrition;
  • if the size is correct if you take the lingerie, then the effective prevention of thrombosis;
  • lingerie looks very aesthetic, the dress, no matter where you go - work, hiking, to the gym;
  • Compression socks – the most easy, comfortable and safe vehicles with a destination in almost any struggle, there are contraindications.


Wearing compression underwear that very few contraindications, but they still are. These state the following:

  • obliterating endarteritis, atherosclerosis, aortoarteriit and some other chronic diseases characterized by a reduction in artery Lumen and a significant reduction blood pressure;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • eczema, allergic skin rashes, open wounds, inflammatory skin on the foot;
  • septic phlebitis, cardio-pulmonary insufficiency, a severe form;
  • increased skin sensitivity.

Use compression underwear: isn't that dangerous?

A perception, such that the layer can pass into corruption as a serious problem wearing compression underwear Nov venous walls. And then, after the cessation of use, the treated knitted fabric to the vessel wall is not only possible, counter-pressure, why not just the progress of the varicose disease. Refuting these fears, phlebologist forth the following facts:

a lingerie destination
  • sick of carrying the arrival sweater, round the clock;
  • along artificially generated pressure in the veins prone the blood doesn't stop, just reduced;
  • usually the layer of compression due to inflammatory processes and genetic predisposition to atrophy Nov wearing underwear and compliance, by contrast, prevents this.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks, cotton and nylon fibers, lycra and microfiber. Such a Underwear seams, no horses, weather, and more, it's a pleasant feeling in contact with skin. This hypo-allergenic and from the outside looks the same as usual, tights or socks. Medicinal properties due to processing of knitwear from the latest computer technologies. Yield compression underwear subject to the rules of maintenance and storage is saved in about six months. Then need to be replaced.

Any compression socks

Underwear compression, treatment and Prevention. The hospital is still there and supposedly, lingerie, exploiting only a fixed environment. As the name suggests, a disease already it is recommended to use the therapeutic sweater that it manifested itself to any extent. It is recommended for wear compression underwear for the people at work as a preventive measure for risk groups: pregnant, obese persons who are genetically prone to suffering from seizures to the formation of arrival of Representatives "Standing" and "sitting" professions.

When it comes to such compression underwear, offered in a sufficient amount of today's pharmaceutical market, under all tastes and needs:

  • tights – the most popular kind of underwear among women, narrow leg and sliding during the operation;
  • socks;
  • socks – for men affordable option;
  • elastic bandage – compression is a very viable option, which, however, does not lose relevance due to an affordable price, the knitted fabric looks a great choice, although it is much more effective and aesthetic treatment.

Typically, product for women, tights and socks), decorated with patterns. Here are produced most frequently in men's underwear transparent, on the feet this is the most insidious.

any compression underwear

Classification of medical compression underwear

Preventative drug stores by most of the knitwear available for purchase, at any time, to buy something, the treatment requires a doctor's prescription. Private pharmacies and shops for shopping as recommended. Knitwear density of the generated compression pressure is divided into the following classes:

  • 23 mm with compression Class 1, below. hg. recommended use verse and the first signs of the manifestation of the patient's arrival: blue-red-star-expanding vascular blood vessels in the skin near the skin surface, toys, extreme fatigue in legs and weight.
  • 2. class – creates a higher pressure 33 mm. hg. verse and arrival is indicated for the treatment of moderate importance, and thrombophlebitis.
  • Class 3 – provided motor does not exceed 45 mm. hg. underwear used in the treatment of such a verse, quite severe venous insufficiency with trophic ulcer of the pathology.
  • Class 4 – motor, approximately 50 mm. hg. in the verse above, a heavy sweater like this is suitable for the treatment of pathologies resulting from these disorders edema when lymphatic flow is obstructed and removal.

Give recommendations to a specific class of compression underwear only a qualified phlebologist, according to the situation of a specific patient. She tells about, in the mode of therapeutic wearing a sweater, at the same time will explain the Basic Rules, and storage, maintenance.

How compression underwear?

Frankly, you should consult your doctor first about the use of the picture therapeutic class knitwear. Then the value decides – pantyhose, stockings, socks, tights. Here specified all individual preferences. Finally, it is important the right size – otherwise the effect would be that wears special swimwear that less (or no).

Now, when it comes to price. Mainly the price distribution, the difference to the naked eye pharmaceutical market, due to the abundance of over many different manufacturers. Popular brand, seller, or more modest? In any case, the most accurate calculated compression hits the shelves with products pharmacy. And these products may be different, so design and long socks.

To protect yourself, purchase a fraud, proven to make the necessary purchases, pharmacies and proven store-dealers. As everyone knows, European quality standards are very high. In this case, a compressive sourpuss. If marking on the packaging stands for "ral-gz-387" no doubt about it – this is not the first quality, the manufacturer and the certificate I had to go through Switzerland or Germany.

therapeutic knitwear

Dresses knitwear treatment

Not knitted dressing treatment, this may seem easy. Particularly difficult to deal with linens, high-class – 3. and 4. The thing is, such a socks and tights in the cold, just collect an ordinary product "harmonica" and pull it up. Special challenges a person safe, which is why a big belly.

So, the process itself, the dressing is as follows:

  • it's going top tights or stockings, "curly";
  • added products in the palm, who pointed this out;
  • a product slowly spreading required warning The Shins;
  • if we're talking about pantyhose, they are already lying stretched hip (in this case, approaching to remove the waist and pelvis).

Some of the therapeutic requirements you must adhere to while he dresses knitwear:

  • compression underwear dress-Good Morning, tired and yet when a foot are swollen;
  • shorn short, and the feet should be carefully processed;
  • the unwanted presence, calluses and rough skin on stop – all these that can be easily damaged a delicate fabric.

Because the compression dressing underwear – it's not an easy job to a lifestyle created custom for patients to facilitate lighting, a basis for the rendering process. Jersey cope with Class 3-4 without them it's almost impossible.

A few suggestions for you to wear underwear

Pressure feet can be better to attract night lingerie, relax a bit and "breathe". However, if a person accidentally golfs pantyhose or asleep, it won't bring any harm to him.

Wearing compression underwear should not end with summer. Arrival to promote the development of high temperature, therefore, especially need the support of the job changed veins. You can change the class in lingerie more "light" a product prefer 1. preventive class or socks.

Sometimes the "arrival" coming out of Vienna above the gum products to result in a natural question: Does it make sense to use in this case an expensive underwear. The meaning of this necessarily indirect because there is definitely a vessel to normal blood flow in the veins of lower consumables due to the positive effects. However, it is still worth a try to select the correct size of stockings or tights.

Jersey maintenance

Maintenance treatment Jersey

Compression socks – something requiring respect for self there is a relationship. Therefore, you must reading the basic rules such as maintenance, to whom shown wearing socks, and panty golf:

  • washable knitwear every day for the slightest motion because you will need treatment jot jot fiber the harmful and gentle, they are quite talented product deprived of its medicinal properties;
  • manually this product only washable, the water temperature about 40 degrees;
  • underwear compression by pressing or bargaining impossible in any way – let's just be a little "wet";
  • need dry underwear compression, expanded in the form on a horizontal surface, away from direct sunlight and the battery; doesn't hang, drying them vertically normal;
  • serious damage to the structure and the ability of ordinary air conditioners and thereby deprive him of knitwear and its therapeutic healing properties, therefore allow it to be used while washing the child soap or special tools for delicate fabrics;
  • best compression tights and a pair of alone – then you don't have to spend every day a lot of time sensitive products washer and dryer;
  • articles on the ribbon and Silicon should be treated with caution – on repair properties he loses any contact with water, therefore alcohol and a clean cloth to protect better careful when washing wet.

It should not be forgotten if a preventive underwear, you can buy yourself something to pick up, treatment can only be a doctor. Amateur about this threat, not just a physical discomfort and a waste of money, but also more serious health problems. If you use compression underwear but if it is correct, then surely to make your life easier, patient and effective a complementary therapy of varicose disease.