Reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities: disease description, causes and treatment

Kind of varicose veins, reticular varices. The large arteries and veins near the skin cover the effects of this pathology. These small vessels, and insulting a good view.

reticular varicose veins

Developmental diseases

Reticular varicose veins is not a disease of its own. Normal arrival at this first stage. Another name for this pathology – net heirs. Small veins or asterisk as a disease that manifests itself mostly in the common leg.

Reticular varicose veins small blood vessels and capillaries under the skin offered. In medical practice, is called reticular veins and telangiectasia.

Plexus of vessels can be different: linear, mesh, arachnids, spotted.

Visible, this is a cosmetic defect with age. This does not constitute any danger of pathology.


Reticular varicose veins is predominantly seen in women. There are various factors that may occur in response to the affecting. The main reason of a violation of the sound development of the pathology of the veins.

The most common sites of the disease during pregnancy increases the load on the legs, and as a result the blood flow is disrupted. Various diseases can affect the development hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and during menopause.

Other causes, development, arrival of six:

  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Load, a foot-long distance during the walk;
  • A sedentary lifestyle;
  • They had something wearing;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Hypertension;
  • Liver disease;
  • Limb injury;
  • Solar radiation;
  • Skin diseases.

Problems may occur with the venous system in the body lack of vitamin or irrational nutrition.

Very often women who had this standing venous to be grilled more often, hair stylists, teachers, salespeople, etc.

Small venous networks of training that can trigger all of these reasons, there are ways to deteriorate, and the appearance of the foot.


Blood clots the veins mostly visible under hip or knee. A ton of these veins and reddish cyanotic color. They are different sizes, the degree of brightness. If I could suppress on the affected area of a spider veins disappear, then reappear.

Reticular varicose foot accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Leg pain
  • The appearance of edema
  • Weight in the legs
  • Nov calf cramps
  • Itching in the legs and feet region

These signs reinforced an emerging disease evening, and then a powerful load, foot. Typically, such movement is not a target that shows itself.

If there is no action in the arteries, veins, the disease passes to the next stage.

Then the nodes of the fall of Vienna, during the walk, the patient feels pain. Even if your symptoms are mild, this is not an excuse to wait for a visit to the doctor. Varicose veins, you need to network in the first stage, after that, the disease can lead to various complications.

Public treatment

varicose treatment

Implement public methods in the first stage of the development of suitable in the treatment of of arrival arrival observed at most 0.5 mm.

The people's councils in the treatment of arrival:

  • Vessels are used to increase the flexibility of tincture of horse chestnut. Such pharmacy can be taken in a tincture or cook it yourself. Buy dried chestnuts and mix with vodka 1:10 at a rate of. All mix and leave for 20 days. To get to 40 drops several times a day.
  • To reduce pain in the legs weight based tincture and coconut. You need to drink the normal water a teaspoon nutmeg powder in the morning on an empty stomach in a few days. Powder can be purchased in store or pharmacy.
  • An effective fighting on arrival, a clover infusion. Buy pot and two cups hot water 2 teaspoons. Leave 4 hours of infusion. Buy, car, the first meal 30 minutes 1/3 cup. It is important to remember, melilotus, a poisonous plant, so only after consulting your doctor to get an infusion monitors.

And also boiled decoctions commonly used compresses, lotions – car exterior applications:

  • Birch, kidney, etc on arrival. Dried buds, pour half a liter in a jar 1/3-wide capacity. Then pour vodka and leave for 10 days kidney. Infusion obtained after this period the affected area lubricated.
  • Boiling foot baths, white willow bark. Hot water (2 cups), pour 2 tablespoons chopped willow bark. Boil water for 20 minutes, and then it is convenient to use. Then a special treat to put in foot baths knitwear.

That is used as a folk treatment helpful and supportive treatment.

Other ways of treatment

Besides drug therapy, other treatment methods under arrival:

  1. Sclerotherapy. Specialty chemicals for use in the procedure, entered using a thin needle or capillary into Vienna. The procedure is different for different days depending on the number of vascular branching and 5 to 60 Minutes. After applying the procedure, a bandage on the affected area that is appropriate for the patient. You need to wear it a time period of 4-10 days.
  2. Laser photocoagulation. A short period of time to get rid of the vessels. Therefore, unlike the other methods this method of treatment more effective. Laser treats????? held sealing vessels as a result of expanded blood vessels. You may feel a slight discomfort patient laser exposure. Already after you follow the three procedures can be realized as a result.
  3. Micro-phlebotomy. The doctor performs a small hole, and then pulls the surface of the vessel. After that, her bound and cutting. Such a manipulation that are made all the landscaping veins. Cooperative intervention is performed under local anesthesia and is done. The process without using chemical substances, drug substances and the vascular Lumen sklerotik. It should be noted that several such processes, then, you are left with scars and skin scars.

Possible complications and Prevention

diagnosis and Prevention

In many cases, a painless disease, but the pathology of treatment required. Ask the service staff at the first sign. Otherwise the vascular mesh on the legs begins to rise.

Some symptoms may show the complications associated with this pathology:

  • Hematoma;
  • Bleeding skin;
  • Lower extremity edema;
  • Nov cramps;
  • Bleeding with the affected veins.

If left untreated, reticular varices, this can cause chronic venous insufficiency.

To avoid this, the vascular on the legs of the grill, consider the following recommendations:

  • Foot to take a cool shower before going to bed.
  • To do a variety of sports, exercises, feet and joints.
  • When you found it, in the sitting position for long periods, the exercises should be done to accelerate blood vessels.
  • Useful an outdoor pool, a steam bath and a sauna.
  • Important to adjust their lifestyles to change your nutrition, get rid of excess weight, etc.

Which is part of a group of people risk, have to comply with the specified rules. They also need to wear special compression socks, follow the power to quit bad habits.