Varicose veins in the legs - symptoms and treatment

With the disease, "a vast geography", the inhabitants of the earth more than a diagnosis – varicose veins, lower extremity.

In a system with a sharp disorder due to varicose veins, venous blood output region, and leg vascular congestion or overflow, thought-provoking degradation processes in the development of the venous walls. Bankruptcy the valve system and connective tissue weakness contribute to this process, on arrival.

varicose veins in the legs

"Root of evil"?

Large tanks containing a comprehensive system superficial and deep venous vessels, allows blood into the human heart. The bond is a type of an alarm system which provides in a time of blood discharge.

The main load is due to the volume of deep venous vessels promoting circulation and durability. Only a small dose and take a lot of the superficial veins.

A pump like the heart, "shooting" blood disease channels. Specific loads (walking human, dwarf, etc.) push her heart to the veins, overcoming the force of gravity (gravity). Nov comfortable when the foot tissue (weak natrenirovannosti or resting), the weight under gravity, blood, quickly descends to the feet.

Stock special pockets in the walls of the arteries, promote blood circulation back to execute valve features and obstacles. How Valve sees the value system, a shutter, and any damage leads to the deterioration of blood flow and increased blood flow, flushed down.

This provokes stagnation of blood in the vessels, and inflammatory processes, their expansion, swelling and bumps, the valve system featured an enlarged vein that can stop bankruptcy. The resulting disorder, blood circulation and varicose veins in the legs, venous expansion.

Causes of arrival

There are two forms of the disease, development – primary and secondary. Formation of primary varicose pathologies venous leg drive on the walls:

  • their fall tone;
  • loss of elasticity;
  • intravenous high pressure;
  • lumpy formations expanded blood vessels.

Development plays a role in pathologies such as:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • advanced age;
  • overweight and injury;
  • large cargo vessels on foot.

The sudden load of the disease provoke the development of the legs and extreme fatigue, pregnancy and birth. The result of these factors, in most cases, cover the legs and increasing blood pressure damage to the apparatus.

The reason secondary form of post – thrombotic due to the arrival of a pathological foot, as most of the processes into the vascular system:

  • thrombosis, The migrated phase of primary disease;
  • vascular dysplasia and congenital fistula in an artery and vein;
  • syndrome, Parkes-Weber;
  • tumors and injuries;
  • immunological and neuroendocrine disorders.
vascular disease

An additional factor is the development of birth control pills cause hormonal imbalance in women can use the destination. Have not confirmed a direct relationship, but due to the extremity of the pathology that can develop an existing complex processes due to their acceptance on arrival.

The first nonspecific symptoms in the legs-varicose and sparse. The veins of a very specific destination, syndrome, leg pain and burning under peak load affected by vibrating.

Normal case – the fatigue, the area to the rear of the foot, swelling of feet and ankles. Visible character whining pain syndrome, venous blood vessels during a run.

An ordinary sign in the initial stage of the disease, strong pain and swelling is noticeable in the evening and goes until the morning. No visible changes are seen early in the disease the veins. Patient experience is not only a great weariness.

  • As the disease progresses can develop gradually, over the years. No timely treatment may occur, and chronic venous insufficiency.

Symptoms of varicose veins, foot - 7 signs

The basic symptoms of varicose veins in the legs is characterized by:

1. External vascular changes. The shape and configuration modified deep under the skin and a vein – the symptom most brilliant arrival. Notes other emergency services immediately, or vascular thickening and localization localized lumpy formations in a proper club.

They are purple or cyanotic color. The surface is previously conspicuous small vessels small vessel showing through as a mesh. In the inner region of the foot and the shank of such changes frequently.

2. Pain syndrome. Its normal manifestation caviar. With the development of the disease they accompany and leg contractions become more powerful and Nov, orthostatic disease – the pain before you go lying down, and, resuming the standing during the transition.

Painful palpation, in the absence of visible pathological changes confirm changes deep lying vessels.

3. The swelling. Manifestation of swelling of feet during arrival – characteristic symptoms. Self-localization, alt, U, C, te lower leg and foot. In this case, projection occurs in the lesions, severe itching skin cover.

A night for a while, if the swelling is reduced, a signal that claims to be this alert in its final stage the progression of the disease (phase failure). Trophic ulcer development infection to participate and jump in the middle of such a situation.

4. Itchy skin, the symptoms are as bright as Transfiguration, the development of varicose veins, venous pathology is already emerging of a distinct output.

5. Hyperpigmentationclinical symptoms on a background of bright. Damaged veins in the skin area, and near their places of movement, injury and damage hardening (compression) atrophy and thinning of the epithelium surface is dark blue under the skin structure.

6. Hyperemia – feeling constantly freezing limbs, fingers and toes.

7. Open venous ulcer development as a complex option the arrival of a result or a specific change in the plots of the skin in the final stages of the disease.

Different people have many different ways of and disease, according to individual properties of the venous vascular location (superficial or deep).

For this reason, the most dangerous "underwater stones" of the arrival, inconspicuous, asymptomatic phase and manifest in the that works throughout.

Which should be seen by a specialist?

varicose treatment

Manifestation the onset of symptoms and even diseases, see a doctor immediately. Because the development of the disease is still at an early stage to stop the medication. In the legs, varicose the treatment of a certain doctor.

If no such a specialist at the clinic, the appointment of appropriate treatment can solve the problem.

Treatment of varicose veins legs

Built according to the degree of vascular lesions the treatment of varicose veins in the foot.

  1. A manifestation of the first stage due to fatigue syndrome, is accompanied by leg.
  2. Included in the second stage pathology persistent edema, pigmentation, skin structures with the seal under the skin (fiber), and focuses on a variety of development.
  3. The third phase is characterized by the genesis of ulcerous defects nutrients.

Naturally easier to cut the process short, is a disease of the third degree without waiting. Adding another medication to stop the process in its early stages by home remedies for its effectiveness.

Many tools out there in the legs in the initial stages of varicose disease treatment. The minimally invasive procedure medication or a different technology are included here.

First of all, this pressure underwear (socks, tights, stockings and an elastic bandage. Nov tightening a specific groups, increase blood flow and blood stagnation in the reduction procedures. This technique, further development of vasodilation and thrombosis.

So far, the process affected drug ideal in the distance with all the elements that occur in the development of varicose veins is not a disease. In most cases that is used is a special treat. Conservative treatment in the early stages of development partially stop the process is possible, but the drug is not able to clear already existing anchor training.

Drugs for the treatment of varicose veins and foot

1. Basic drugs that restore vascular tone assignable, remove, venous stasis and to improve the processes of micro-shaped tissue in sprays, gels, pills, and ointments.

2. Drugs to prevent the development of thrombosis in heparin-assigned with the addition of the perfect blood-thinning.

3. Drop in for inflammatory processes, pain and swelling, the most frequently assigned special gels, sprays and ointments at a distance of arrival.


Varicose veins in the legs during a running process, surgery is inevitable. Old techniques and modern minimally invasive methods are significantly different. Different small traumatism and a lack of expressed pain. This:

  • lifting procedures venous return pathology a minimally invasive technique;
  • multiple modification procedures chosen, given current pathology;
  • this problem is based on the method of clumping blood flow to the technical team venous walls;
  • closing laser coagulation for venous spaces;
  • varicose veins, radiofrequency ablation is the method of large ships;
  • and combined technical and other sclerosing processes.

Is chosen as the method of clinical treatment into account. Therefore very important to seek medical help. Hope not the yield of different techniques for a home cure.

They not only reduce a symptom, but it is not possible to completely cure. The most effective tools, valet parking and additional drug treatments include:

  • compress, tincture and warming wraps, fruit cores, Yesil, bark, plants, leaves and flowers – a well-known healing properties of horse chestnut;
  • apple cider vinegar compress and friction on the affected veins;
  • lotions and compresses with tincture pelin yogurt;
  • blue clay foot baths and resourceful;
  • drinking grape juice or wine, red grape variety.

And it certainly never hurt anyone, proposed and selected a doctor, a private exercise therapy exercise.

Prevention of arrival

As preventive measures are used:

  • foot with a gradual decrease in the pouring temperature to improve blood circulation;
  • foot baths and then the material, towels and a therapeutic cream application;
  • massage treatments;
  • an elevated position with your feet Best.

Recommended: hot in the city abandoned steam rooms, saunas and baths, except for exercise, foot. To compensate, a nutritious diet, give up smoking and alcohol. To remove excess weight and comfortable shoes for you to select.