Arrival feet: symptoms and treatment photo

Varicose veins, chronic venous pathology of the lower extremities characterized by a thinning of the walls, increased the formation of vascular spaces and popular extensions.

Disease diagnosis 15-17% of the adult population. The disease is most frequently diagnosed in women in adulthood that are associated with the hormonal regulation in the body (menopause, pregnancy, menstruation).

Large varicose veins in the legs is a clinic that presents itself. Patients with complaints of violence and discomfort in the legs, fatigue, ankle swelling, cramping, blue veins prominent at night. Against the background of the lack of along pathology, adequate treatment leads to various complications.

Causes and risk factors varicose veins, lower extremity

Varicose veins

Most pictures varicose veins of the lower extremities as a result of genetic predisposition. There are close reasons: functional immaturity and underdevelopment substance of connective tissue valve vein vessels. This is an increase in the load on the veins and the formation of varicose veins.

Etiology congenital factors-due to related reasons, based on hyper-coagulation – high it was a blood clot. Disorder blood clots formed in the ground, complete violation of blood in the legs, pathological causes venous expansion gaps.

The common cause of the disease in women, hormonal failed. It is based in the concentration of sex hormones and blood. The onset of menopause and pregnancy are connected.

Arrival of the foot of reasons:

  • Excessive weight. Include obesity mechanically the venous wall, especially the expression, the manifestation on the background of abdominal type. As a result, increases the venous pressure of the patient;
  • Diabetes mellitus. Because of complex disorders related to a relative insulin deficiency in the observed decrease time consistently high blood glucose metabolic processes, elasticity of the venous walls with further extension;
  • Alcohol addiction. Alcoholism, the body has adequate fluids, blood, thicker, degrade blood circulation;
  • Professional factors (permanent finding, steep, extreme physical exertion, physical inactivity);
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes, for example high-heeled shoes;
  • Heavy pathology of the cardiovascular system, manifest, circulatory failure.

The arrival may be why chronic feet pathology, reproductive organs. In particular, women and prostate cancer in males in the attachments.

The inflammatory process in disease development mechanism relies on the participation of small blood vessels causes blood flow and the difficulties.

Symptoms of varicose disease

Varicose veins of the foot can manifest a variety of symptoms. First external changes. So, to be a sign of a disease that claims the most obvious occurrence of this conversion circuit vessels under the skin and The Shape of the foot. Manifested bloating, tuberous thickening. Vessels, dark, determined, braid and stars.

Trophic ulcers in the legs is seen on both sides. Symptoms of wounds chapter connects clinicians, other complications, pathology, legend, The Last Price, a working stage in the pathological process.

The arrival of the foot of the classification

The diagnosis of varicose veins the leg than men this age are usually mature women. Have a disease at a young age, boys and girls self-with equal frequency. According to the classification, sickness, primary and secondary nature. In the first case, the pathological changes of surface vessels. Construction and infringement, and deep vessels are missing.

Complications of varicose veins superficial veins deep vein pathologies as a result of adverse changes represent secondary foot. Picture yourself on a background of congenital disorders of the venous system as a result of this phlebothrombosis.

Are classified as the clinical form of the disease also. Them attributed to varicose veins, the lateral veins the legs and hips, varicose and telangiectasia reticular form. Consider this form:learn more

  • Varicose veins, the lateral veins sometimes alone disease along with other pathologies. Reverse casting using fluid deep vein venous, subcutaneous and surrounding blood vessels.
  • Net (reticular form) fitness manifest as pathology. Why is venous insufficiency, representation, only a cosmetic flaw.
  • Varicose and telangiectasia is a cosmetic flaw.

In recent years, surgeons venous insufficiency include idiopathic forms. That is characterized by increased venous tone, this is the obvious reason, is unable to detect such a breach. Classical clinical findings, Clinical Pathology different.

Arrival stage and degrees


Varicose veins of the leg varies depending on stage and grade. They consider the patient to establish the clinic. A chronic disease stages, sometimes a few, there are some differences:

Scene Feature
Compensation Significant pain syndrome or not. Patients with complaints of foot discomfort due to standing for long periods. Notes the presence of vascular veins, skin, swelling of the ankle, which shows itself at regular intervals, vacation after quick passes.
Compensation Feb Visual inspection visible to the patient with lower limb vein is a pathological aperture. There's something to complain to the patient. In particular, they complain that belt character constant pain, fatigue, heaviness in the legs. Nov night often arise twitching, "running around bumps" on the skin. Observed swelling, night's sleep 90% of the cases threw himself.
Insufficiency The most difficult scene arrival. Significant changes in one side of the cover. Extreme dry hair, flaking feet. In addition, detection of subcutaneous tissue that causes an abnormal thickening hyperpigmentation. For the foot to heal cracks and scratches for a long time, able to be converted trophic ulcer. Feet the constant fog, helps with relaxation and sleep. That have the property of swelling legs high to climb.

When a girl or a guy come in with complaints to the symptoms you describe and the doctor, the doctor's visual inspection which engages, throws, laboratory tests and instrumental methods. Talk about the results received in accordance in the form of a stage and the degree of pathology.

Arrival be determined to the foot of the degrees it offers. Zero (0) identify the clinic, there is an external change; I – swelling, constant fatigue, limbs; II – continuous swelling, hyperpigmentation, abnormal subcutaneous tissue seal; III – not of pain swelling of the foot, trophic ulcers.

Complications of venous insufficiency

Varicose veins chronic, incurable disease, therefore, treatment, to follow for a specific purpose – pause prevent progression and complications. Incorrect or ill treatment if assigned to complications of the disease and medical experts are drawn may develop.

Thrombophlebitis – inflammation of the walls of varicose if you have a blood clot. This may be included in the inflammatory process, blood vessels and surrounding soft tissue. Many forms. Sometimes the sharp (about 30 days), subacute – days to six months, and chronic type.

Migratory thrombophlebitis is seen. Then the different parts that occur with the inflammation of blood vessels, it goes fast.

Symptoms include:

  • Visually a clear contour visible inflamed veins.
  • Acute pain syndrome, pain on palpation gets stronger.
  • Swollen protruding nodules on the skin.
  • The local temperature increase.

Foot varicose thrombophlebitis can lead to other complications. For example, periplebtos – inflammation of the surrounding tissue, wet gangrene, deep vein thrombosis in legs. When you deploy the significant inflammation beyond extremity complications – thromboembolism, and sepsis.

Deep vein thrombosis – a common complication destination on foot. Pathology characterized by the formation of dense blood clot, partially or completely obstructing a blood vessels, a complete violation of blood circulation. Death in service are at risk of such complications due to blood clot.

Visible trophic ulcers in severe cases. Frequently attends the process of infection, the clinical picture of the compound. The wound can affect not only fabric, but also deeper layers, Nov. Long to recover. Necessary comprehensive treatment.


Varicose veins, eczema is characterized by symptoms such as:

  • Inflammatory hyperpigmentation the skin a bright red or purple color;
  • Of microvesicles, it opened by itself;
  • Strong swelling of legs;
  • Observed continuous itching;
  • Movie, then shelled under a comparable;
  • Abnormal thickening cover.

Varicose eczema and chronic skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders manifest as a result of hardening go to cover.

When you attach, infection, sores ulcers, eczema complex traffic.

Conservative treatment, varicose veins, foot

Arrival includes conservative treatment, drug treatment, and wearing compression underwear. Different class of target compression and compression stockings for prevention and treatment, pathology. Tights, stockings and socks should you choose, the doctor's specific features into account. Lingerie gives just the right result that you want.

Prescription medications. A sample of a drug which is effective perfectly, all connections pathological disease. The proposed application of systemic medications – pills and the local media, gels, creams, creams and ointments.

Optional designated treatment physiotherapy – magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, private gym. You can use folk remedies – recipes-natural herbs, helps to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Is sometimes recommended, and leech therapy, leech therapy.

Surgical treatment methods

When the conservative ways of little consequence, as the disease progresses, it is recommended that the processes be made. Sclerotherapy frequently applied. A special substance is injected into a vein, a "glue" of the affected ship. Through that time is replaced by connective tissue.

Radiofrequency ablation. In this case, the intervention is made online, the "source" of the arteries (ill) through it emits a wave at the end. The wall heats up in the end, why own stenosis. Wearing a compression garment for a period after the intervention is required.

Roadside assistance option, the patient the surgery depends on many criteria. Dr. counts is the stage of the disease, the patient's health status, chronic diseases, contraindications to wedding intervention.

Other kinds of operative treatment:

  • Varicose surgery, your doctor removes the affected veins and blood vessels. Matted injected through a small hole through which the hook with the tool to cover a ship. Sometimes this technique is the combined use of surgery and laser treatment.
  • Lower extremity veins laser treatment is considered to be the most effective. Technical operation is performed with minimal cuts and injuries. A leather cap with a small hole is entered into superfine postings, emits energy waves to the desired frequency. The effects are seen in the area of heating. Along the walls allowing you to grow to the level of the issue.

Stripping is done and glue injected through the small end and cut the affected part of Vienna. Cryo stripping – liquid nitrogen is injected, resulting in the breakdown of pathological vascular field, we do not follow functionality.


Preventive actions are of great importance. It's not only depends on a good guess, correct, doctor appointments and treatment, however, the patient fully change your lifestyle to him, clearly follow the recommendations phlebologist.

Therefore, wearing underwear or compression bandages permanent elastic bandage to the limb necessary. The first option is more appropriate for patients score. Even after surgery require continuous physical activity, however, overload the body.

Feet during sleep it is recommended to attach a joyous situation. For this a pillow or a blanket in the room of a limb is minimized. If the work place is constantly standing in any seat, every 60-80 minutes required to make a small warming accelerate the blood circulation in the body.

It is recommended that women give up wearing high heels. Maximum heel height should be 5 cm should be selected all patients with Give Up comfortable shoes and clothes, bruises limb.

A serious illness that requires a multifaceted approach to treat varicose veins in the legs. Only a comprehensive of the effect of drugs, compression garments, physical therapy, proper nutrition and physical activity and remission why a positive outcome.