Arrival of the feet: symptoms, treatment

I've never met anyone so, with the arrival of such a problem is to know the causes, symptoms, and most importantly, discover best treatments of this disease.

varicose in the legs

General information

Blood stagnation of varicose veins developing as a result of that represents chronic disease (most commonly the lower extremity). Due to this, bankruptcy venous valves, the blood stream in the normal case, only the lower extremities of the heart. There is a cost long blood, pressure the blood vessels cause them to thin and lose their elasticity and become distorted, this significantly expands. Can be seen with the naked eye of such a person on their feet and writhing "snake" Tower vessels on the skin, and in some areas forming varicose "sites".

Causes of arrival

There is a long history of diseases that result in development. Especially arrival may be caused by:

  1. "Bad" heredity. An innate weakness of the venous wall or cover for individuals who are faced with the arrival of apparatus.
  2. An increase in venous pressure. Very often the factors that cause this disease, pressure, i.e., pregnancy, obesity, a vertical constant load (person standing on your feet a day), sedentary (sitting work).
  3. Intake of hormonal drugs. Some hormonal medications, especially birth control pills, estrogen, provoke discovery, and may cause blood arrival.
  4. Disorder, blood circulation. Errors in the data may appear to be weak because of physical activity, smoking area, chronic constipation, or wearing narrow shoes.
  5. Hormonal failure, age-related changes, body.

Symptoms and complications

The difference is that varicose veins doctors very scary, dangerous complications. Indeed, in the early development stages of the disease the subcutaneous veins of the extension for a person that represents an aesthetic problem (what, specifically, pain, female). First, the spider veins that appear on the skin — the so-called "Networks". People in this situation you begin to feel heaviness in the legs, swelling and pain in the legs feels ref, and walking. Arrival important signs that under no circumstances they should not be disregarded. The same person if I go to a doctor and in no rush to determine the cause of the seizure, the risks of surgical intervention for varicose and run to run into problems impossible to solve without it.

With the arrival of the clubs development in the area of skin is compressed and a cyanotic hue. Roe, the patient begins to "whining", take a short walk or even noticeable under the skin swollen and Vienna. Also, over time, this vessel is very painful.

But this is just a start, serious health problems. If it isn't a person, start a fight an existing disease, the skin, the environment, irreversible changes in the affected veins and then appears formed, trophic ulcers. In addition, if left untreated, internal walls, varicose veins, blood clots and provoke inflamed. Thrombophlebitis so. Increasing the size of blood clots in veins on top of the Lumen, and at any time, by the shedding of blood. This situation is full of deadly.

Therefore, understandably, should be treated on arrival. And should be the initial treatment as possible. Consider next the methods of treatment of this severe disease.

Drug treatment

The arrival of the drug necessarily a comprehensive treatment. Mostly this, there is a capsule or pill, the body is a versatile action. In particular:

  • Special vehicles. Increased blood flow by stimulating the development of these tools, thrombosis, and also improve skin tone, blood vessel walls. Out like varicose veins, the drugs don't work, but the edema to resolve to remove the foot burning and pain, are quite capable of them.
  • Liquefied drugs blood. Such drugs stimulate circulation of blood and liquefied her better incentive, development, thrombosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. These pills, ointments and gels, eliminate pain, relieve swelling and prevent platelet bond. But more importantly, such drugs stimulate vascular thrombophlebitis inflammation that causes this.

Stockings and varicose walk

Confronted with the arrival of the fair sex are much more often male. This is largely the cause of hormonal changes a woman's body that occur with menstruation, pregnancy). So, the best tool to arrival to avoid stockings or tights to wear them special. Leg squeezes and compression underwear prevents the widening of such vessels, that is, in another place, preventing the arrival. And in this case such a problems that have already developed underwear protects, leg pain, edema, and fatigue.

vascular therapy


Varicose veins of water known since time immemorial. Vessels constrict and expand at different temperatures under the influence, helps to increase their flexibility. Knowing this, modern medicine uses hydrotherapy in the early stages of development, varicose veins, only when the skin began to appear spider veins. Additionally, the present problems, bathtubs can be local (just in the foot) or general (whole body). In a tub such that the temperature of the water ranging from 20 to 40 °C.

Non-traditional treatment methods

In the complex treatment can be applied on arrival and non-traditional methods. Here are a few examples.

Potato juice

You must the affected veins in the morning, afternoon and evening lubricate freshly squeezed potato juice with night and impose both dressings, bandages soaked in that juice. In addition, 3 T/Day should be drink 100 ml of potato juice. This tool must varicose veins treatment in 3-4 months.

Apple cider vinegar

His name means "No. 1" because the arrival of apple cider vinegar, improves blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessel walls and improves skin tone. This is very simple to implement: 2-3 p/day oil and vinegar pane in the skin of the affected veins. And a glass of water should be parallel, which divorced, 1 teaspoon vinegar. The duration of treatment approximately 2 months.

Arrangement of leaves

This is another effective tool in the struggle for the extension of veins. Half fill a litre bottle chopped raw material pour half of kalanchoe leaf and 40% with alcohol and the bottle was full. By giving the tool a week to brew in a dark place, drain and use the tincture for friction affected 2 p/day. Light massage procedure completed veins. Of treatment that lasts 4 months.

Willow bark

A good helper in the struggle with the disease in question into baths of white willow bark. Such a procedure is required for grind, crust, 2 tablespoons of raw materials pour 400 ml water and then boil for 15 minutes over low heat and such. Add tool ready, and a bucket of water where your legs and then hold 30 minutes. Wear compression stockings immediately after the procedure and give their feet and offer. You must carry out transactions during the day by 3 months. Meanwhile, the impact can be diluted with water to increase the boiling willow bark, oak bark.

All the methods that are listed excellent tools for Disease Prevention and good help in the treatment of the varicose disease is at an early stage. In practice, however, in 80% of cases are fascinated with the veins towards the doctors person is a disease that is already running. In such a case the pressure of lingerie, creams and ointments, nor, nor helpless folk remedies, is a disease that affects the development what so ever. Drastic measures are necessary. Good modern medicine is ready to offer effective methods of the solution of this problem is a complex issue.


This non-surgical methods of arrival, with the help of a fine needle in which the doctor enters a special item into the affected vein. Such glues are solved and a substance resulting from vascular blood begins to pass into the healthy veins. The number of sessions vary depending on the severity of the lesion and input sclerosante. Wearing a compression garment and the patient during the entire treatment.


As a result with this treatment, the person almost forever forget about arrival. Only 25% emergence, interconnected and often a disease that runs. Sclerotherapy pregnant women and obese individuals cannot understand the real cost.

Laser treatment

The achievements of modern medicine, providing this rid of varicose without surgery. Generating a laser radiation, "solder", by closing it from inside the vessel affected, thus the lumens and the movement it starts to go deeper and him clipping path blood veins. Vascular connective tissue formed and then glued over time is solved.

This method is more effective to solve the problem sclerotherapy. Less traumatic that Operation 40 minutes by car, literally over 2 hours and the patient leave the clinic after surgery. Laser therapy destination for anything called "Office surgery". You have to make this incision the skin only when you are troubleshooting, great vessels, without eliminating small varicose veins then tissue damage. Just remember, the cost of such an operation is quite high.

Radiofrequency ablation

Lately in our country began to practice and the most modern methods to eliminate the affected veins, have a title, radiofrequency ablation. The backbone of therapy for this, major blood vessels, the affected arrival. In this case, injected into the affected vein through the puncture of the skin with the help of radiofrequency catheter you should use "the storm" through the vascular. Additionally, the catheter has to yield a procedure that is executed to monitor and sensors.

You can do this method is laser treatment a good competition, ultimately that does not require cut the skin, leaves, hematoma and only 30 minutes away. On the day of surgery, the patient back tasks. However, the cost is high even with such a procedure, compared to laser photocoagulation.

Surgical removal

It is important to understand, in this case, eczema, thrombophlebitis, and venous ulcers by the treatment of the above methods can be made. Only initiated to eliminate varicose veins surgical removal. However, it is not crucial here. Modern instruments and methods available in the arsenal of surgeons, remove a small incision and the scar remains after the operation the patient through a vein. At the same time, new technologies to remove painful veins literally 30-40 minutes.

You don't need a destination to be feared. On the contrary, the disease requires attention to self-and the earlier, the better. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment resolve the issues without the permission of a chosen disease and live a full life.