Arrival: symptoms, causes, treatment

You have identified the signs of arrival, every resident of the fourth planet, not just a cosmetic flaw, again, as Blue Tree grid shins, thighs, or rear in the legs, heaviness, pain or static loads during long-term hiking, Nov Twitch Twitch bats, and at the same time high risk of thrombosis in lower vena cava.


Nutrients to thromboembolic complications, ulcer, extremity disorders risk blood flow on their feet and sharp with their blue status. Break the vessel wall, blood clots in the leg usually begins and ends a journey to the heart (outbound heart attack) or arteries in the brain (the reason being, stroke). In this case, a view spoiled at all, most treatment requires the early attention of an attractive foot at a time (and better prevention) arrival.

So as a disease emerging, not static, and moves slowly, grabbing sections of all new external or Internal the venous network of the foot, parsing the explanations of the treatment you should start with prevention. This will provide a reasonable prevention activities to slow down the process at least a few hereditary apparatus that was developed on the background of lower extremity veins cover the bankruptcy.

Prevention of arrival

There is a very weak lower extremity Vienna wall Nov items may be almost devoid blood from the body reducing. Special valves in the veins preventing reverse flow and blood stagnation in the veins of so. Hereditary for some people these valves become unhealthy with age as:

  • heavy physical load
  • intra-abdominal pressure increase
  • constipation
  • frequent pregnancies.

The first process that influence the external veins. Then Marvel collecting veins and the deep venous network. Varicose veins of the legs a few (sometimes dozens) years and the speed varies depending on your lifestyle, intensity, and endurance physical activity and vascular walls.

  • Therefore, the first task of the measures to minimize increased intro-abdominal pressure (combat constipation, to prevent overload).
  • The second task – to create an environment of passive output venous blood foot. This is not necessarily at the end of a day or several times a day. For this purpose, the foot from the hip of the foot on the surface of the stacked horizontal at an angle of 45 degrees. Lie in such a position should be at least half an hour. For the face in the legs varicose – successful medical facts, the proposed sleep elevated on the legs is most common.
  • It is advisable to arrival the use of tight shoes, socks stretched a rubber band – so the blood circulation in the legs to create additional obstacles.
  • Not the same sit, legs crossed and long-term to put it in a sitting position, the foot support and to connect them to horizontal (or slightly higher) position. Such a stance, sometimes visible sitting in a chair with the coolest gangster in the movies, mafia, fill it up, feet on the table.
  • Of course, in the office, the owner of a company have to come with something, the less reason. For example, it to put under a desk, or a cardboard box to use for the same purpose by putting it on your feet high-plastic flat top trash can lid. Any questions about sit at the table in an unusual way and an honest response you need to prevent ridicule and branded it's weird. It should be noted, no personnel active participation treat. Therefore, the opinion of others sufficient to perceive and neglect prevention, of disease.
  • If at home, try if possible is horizontal, and positioning, using a few pillows, the top of the foot head. This requirement is to improve the conditions for venous output.

Conservative treatment

The program in palliative care, including diet, compression, and drug therapy.


Risk factors for overweight and nutrition activities a necessity for someone like varicose. Nutrition must be compensated (the consumed energy should not exceed the need for energy associated with the character a lot or lack thereof). Apart from that you will have from the menu, except for the pungent spices, peppers, pickles, excess salt, smoked meats, cut-to-use, roasted. Consumption of alcohol is recommended.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in sufficient quantities to be included in the menu, food, fiber-rich, whole-grain bread, seafood. Shown frequently (at least 4 times a day) fractional nutrition. When it comes to fashion the trend a few years ago to limit themselves to any more animal fat, you need to forget about it. Of course, a ton of weird stuff out there triglyceride and cholesterol figures – this is not the case. But a reasonable amount of cholesterol helps patch the walls of the arteries, thrombotic complications and reduce the risk of sudden dropouts in the secondary veins.

Disclaimer tobacco

Most smoking is a bad habit when, on arrival. If the choice between consuming moderate amounts of alcohol and cigarettes, the first doubled with another sin. Here I have to second that categorically exclude. Only the resin clogs the arteries and increased risk of thrombosis and secondary complications (heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism). Heirs those who have to be especially careful (or likely her) hormonal medicines and accept the cigarette he's done it again.

Compression underwear (socks, stockings, panty hose)

This is a good option for the prevention and treatment in the early stage of different parameters such as pressure, varicose veins, soft tissue, the options, models and color options. Underwear should be worn it's not getting up in the morning, yet the venous system of blood yet full. There's something to this method, but – with a price tag of a ton of weird stuff out there, Russia, buy arrival knitwear bounding against the masses. Linens that can help you usually enjoy this stage even more who starts a person's disease and severe varicose veins, which often already shows some of the complex processes operative treatment, compression knitwear as secondary prevention.

Arrival: drugs

Drugs – not a panacea. Stop completely, or the treatment for varicose veins is not possible.

Ointments and gels

These vehicles manages to maintain vein walls promoting the development of venous exit, and a few micro. The power of these tools take courses on the condition that reduce the severity of pain and swelling. The courses shown at least twice a year for a period of 2 months.

The most unnecessary (but safe) read ointments or gels. Continue to penetrate them, the action of the vessels of the skin and how much standing is not here. Their advice in the early stages of the disease, when it is unknown, why don't you actually go through and swelling in the legs, weight: postural drainage and physical load of drugs at or near the end.

vascular therapy

Such treatment includes the introduction of drugs, or an elastic bandage. Its easy, conservation, aesthetic appearance, no legs, no effects, general health, doctors and patients to get sick as this method.

Sclerotherapy alone brings lasting results and possible but non-stop progression of the disease. In most cases, treatment is necessary to combine him still operational. Lower extremity ultrasound must be carried out before treatment, XOR, or subcutaneous lesion, deep vein foot for all ages.

With this method contraindications: allergic, drugs, ischemia, atherosclerosis with the presence of trunk vessels, diabetic angiopathy, occlusive disease, lesions, blood clots, or recent acute thrombophlebitis, leg, pregnancy.

Treatment options

  • Pre - op before surgery sclerotherapy available the purpose was to reduce the risks of bleeding or thrombosis during the postoperative period
  • during the surgery, instead the vein removal
  • after surgery to close the remaining veins.

Method puncture

If not valid, operating in a surgical private practice appropriate aseptic technique. First off, the larger veins, then smaller. These drugs usually are entered, from top to bottom. The vein has punctured the patient placed her standing before starting to use the drug. If a vein or veins all around the foot-long interest in the field that takes a few sessions of therapy. The vessel lumen then after three years there can be observed the patient throughout the procedures of phlebologist substances sklerotik the last injection.

  • Spending 2 weeks in an elastic bandage of the leg during a drug back then. In this case, pulling a bandage for the first week.
  • Half an hour after the operation, the patient you need to walk.
  • With a raised foot end bed sick every day and throughout the day to avoid prolonged sitting or standing and walking a lot.

Arrival: the process

In solution, adopts feasibility of the operation, a doctor or a vascular surgeon.

Veins usually superficial lesions nerve surgery and women just a cosmetic flaw such a bid if you want to postpone the surgery, giving birth to the next child (in pregnancy varicose veins usually progresses with the result of the request may be lost and re-surgical treatment).

Phlebotomy are combined.

The most common option an operational solution varicose veins, lower extremity, combined phlebotomy. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. Make all cuts and holes to a size as small as possible. For example, an incision that is performed to remove the great saphenous vein in the groin area. Injected into a vein with the probe tip through it. The poll is taken and then removed, the leg in the central part of Vienna until spoon. Deletes Channels and small channels through small veins. The motor that is used after surgery (bandage or stocking feet).


He assumes because of their effects on the removal of subcutaneous blood vessels flow to them. A more dangerous method or the classic surgical radio frequency obliteration.


Allows you to delete kriosirurji veins due to low temperature. Modern equipment, the method is safe. Depth always fail count ice damage to the surrounding tissue or not, leaving “too much”.

Homemade treatment for varicose

While varicose veins can be treated at home systemic medication (prescribed by the doctor), at least one of ointments and gels, at least Leech (leech treatment arrival) and cabbage leaf, apple cider vinegar. Also, proper compression of an elastic bandage underwear and parts of the main program (selected and recommended a doctor). Stages of the disease in all of these efforts will be in vain without working for radical surgical treatment.

Therefore, only surgical treatment for a radical method to get rid of today combine with the methods or compression methods are generally acceptable arrival.