An heir underwear compression: what it is better to buy?

Varicose veins of the lower extremities a user's continuous expansion and elongation and thinning of the vessel wall, which leads to the formation of knots. A congenital weakness of the venous valve contributed to the development of the disease pathology.

Faced with similar problems every ten men and three women. According to statistical studies of this disease the most common groups of the population between the age range of 30 to 40 years.

General information about the disease


Properties the following prerequisites:

  • Inheritance — the relatives of people faced with a higher risk of varicose disease;
  • Pregnancy, use of hormonal medication, a sufficient condition for being on the progression of arrival;
  • Excessive venous pressure normal, regularly recurring, of course, a sedentary lifestyle, obese and steep static loads.

For this case, including anxiety, swelling of the foot at the end of the day, the feeling of heaviness and bloating, calves sitting or standing for long periods. The heir of this accusation, then these symptoms will usually vanish or walk through or sleep and it will disappear.

The manifestations will be more disgusting arch pain, shins, heat sensation, night cramps in legs and calf muscles. Apart from that, red and blue visible plus vascular and subcutaneous veins. This medication that comes with rid varicose veins usually in the legs, varicose.

Compression therapy

Arrival today is actively used for treatment, compression jerseys. The type of practical application, the numbers almost a century of history, and even today, pressure lingerie does not lose relevance.

Before production, better technology and underwear, elastic bandages that are used with the next disadvantages:

  • Their trap right requires skill when you want to buy;
  • The sebum balance and water temperature warm the infringing period and long-term wearing;
  • Hard-to-reach hip-detect compression, because the shape of the desired individuality of different patients.

Let's see which it is better to select a destination compression underwear — socks, tights, leggings, or anything else, does it help to move toward him.

The positive effects of the principle


Dilated venous channels its therapeutic effect due to a tightening of the rate of compression increases blood flow to deep veins also linens. This eliminates blood internship.

Also when you are creating modern products are taken into account anatomical features of the limb: pressure decreases knitwear, begin, end, normalizes venous blood movement of your hands or feet in the best way.

Positive aspects of this process, such as specifying more value into consideration:

  • Stability, working the cover apparatus;
  • Improved percutaneous femoral vein and the peripheral Lumen cycle to normal;
  • The increase in effect Nov popping up loads of blood.

However, it must be remembered that lingerie (stockings, tights, etc.) arrival is not omnipotent and eliminate the root cause of venous insufficiency. Surgical intervention when it is applied in the first stage as it can help.

Among other things, conventional therapy with or without surgery varicose in the legs should be integrated. To maximize the effect, if followed, the physician recommended to take the creams and ointments to give up installing and also provoked disease.


There are medical treatment methods, contraindications and rare sweater is no exception. Someone overall, this contract, similar to wearing a compression garment will need another treatment, carefully following the instructions by expert:

  • Under no circumstances donning underwear like this during aortoarteriit, atherosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis, and thromboangiitis (obliterating). The road of this chronic disease narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels systolic pressure and decrease the level of unacceptable wearing this form;
  • Respect, integrity should be applied, health, lingerie, people have extremely sensitive skin;
  • It is not necessary to use, lingerie, skin diseases of an inflammatory nature, allergic skin reactions, dermatitis, bed sores, etc;
  • Bedding for diabetics not to enjoy it due to compression, vascular lesions, foot;
  • A broken blood circulation, current septic phlebitis, and cardio-pulmonary insufficiency, compression refrain again products.

There is a perception, this kind is guilty of a form of atrophy, which leads to the inability of the vessels against the vessel wall, a layer of Nov blood pressure without the aid of slimming underwear. Sensations came to a view that people hold wrong interpretation of his power, the resulting if worn lingerie.

To eliminate any doubt, closely enough to get to know the following facts:

  • Underwear is not always open, wore;
  • Living in compression only to stop the flow of blood in the veins is reduced;
  • Nov develops a layer of atrophy, and as a result, in addition to genetic predisposition, local inflammation during stagnant venous Vienna. And this process, on the contrary, with leveling underwear;
  • The first destination because of corruption and the development of atrophy, the sound of the walls of the arteries and a temporary fall.


  • Force, pressure, product categories are divided into:
  • Engine, up to 23 mm. hg. by the manufacturer the item is detected when the arrival of the primary symptoms;
  • Motor, ~ 33 mm. hg. applied to moderate thrombophlebitis and varicose expanding matter;
  • 45 to close the motor units correspond to severe venous insufficiency;
  • The output of the motor 50 to eliminate edema and lymph help you get the most from normalization.

Any underwear and the definition of Optimum dimensions (CM):

  • Knee — trousers with a perfect man due to ease of carrying. Measurements: measured the girth kaval, in a large part under the knee and bend the knee before you even set foot in the distance;
  • Stockings, orthopedic (compression) — another solution for who is pregnant and the arrival of a troubled area, not above the knee. Measurements: the hotel is a measurement that is used in case you need to determine-high socks, thigh circumference 25 cm at the level of the knee. Also the measured distance so that the foot level;
  • Tights — only is removed, but you should make an effort equipped; a complete tight end in a manner bending the waist and legs. Measurements: repeating the above measure, the waist and hip circumference;
  • Arm — related hand dermatitis and soft tissue purulent processes;
  • Leggings — resistant socks and tights (covering the deprived sections of the fingers wear out quickly). Designed for those who have a problematic area is very spacious.
  • Elastic bandage — the most affordable, but also extremely uncomfortable with the type of products in circulation.

Taking into account these suggestions to avoid problems:

  • My doctor's advice products should be suitable for compression;
  • Stitches should not be given, otherwise to prevent irritation of the skin;
  • Consider products that meet the standard RAL-gz 387 produced and only certified firms;
  • Lingerie must be a stamp about the allergen does not include material;
  • Compression is not calculated, den, and mm. hg. verse the wrong Value Indicator — a sign of a fake.

Now, as you know to get it right the compressor lingerie destination, authorized to use the information in!

Donning how

But it is attached

You should follow some rules:

  • As soon as they are worn products of any kind, sleeping or lifting of the bed;
  • This carefully and slowly;
  • By collecting the upper accordion on the Palm Pre that you want to add a "sock" and to attract attention to him Ream;
  • You need to put a product slowly spreading him completely;
  • The underlying cause is removed, put on tights approaching the pelvis belt.

There is also a difficulty from underwear to those who help designed for particular device equipped on arrival.

Medical symptoms alone it is not possible to cancel knitwear arrival: where necessary, a comprehensive treatment. Stopped in all aspects of care will be treated, the desired result.