Varicose veins surgery

Varikoznoe disease in the initial stages without surgery and other treatment methods. In this way, the patient is to stop the progression of the disease and significantly improve the situation. Varikoz treatment without surgery is used, and in this case, for any reason surgery is contraindicated.

varicose veins

When Can I make it without surgery?

Can you get to get rid of varicose without surgery? Yes, this is the case when it is such a treat to witness and this will be effective.

As shown varicose veins surgery cases:

  • in the first stage the disease;
  • absolute contraindications for surgical treatment (blood diseases, diabetes, etc.);
  • pregnancy;
  • complications of varicose disease, no surgery.

Basic methods of treatment without surgery

How varicose treatment without surgery? By using the methods differ, depending on the severity of a doctor to prescribe the correct treatment status, comorbidities, duration of disease, sensitivity, body, etc.

Basic methods of treatment without surgery varicose connects Compression Therapy, leech therapy, medication use, mikroflebektomi, fitoterapiya. The arrival of new treatment methods – laser treatment and sclerotherapy. Despite the value of modern techniques is quite high, the resulting procedures are very good.

treatment kompressionna

The use of compression stockings for treatment and independent and as an additional tool arrival. That are used for this purpose, special socks, stockings or elastic bandage or tights with varying degrees of decompression.

compression socks

Compression stockings varies according to the degree of "contraction" 4. class:

  • the prevention of disease and the early stages of use;
  • arrival of more obvious symptoms;
  • if you are using nodes and venous expression "track";
  • used heavy варикозе.


Identifies the method that lies the essence of the affected vessel with a special solution, a ... "glues" destroy the affected vessel and the vessel inner shell.

often together with other treatment methods skleroterapiya bezoperatsionniy varikoz. Large veins and thrombophlebitis in the development of effective extensions of the method.

Leech therapy

Dilated varicose veins during leech therapy is a highly effective method of. Obstacles to further development of this method, disease, blood flow improves, blood vessels and reduces swelling.

Special transaction used for the medicinal leech. They squirt blood very useful person ingredients: enzymes, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components, Anesthesiology.

To pill varikoz

Medical drugs in the form of birth control pills is used to treat alone or in a complex with other methods varikoz (local tools, compression socks). Most commonly prescribed drug several main groups: phlebotomist, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin derivatives, drugs, prevents clots.

Regular pill contribute to the topic, blood vessel walls, accelerate limfoottoka and blood, reduction of edema, and an inflammatory process.

Laser treatment varikoz

Laser treatment there are a lot of advantages, confirm, and patient comments. Laser effect on the skin of the affected veins, no seams and cuts, missing, pain and discomfort during the procedure required a long recovery period of residence in the hospital after the procedure.

laser treatment

Essence laser treatment blood cells, resulting in thermal effects, Vienna "zabivaetsya" and closes. During the procedure, the doctor is a vein laser LED Google to the damaged areas at the ship.

Preventive actions

Varikoz remarkable and the result of the placement as a precaution after the treatment some tips:

  • the fight with overweight;
  • remember, moderate physical activity to prevent stagnation of blood in the legs;
  • my style нормализуйте length, management, enough time, proper rest and sleep;
  • spend self-massage, foot;
  • follow or rules to follow a diet with proper nutrition;
  • giving up bad habits;
  • wear comfortable shoes and clothes and avoid high heels;
  • give up navigation, baths and saunas, if varikozy prone.

Vascular health helps to keep these simple principles of harmony for a long time!