Varicose veins in the legs - varicose symptoms and treatment

All people who suffer from this disease varicose veins such as gender and age. Are affected by varicose veins especially of the lower extremities. All three women because of the pain that is known on arrival. Why are you hiding near wearing lingerie-heeled shoes, intake, hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy. When it comes to representatives of a strong half, it should be noted, varicose veins in the legs is slightly less than seen in men and every fourth man suffers.

varicose veins

What are varicose veins?

A varicose vein the walls of her losing flexibility, capability, and a narrow stretch. The second reason was illness of violating the integrity of the venous valve, the pressure rises vessels of foot, blood consist of internship.

This disease can hit, not just the feet and other body parts. The arrival of the disease on the feet of various skin regions of the lower limb in the first place, of the lower leg muscles noticeable swollen, wide occupies a curved surface. But it is important not only in external appearance, the disease him the most dangerous of the phenomenon of abnormal venous blood flow.

Symptoms, varicose veins, feet, men

The veins suddenly something, do not rush to treat them. For a disease that is characterized by specific symptoms, which you must learn first. Mix this with a similar disease to your arrival.

In the first stage, you experience the following symptoms upon arrival, foot, men:

  • heaviness in the legs,
  • rapid emergence of fatigue in the legs,
  • inflatable then loads
  • emotion swelling of foot,
  • a feeling of fullness, feet, liquid
  • decreased skin sensitivity, foot,
  • itching,
  • emergence, the vascular mesh.

The New Arrival is getting stronger and progresses these symptoms in men:

  • leg pain
  • dermatitis or eczema
  • the veins prominent bulges on the skin,
  • trophic ulcers,
  • pieces of darkened skin,
  • episodic temperature rise,
  • congestion
  • breaks varicose veins.

Arrival more threatening to men? In some cases, thickens the blood, occurs when a clot. This condition is the result of an infection.

You first available for the disease only of aesthetic nature (visible venous vascular mesh on their feet), after a while, the vein walls become weak, the smallest a toxic substance, can cause an infection damage.

Foot varicose veins in men: causes disease

Many people mistakenly think that if a child is hatched by men, wear studs, and arrival is not affected by them. Yeah, it started with the men in terms of Physiology there's really no problem. However, other risk factors should not be discounted:

  • heavy physical work on the plane;
  • transport and lifting;
  • wearing uncomfortable shoes;
  • excess weight, demands the increased load of the foot;
  • if you have a predisposition, a genetic character (male side);
  • inactive and sedentary lifestyle ;
  • poor nutrition ;
  • harmful habits, especially alcohol and cigarettes ;
  • high blood viscosity;
  • cardiovascular system disease;

Unfortunately, little about the men aware of has a negative effect, a non-vessels. Because of the exposure the nicotine the blood vessels less elastic and thinning, the vein valves are damaged regulator.

If it is alcohol when, these adverse effects occupies only themselves, but at the same time liver. No examination under the influence of alcohol to the development of thrombosis.

And still consider that factor, men are very sensitive a look at their own health as because of the fair sex, and therefore are starting to pay attention to the problem that is considered a serious illness when it is too late the scale.

Sometimes varicose veins in men of different ages, but the most common in men after 40 years of arrival, the first symptoms are detected.

Effects, varicose disease, foot

Really dangerous varicose in the legs, like he said?

The most severe pathological effects of the arrival of the expansion – ulcers, venous thrombosis.

Disease creates an increased burden on the heart muscle, in turn, May to a certain value in the development of cardiovascular pathologies.

The most common, the most common result of this disease, swelling of the ankles is full of with the advent of constant pain upper leg. Lack of treatment leads to increased Nov spasms, constant fatigue, heavy feeling in the legs.

All these symptoms the disease is stronger in those moments, when a person performs exercise. But even in this study the effect of a change in status recovers sit. Continuous discomfort varicose.

Arrival dermatitis as a result of very troubled men. Visible veins on the patient field in the rash, if you want to comb. You can't do that because the next place over time a rash of bleeding wounds.

Thrombophlebitis is the most serious disease development. In the middle is filled with deadly blood clot as a result, pull-offs, and falling blood vessels, heart, or lung. Therefore, if you have the slightest trace that points to the development of this disease, consult a physician immediately.

Different methods are used for diagnosis, but the most accurate work vessels (veins ultrasound). In this way, assess their own degree lesions.

How varicose veins in the legs, men: conservative treatment

When detected, the symptoms clearly point of arrival with the incentive necessary to cure the disease is a doctor. There are expert professionals exactly veins treatment. The best doctors they knows, how varicose veins in the legs, in men. Confirmed by any doctor for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs, get rid of many problems in the early stages of males.

Additional funding for doctors to use special treatment creams and ointments to be removed the pain, heaviness, swelling. Maybe folk remedies for the treatment.

Tools to help with treatment

Men experts, suffering, sickness, compression Socks, for example, a special sock. This strong half of representatives of Treasury, health and respect of this suggestion. What other reason are not woman is wearing underwear, a situation that increases even more.

Important to know and understand in order for external support a very important vein. Without it, and significantly increase the duration of the treatment. And since the surgery was performed without compression underwear. Must have to carry him. However, should that change, a new 3-6 months.

Alternatively, you can reach in your pants and use special elastic compression bandage. It is advisable to consult your doctor how to reel them toward the topic.

It is advisable to also watch out for the shoes – it should be comfortable and warm it is not recommended to compress the foot. You should feel her, including leg discomfort, and long-term walk.

Ways of operative treatment

In some cases, sclerotherapy — tuning subcutaneous veins with jabs. In this way the treatment of the disease shows holding pre-ultrasound, and then introduced in a syringe in which the diseased vessels with specific drugs. Needless to say, such manipulation are kept in the deep veins of. The blood vessels close to the skin, changed, eliminates the connective tissue, and the patient's pain and suffering. In addition, the appearance of the foot that helps to keep sclerotherapy.

The last resort is to apply to transactions. If you can't operate without, a patient with severe pathology (blood clot in the deep veins and fan).

The main types of arrival the foot during surgery, phlebotomy. This process, in part to bring out in the open the affected vessel.

Vessels, various lifting operations:

  • Stripping;
  • phlebotomy;

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It should be noted that more than ten years ago, surgical intervention is considered the most effective way of fighting in the arrival of the foot.

varicose veins

To remove blood vessel in the affected area is used, and methods such as laser and radiofrequency ablation. Doctors remove the portion of laser treatment, radiofrequency ablation of the affected vein laser and radio waves. Entered the vein Lumen catheter are made using both procedures.

It should be noted that the working procedures and recurrence observed in about half of the cases within 5 years without paying is not guaranteed. However, the same recurrence prevention measure and reduces the risk of patient compliance.

Varicose veins in men treatment at home

I can get out of the veins of the foot with extension of the fight in the house? . You will have to constantly perform a special exercise. In question runs strong.

If painful varicose should include swimming, jogging or walking. Practical sports activities this kind of shows that significantly helps in the early stages of the disease.

You're talking about the running scene here, too, there is no hope of recovery, but it will be, must adhere to certain rules to wear a special underwear. Exercise is contraindicated while working a set destination, especially running, jumping, squats. However, swimming and hiking and will be useful in such a situation.

One of the reasons why arrival excess weight. In addition, it is also dangerous that obesity itself is not enough, an additional factor such as how, when increases the load on the legs and heart. Overweight, diet, reset. The diet is a basic requirement for representatives of male – to-energy should not exceed the value of his daily 1500 Kcal. You should limit consumption of salt, smoked and pickled foods. Useful advice for vessels to drink natural anticoagulants – buckthorn and aronia juice.

To simplify, an unpleasant feeling in the legs several times a day it is advisable to raise your feet above heart level in the supine position. Such a procedure time – 15 minutes. When a limb, such as higher-level, head, venous blood. In this position, reading a book, watching a movie to enjoy, etc.

And most importantly — if you have any doubts, the arrival of a disease do not begin to self-medicate. Best thing you can do for this help recommend a specialist phlebologist. Remember, a complex disease in question, the treatment expert necessarily should be done in a controlled manner.

Disease prevention

Even if you have a predisposition of arrival, you must pay attention to prevention. As an option, this may self foot massage (forbidden in this case, the disease has already developed). It will not be wrong carrying a special compression underwear.

People, the world in front of a sedentary lifestyle are recommended to frequently change posture, to perform in a place short charging. Just like around a table or in a place instead of a double rotational exercises. If a sedentary job get up and off the table every hour to make and give your feet a rest 5-10 minutes on a Dec.

Your feet are then able to take a shower or a bath of cold water. As a precaution, doctors also recommendation to drink at least two liters of water.

All men (and women) not necessarily quitting smoking, excessive alcohol. It is better to give your preference to the gym to visit more often outdoors, strolling in the park, in the woods. Then, don't worry and don't be afraid to try. Predisposing stress factor on arrival. The traitor's heir that does not distinguish between human gender and nationality.