Whatever veins aching legs: treatment, symptoms, leg pain during arrival

Varicose disease, not a cosmetic defect only bad when the stars as vascular disease and onset of swelling, varicose veins and the subsequent development stages, but still there is a painful doom pain in the legs, usually increasing this evening.

This article is to talk about yourself during the arrival leg pain symptoms and symptoms of the disease. And a question to consider: what to do if home treatment of the veins aching legs.

the arrival of pain

Causes pain

This disease is currently in pain every three women and five men. Most of these people work in a sitting position or standing for prolonged exercise or ima.

A multitude of other reasons, such as genetic predisposition, obesity, the emergence of leg pain during the arrival and so on, in addition to regular exercise, the blood vessels of the lower extremities stagnant or clamping them themselves, stretched, deformed, and the blood circulation is disrupted. Causing their deformation and pain.

Toxins that accumulate as a result of violation blood flow adjacent a blood condition usually begins in the tissues the normal functioning fly. These traffic changes occurring toxic substances in existence. Destination is also a source of pain foot.

Important! A regular walk at least 20 minutes a day is recommended for prevention of arrival, executive and special exercises

Leg pain is uncomfortable at the beginning of the disease in May, or maybe at all can be observed.

But, the first symptoms to occur if you are not careful, pain will manifest then and only then will necessarily increase.

The arrival of three distinguished doctors to the development of painful sensations characteristic for each of the sick:

  • in the first stage, pain syndrome, no or very weak;
  • cupping of pain set that do not require the second stage;
  • already during the development phase brings the arrival of such a strong pain third pain. Pain relief without drugs, it is not possible to make do.

It is possible to often hear about: the arrival of a person, leg pain, what should I do? First let's talk about the symptoms of diseases. And then consider, relieve pain, varicose of the lower extremities?

Characteristic features

Varicose leg pain occurs more frequently in the area, knee joints, below the knee, sometimes lower tibia.

The weather is unbearably painful sensations is different – continuous and Dolores, tingling, or sudden spasms machines in a cloud, depending on the severity of the disease, volume, load, and other factors.

Drugs also result in vessels in the legs will require the use of apartments, for example, a sedentary job. In some cases, strong headaches accompanied by seizures.

Sensory symptoms in the legs and other diseases you may have pain, but varicose veins of the lower extremities is characterized by specific symptoms:

  • view the pain, in the afternoon, in the evening expansion;
  • the load densities the power dependence of pain throughout the day;
  • the pain is fading, you lie down and lift your feet up above heart level by providing blood flow to them;
  • the pain usually becomes more powerful, relaxes the muscles of man when, for example, preparing to sleep;
  • it doesn't stop the pain, they themselves become more powerful and if left untreated, this disease can lead to defects.
Attention! Your feet wasn't able to whine a lot at night, sleep, and body temperature rises, then a questionable development of thrombophlebitis. This disease is characterized by inflammation and the formation of blood clots in a vein, the threat of deadly danger.

How to remove or at least to alleviate foot pain leg pain during during arrival arrival? There are various treatments and prevention.

pain treatment for varicose

Treatment: roads

Leg pain regularly, in particular, sensing and other signs, marker development, circulatory disorders, see a specialist immediately for treatment, study data disease – phlebologist.

Assigns the necessary treatments may be:

  • drug – pills, ointments, creams;
  • surgery;
  • the effect of the laser;
  • supporting methods – pressure lingerie, physical therapy;
  • medicine folk medicine.

He stood up in front of you question: varicose veins and aching legs, what should I do? A response — you can begin treatment immediately!

Medical tools

To remove the leg pain by using pain relief medicines, sold over the counter at any pharmacy. But they will only temporarily eliminate the punishment, treatment, need for treatment, see a specialist.

Maybe these will be a doctor's prescription drugs, but the point is the dose in each case, as well as advice and necessary treatment or a complex procedure.

Here's the list to help raise funds for temporarily relieve the pain:

  • pills to relieve the pain of the arrival of medium strength, but they they can't do anything against spasm. As there is the pill fast effect, such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, nimesuli. This is the same active ingredients and tubes are released in the form of creams and gels. Appointed to improve the tone and varicose veins phlebotomist – health to promote recovery and relieve pain the vessels they, as well as anticoagulants, blood thinners, circulation and encourage him. But doses possible side effects and drug combinations will suggest just like an expert;
  • medicines, ointments, creams and gels, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.Painkillers and assisted the foot of a destination broadcast it just in a different form components, the main ingredient, everybody.Tool why you should clean the skin, rub massage movements, or just leave it to soak;
  • the pain is quite strong, possible cramps, apply it on the skin of feet, any Heating tool – this speed increases, blood circulation . At the same time, a drink, a tablet painkillers.
varicose pain treatment fluids
Tip: for the warning of the uncomfortable feeling and pain that occur in the feet of torpor in the legs prevents blood wearing a compression garment the proposed destination. For this purpose, an elastic bandage is appropriate.

Methods of traditional medicine

How the arrival of pain in the house? You can use a folk treatment methods.

With drugs medicamentul, utilities and folk medicine recipes:

  • it is recommended to apply the patient to the floor-washed and repulsed, they whitewashed hair cabbage;
  • friction, tincture of horse chestnut skin, baked is as follows: two hundred and fifty grams of vodka – fifty grams grated peeled chestnut insist seven days, covering light;
  • help a mixture of this same fruit butter, butter, mix it with the garlic through a press and missed two to one ratio;
  • with a cold compress of apple cider vinegar. Moisten the gauze with vinegar sore spot impose, fascia. Lifted up with the foot to hold the compress.;
  • coconut tincture calculation: a litre of vodka – two hundred grams of chopped walnuts. Ten days of rest. The solution is applied for lubrication, also drink twenty drops per day;
  • compress with honey;
  • the mixture of banana leaves or mugwort (chichewa and leaves) with sour milk. Primitives gauze and applied a period of foot. Usually three or four days the pain disappears;
  • mud compress raw grated potatoes, applied a couple of hours.

An inability to relieve the pain the ways listed above, quickly and effectively helps laser treatment. Are there any contraindications to this procedure, and the restriction on the employee, for forty minutes, and sick after that, you can start working right away, and that drive is a normal life.

folk methods for the treatment of varicose veins pain
The same disease if the patient has had surgical intervention the pain that is assigned to the process only saves and even disability. Small incisions and the destination node, right-great saphenous vein from the leg is removed.

To get rid of the pain forever, varicose veins, lower extremity, only under a doctor's supervision-all procedures specified by phlebologist complex. Self-destination that will lead to the development of drug use painkillers and not just the more severe forms of the disease.

I hope this material is useful for you and as you now know, varicose veins aching legs and relieve foot pain during arrival.